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Dear Readers and SDN Photographers:


Change is underway! We recently finished discussions with our web developers to undertake significant changes to the SDN website. We hope by the end of the summer to have completed the following changes:

  • Allowing the addition of photographs to the news section with thumbnails on the home page 
  • Recycling older exhibits to the home page, so no matter how long you have had an exhibit on SDN, it will periodically appear on the home page
  • Allow for YouTube, Vimeo, and other video embed code to play directly in SDN
  • Admin will have greater control over user accounts to update payment information  
  • Increased the size and legibility of all explanatory text on site 
  • Fix numerous bugs throughout the website.

To offer an incentive to photographers during these sultry summer days, and to make it easier for your work to appear in Spotlight, we are offering a 25% discount through August 15.


If you have not already done so, we hope that you will post your documentary work to SDN. Spotlight is delivered to nearly 5,000 readers. This list includes all photographers and members of SDN in addition to hundreds of editors, curators, galleries, photo buyers, and the general public who love photography and are interested in using the power of photography to learn about global issues. We also post most new exhibits directly to Twitter and Facebook. This is just one more reason to put your work on SDN today. 


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Glenn Ruga
Founder and Director 

Featured Exhibits 


Esmaeil Haghparast

Photograph by Esmaeil Haghparast.  


Millenium Arts, Iran   

Photographs by Esmaeil Haghparast of the thousand year old art of
pottery in Iran


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Summer Discount!
25% off through August 15. 

Create a new exhibit or renew existing exhibits and receive a 25% discount through August 15. 

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Other Recently Added Exhibits

William Eckersley

Myanmar Days

William Eckersley
This series of photographs is a portrait of Myanmar on the cusp. Aung San Suu Kyi is now welcomed into the government after years of house arrest and is endorsing the temporary end of Western sanctions.
Matthew Van Saun

We Are City College

Matthew Van Saun
Massive cuts to education, especially in California, have left an education system on the brink of collapse.

Robb Pancioni

The Hardest Part

Robb Pancioni
This is about a family of regular people. They are not drug addicts. They are not mentally ill. They are not careless with their money. And they are not trying to live off the government.

Travis Brown

A Silent Threat

Travis Brown
The Acreage Community, 40 minutes west of West Palm Beach, Florida, had been classified as a "pediatric brain tumor cluster" by the Florida Department of Health.
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Left Behind by Japan 
Photographs by Clive France

Clive France

Photograph by Clive France. Alex Kahney has been denied all contact with his two daughters since they were abducted within Japan by their mother and grandparents in April 2010.


Japan is the only G8 member not to have signed the Hague Convention on the Civil Aspects of International Child Abduction, a multilateral treaty "that provides an expeditious method to return a child internationally abducted from one member nation to another." Japan's failure to do so has placed it at the center of a row over custody of children from failed international marriages and highlighted the issue of parental abduction.

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The Working World Photo Project
Photographs by Paula Surraco

Paula Surraco

Photograph by Paula Surraco. The Working World Photo Project 01.


In 2001, Argentina suffered a massive economic collapse. In a struggle for survival, many workers tried to run their shuttered factories themselves, and against all odds, their efforts thrived. In becoming successful owners, these workers demonstrated a new model for economic development: a model that grows from the bottom up, allows all workers to participate and learn, and  fosters a meaning and motivation for work, typically lost in the industrial age.


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SDN News  

Winners of Vienna International Photo Awards 2012 for Documentary Photography Announced   


Jacques Borgetto

Jacques Borgetto 


Italian photographer Antonella Monzoni and French photographers Julie Glassberg and Jacques Borgetto are the three winners of the first edition of the Vienna International Photo Awards 2012 for documentary photography.


Vienna International Photo Awards (VIPA), aims to support photography by awarding three cash prizes: 1st prize (EUR 4000), 2nd prize (EUR 2000) and 3rd prize (EUR 1000). Besides the total value of EUR 7000 in cash prizes, the three winners and the 10 short-listed finalists will be published in the VIPA's official catalogue and will take part in a group exhibition at the KUNSTNETZWERK Gallery in Vienna during November 2012 (in partnership with Eyes On - European Month of Photography in Vienna).


Winners have been selected by a board of professionals of the photo industry: Michael Ackerman (photographer, U.S.), Raed Bawayah (photographer, Palestine), Carola Dertnig (lecturer at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna, Austria), Thomas Licek (director of "Eyes-On" European Month of Photography Vienna, Austria), Hannamari Shakya (curator and editor of Photo Raw Magazine, Finland), Horst Stasny (photographer and curator, Austria).


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Witness Number 8: Photojournalisms  

New Book by Ed Kashi   



As a member of the prestigious photo agency VII, Kashi has been recognized for his complex imagery and its compelling rendering of the human condition. For his contribution to the JGS series "Witness", Kashi has delivered a powerful and deeply moving view into his world and career.

Encompassing nearly 20 years of journal entries to his wife Julie Winokur, this book is a selection of these entries from various locations around the world.

"The very act of creating this book touches upon my desire to reach out to others and to report on issues throughout the world. I am constantly looking for ways to expand the conversation of my work and the medium of photojournalism; to ultimately broaden the ways in which we tell stories and share our personal feelings. In a sense, this book is a different way to look at the world using both internal and external impressions, words and images. The depth of my feelings, touched so deeply and so often by the realities I witness, are the testimony I want this collection to reveal." - Ed Kashi.


Witness Number 8: Photojournalisms
by Ed Kashi 
Published by Nazraeli Press
ISBN: 978-1-59005-268-6
Hardcover, 9 1/2 x 12, 88 pages, 40 plates


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Glenn Ruga to Teach Eight-Week Documentary Master Class at Photographic Resource Center   

Mondays, September 10 through November 12
6:00 - 9:00 pm
(no classes Sept. 17 & Oct. 8) 
PRC Gallery, 832 Commonwealth Avenue, Boston 
$590 General Public | $550 PRC Members 
Level: Intermediate-Advanced 
Limited to ten students


Glenn Ruga

Photo by Glenn Ruga, Sabaheta, a widow from Srebrenica, living in Ilijas, Bosnia, 2007.


This exciting studio class is designed for photographers who are either working on, or are interested in working on, a serious documentary project and want to engage in a learning environment that will provide consistent feedback and discussion with an instructor and other class members. The weekly class will involve analyzing work by accomplished documentary photographers, developing concepts for documentary projects, and regularly reviewing work from an ongoing project. In addition to the photography, the class will also focus on the writing to accompany a documentary project--an incredibly important aspect--and how best to integrate the images with the text. Guest lecturers will also be part of the class.      


While the core of the class is based on still photography, video or motion may be used as part of the project. Students will be expected to present a final project at the end of the class to the instructor and fellow classmates.  


More information and to register>>   

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