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Last week SDN announced the winners of our Call for Entries on Ten Years After Nine Eleven: Searching for a 21st Century Landscape. We would like to thank everyone who entered the competition, the judges, and especially the four winners, Garth Lenz, Florian Buettner, Michael Busse, and Michael Robinson Chavez. The winners will be on display at powerHouse Arena in Brooklyn, NY, August 20 - September 16. We hope you can join us for the opening reception on Saturday, September 10 at 7:00 pm. To view all submissions to the Call for Entries and the winners, click here

Kevin V. Ton

International Workers' Day in Prague

Kevin V. Ton
The traditional meeting of Czech communists, 22 years after The Velvet Revolution in Czechoslovakia in November 1989.

Kirsteen Ashton

Faith, Hope and Charity

Kirsteen Ashton
St. George's Crypt in Leeds supports about 100 'clients' daily, providing food, shelter, and clothing--and creative workshops for the homeless.

Ayush Ranka

Cerebral Palsy

Ayush Ranka
PAPCP (Parents Association of Persons with Cerebral Palsy and Associated Disorders) is an organization based in Bangalore, India, and run by parents whose lives have been dislocated by their children's medical condition.

Bijoyeta Das

Women of Impoverished Western Nepal

Bijoyeta Das
Life of women is hard in the poverty stricken far- and mid-western parts of Nepal.

Paul McGuirk

1976 A Roarding Silence

Paul McGuirk
The Bicentennial gets underway 35 years ago in Philadelphia. "Regardless of the actions re-enactors, revelers, or protesters had, our public space looks quaint and quiet 35 years past compared to the gauntlet it is today."
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Photographs by Patrick Cariou
Patrick Cariou

Photograph by Patrick Cariou. Romania

Gypsies by Patrick Cariou (powerHouse Books) retraces in reverse the migration of the Rom people (the Gypsies' own term for themselves) from Western to Eastern Europe, through the Middle East, and ultimately to India, the home of their ancestors. The original journey was an epic, thousand-year odyssey and Cariou labored more than a decade to travel it.


Cariou comes to the end of his travels spent documenting a sparse landscape of itinerant clans living in a world apart for hundreds of years, from citizen to gangster, from the flashy prosperity of the Mercedes-driving Manouches of France to the abject poverty of the Roma of Slovakia.


The result is a stunning and thought-provoking collection of portraits and landscapes that demonstrate the wide variety of conditions in which the Gypsies of the world find themselves. These people, scattered far and wide, are a family, bound together by centuries of history and generations of survival. View the exhibit.

On the Spot
Police in Bangladesh
Photographs by Suvra Das
Suvra Das

Photograph by Suvra Das. Untitled

"According to Wikipedia, the police are described as persons empowered to enforce the law, protect property and reduce civil disorder. Who are the police? What do they do? How do they serve the nation, and how do they interact with people? What do they do in a critical situation? How do they act? These were several questions going on in my mind. I tried to get the answer." View the exhibit.

About is a website for photographers, NGOs, journalists, editors, and students to create and explore documentary exhibits investigating critical issues facing the world today. Recent exhibits have explored oil workers in the Niger River Delta, male sex workers in India, Central American immigrant women during their journey north, and Iraqi and Afghan refugees in Greece.Click here to view all of the exhibits.  


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