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We hope you watched WIFR Channel 23 Tonight for the feature story on  Critter Camp Exotic Pet Sanctuary!
If you missed it see the video here on their website!

Meet new Chinchilla

Jelly Bean 

Jelly Bean
Isn't he a cutie!.
We provide only the best for the pets we care for here at Critter Camp!
Even some of the pets have "pets" of their own! 

 Easter is coming and that means impulse bunny buying
Two better alternatives are :

Make Mine Chocolate

Make Mine Chocolate

Each year, unwanted, former Easter rabbits fill local rabbit rescues and humane societies. The goal of the "Make Mine Chocolate!™" campaign is to break the cycle of acquisition and relinquishment by educating the public about the responsibilities involved in keeping a companion rabbit before a rabbit is brought home.


 Adopt a Stuffed Pet stuffed bun 2
 Our stuffed bunny rabbits make great Easter presents!  
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Jelly Bean
Our pets have pets!
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 Goober gets a cookie
Goober the hairless ratty gets a cookie to celebrate!
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 Emergency Help
Need help keeping your pet during an emergency such as Job Loss, Foreclosure, Natural Disaster?
Critter Camp Can Help!
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Critter Camp is partnering with agencies such as Red Cross Chapters, Food Banks, and Shelters to offer help for pet owners in need!
Our assistance may include supplies, temporary caregiving, and more!
We don't usualy post the many passings here at the Sanctuary, however our loss this last week was especially difficult for all of us here. Our precious fennec fox Flash went peacefully to the Rainbow Bridge . He was between 12 & 15 years old, and had inoperable liver cancer. He did live a good long life, and he was pampered daily during his time here at Critter Camp.
Farewell little man- we will see you at thebridge someday!