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Photograph by Annie Kohl. Monday, May 30, 2011   


Brooklyn West Indies Day, 2011

Photographs by Annie Kohl 

Every Labor Day weekend in Brooklyn there is a massive celebration of West Indies culture. For one day, an entire neighborhood is taken over by feathered costumes, joyful and sometimes wild smiles, clouds of curious smelling smoke, flags, home-brewed drinks in unmarked bottles and music so loud the vibrations throw your camera out of focus.


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Joseph Sorrentino

La Feminización del Campo: The Feminization of Rural Mexico

Joseph Sorrentino
With men staying away longer, women have been forced to take on more work in their fields and leadership roles in their villages; a phenomenon that's being called "the feminization of rural Mexico."


Uplanders Watery Struggle

Saad Shahriar
In Cox's Bazaar and its surrounding islands like Sonadia, Kutubdia and Maheshkhali, a huge fishing market employ thousands of people.


Free Range Fowl

Dave Ruffles
Free range raising of birds and animals for food is increasing in Ireland. This may be due to the recession or the lack of choice in the dominant supermarket chains.


Young Lives at Risk on the Street

Hilary Duffy
This project depicts the environments and dangers that Central American homeless and runaway children face.


People in Bangladesh

Jan Mřller Hansen
In Bangladesh, the excluded, oppressed, marginalised and forgotten people constitute a large part of the country's population. In the capital Dhaka alone, about one-fourth of the citizens--some four million people--live in urban slums. 


East Timor - Road to Recovery

Ted McDonnell
East Timor is one of the poorest countries in the world, coming off decades of brutal Indonesian rule. Yet this tiny nation is slowly recovering from 25 years of occupation.
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Poverty Trap
Photographs by Yulia Vishnevets













Photograph by Yulia Vishnevets.


Oleg Tebazov lives with his wife and two children in an 11-meter room of a family dormitory that he received from the government when he left an orphanage. He owes a lot of money to the "Russian standard" bank. As soon as Oleg finds a job, the bank will find him--which is why Oleg doesn't work. The neighbors, irritated by the burden of helping this family to buy essential foodstuffs, are thinking about reporting them to the authorities.  


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Border of Impunity
Photographs by A.M. Ahad













Photograph by A.M. Ahad.  


On 7 January 2011, Felani, a 15-year-old Bengali girl, became one of the victims of the Indian Border Security Force (BSF) at the India-Bangladesh border. She was crossing the border with her father and was thrown into the barbed wires for four hours. It was reported, however, that Felani got caught in the wires and was eventually shot dead. In 2010, BSF shot 105 Bangladeshis; in the first week of 2011, 6 were killed, including Felani.


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SDN News

SDN Thanks Artists, Judges, Sponsors, and Everyone Else Who Helped Make Call for Entries and Exhibition a Success      

reception photo  

Reception at powerHouse Arena on September 10. Photograph by Jessica Earnshaw.

Ten Years After Nine Eleven: Searching for
a 21st Century Landscape

All photographs from the exhibition are for sale. To inquire, contact Glenn Ruga at  
Garth Lenz is also looking for locations to exhibit his photographs of Canada's tar sands and the true cost of oil. His prints are archival inkjet prints mounted to aluminum. There are two larger prints (50 x40 inches) and ten smaller prints at approximately 30 x 20 inches. The entire show is prepared for shipping in one large wooden crate. To inquire, contact Garth Lenz at
First Place Winner: Garth Lenz, Canada's Tar Sands and the True Cost of Oil

Honorable Mentions: Michael Robinson Chávez, Metamorphosis: Images from the Arab World; Florian Büttner, Modern Slaves of Dubai; Michael Busse, Unidentified Landscapes.

Judges included Lori Grinker, Ed Kashi, Nina Berman, Fred Ritchin, Glenn Ruga, Tomasz Tomaszewski and Amy Yenkin.

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Click here to view reception photos by Jessica Earnshaw


Sevigny to Discuss "Immigration and Violence in Latin America"

Photographer and writer John Sevigny will discuss the escalating issues afflicting Mexico and Latin America--including human trafficking, immigration, and gang warfare--at the College of Dupage (Lisle, IL) on October 4.  The event is free and open to the public.


Contact John Paris or Elizabeth Mares for more information. 

Exhibition: "Distant Relations" by Lori Grinker  

The Nailya Alexander Gallery in New York City is exhibiting Grinker's collection of photographs taken where her family has migrated (including Lithuania, South Africa, and Ukraine) since the 19th century.  The work will be shown through October 15.


More information at the Nailya Alexander Gallery

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Spotlight editor: Matthew Lomanno