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Sea Monkeys
We don't have any rescued Sea Monkeys here at Critter Camp, but we would take them in if needed! :)
May means spring, beautiful flowers, warm weatehr, and our Critter Camp insurance bill is due! ARGH!
So help us out~
Take up a collection at work, at the library, school, park,  gym, beauty shop, spa, mall, bowling alley, bar, school, church, doctor's office waiting room, anywhere!
Then send it in to us- use your Paypal account or debit/credit card, even echeck!

Yeah, ask for just one puny little buckaroo
Then send it to us- use your PayPal account or debit/credit card, or echeck!
 Direct the donation to :
Send snailmail too!
And forward this issue of the newsletter on to all your friends- ask them to drop a dollar for the critters!

Oops! The link was broken on last week's newsletter- so here it is again :

See Up Close Nozzling action in the

Adorable Video of Zoey the fennec fox,

she is loving it here!

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Sea Monkey Day
Up Close Nozzling!
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are always needed for the ongoing care of the animals- direct your PayPal tax-deductable donation to
 Just $120 keeps Wench Wabbit in pellets, hay & fresh greens for a year!
(She is also waiting for funds to be spayed- another 80$ gets her out of her cage & free range with the other buns!) 
 Wench Wabbit
How we use your generous donation:
 0% Salaries/Wages:
We are all volunteers!
25% Veterinary and
25% Insurance &
licensing fees,
50% Food
and supplies
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New Ratty   New Ratty    

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Mentioned this week in memory of sweet little 'Cover Boy' Sanchez the ferret, who recently passed on to the Rainbow Bridge, after a long happy life once he found a safe haven here at Critter Camp.


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