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It's time again for Critter Camp's
Yeah, just one puny little buckaroo - that's all we are asking- really!
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Ok, let's try this again- apparently the link didn't work last week:

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April 19-26 is National Volunteer Week!
Critter Camp thanks our many dedicated volunteers! 
April is:
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 Just $30 keeps Irma in superworms for a year!
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We are all volunteers!
25% Veterinary and
25% Insurance &
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50% Food
and supplies
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Save the Dates! See Critter Camp at:
Dixon Public Library Monday June 22 at 6:00
Freeport Pretzel Festival on Saturday June 27 from 12-2 at the Bandshell
 Byron Fest on Saturday July 11 from 4-6 at the ComEd booth
Freeport Public Library Thursday July 16 at 2:00