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SDN Call for Entries
Call for Entries

Deadline for entries:

May 31, 2011

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Prizes include:  

$1000 to first place

Exhibition at powerHouse
  Arena in New York

Other Recently Added Exhibits 

Gabriela Bulisova
Gabriela Bulisova

Option of Last Resort: Iraqi Refugees in the U.S.

One of the least reported stories of the U.S. invasion of Iraq is the 5 million Iraqis displaced internally or forced to flee across borders. Many of the displaced were the brains, the talent, the future of Iraq.

Yusuke Harada
Yusuke Harada

Trail of Destruction by Tsunami and Earthquake
A massive tsunami attacked northeast Japan after the most powerful earthquake in centuries on March 11, 2011. Cars, ships, buildings, houses and people were swept away. The official number of death and missing victims is more than 27,000 as of March 29.

Beata Wolniewicz
Beata Wolniewicz

Tough Life, Strong Women

I took pictures of these women in Ghana who were working to make cocoa oil. I observed that all the labor was difficult, dangerous, and done by hand. I wanted to show how they keep up their spirits even in spite of such hard work.

Praful Rao
Praful Rao

The Holi Collection
Holi is the Hindu festival of colours celebrated with much gusto all over North India. It is an ancient festival denoting the triumph of good over evil.

Dan Giannopoulos
Dan Giannopoulos

The Destitute Elderly
Briddhashram Home for the Elderly in Kathmandu, Nepal houses approximately 240 residents, suffering from many illnesses associated with old age--incontinence, paralysis, blindness and mental deterioration.Major political upheaval in Nepal has led to the near collapse of a reliable health care system, especially in rural areas.
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Call for Entries
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SPOTLIGHT/April 3, 2011

Greak Tohoku Earthquake & Tsunami 2011
Photographs by Max Hodges
Max Hodges

Photo by Max Hodges: March 15, 2011. Nobiru, Japan. A relative's portrait among the wooden debris of a home flattened by the tsunami.

Three days after the March 11 earthquake, I traveled to Sendai from my home in Tokyo. First I hitch-hiked to Nobiru City to document the devastation there. I photographed many small, everyday objects from destroyed Japanese homes. From the mundane to the sacred, the context of these personal items show how violently and unexpectedly the victims' lives were uprooted. I was very impressed with how well the Japanese handle themselves given the circumstances. They are remarkably resilient.

 Click here to view the exhibit.  

Nothing Like My Home: The Iraqi Refugee Crisis

Photographs by Lori Grinker 

Lori Grinker 

Photo by Lori Grinker: Amer coming out of the recovery room after surgery.

"I went to the House of God and returned, Yet I found nothing like my home"    -- Iraqi Proverb  


This exhibit documents the physical and emotional wounds inflicted upon a cross-section of individual Iraqis and families, now living in Jordan and the United States, by the ongoing war. While the United States has resettled 43,000 Iraqis, there are still millions of Iraqi civilians who remain uprooted and desperate. With U.S. attention shifting away from Iraq, many Iraqis fear that they will be forgotten. The United States must recommit itself both to ensuring adequate funding for assistance programs in the region, and to maintaining support for resettlement as a durable solution for the most vulnerable refugees.

 Click here to view the exhibit.  

Detroit: Unbroken Down

Photographs by Dave Jordano

Dave Jordano

Photo by Dave Jordano: Glemie Beasley, Westside, Detroit 2011.

"Detroit is my hometown, but I've been gone for three decades. The human condition, while troubled, struggling, and coping with the harsh reality of living in a post-industrial city that has fallen on the hardest of times, does thrive. Detroit is not an empty, hollow town devoid of any life, but is one that shows signs of activity and movement. My hope is that this work will convey in some small way that Detroit is a microcosm of several communities, built on perseverance, clinging to the vanished ideals of an urban oasis that once prided itself as one of the most beautiful and prosperous cities in America."

 Click here to view the exhibit.

Modern Slaves of Dubai

Photographs by Florian Buettner

Florian Buettner

Photograph by Florian Buettner: The workers are waiting for the bus to bring them back to the camp after a hard day of work in the heat of Dubai.

I  spent about two months in Dubai, walking the city and its construction sites and spent some time in a labor camp. For me, it was quite an intense time, seeing the body-numbing days out on site and back in the camps. It is a dusty, hot and soul-less city with the most glamorous living right next to the poor. In Dubai, you can find a visual landscape that formed the beginning of a new wave of exaggerated architecture and ambition. Dubai is part of the "rich" half of the Arab world that turned closer towards the west after 9/11. Other cities and states followed this self-fulfilling prophecy and are also building new "Disney Worlds."

 Click here to view the exhibit.

Portraits from the Inside

Reducing Re-offending in UK Prisons 

Photographs by Ean Flanders  
Ean Flanders

Photo by Ean Flanders: Ray. "Prison in general depends on your mentality when you come in. If you sit down and have a long hard think by yourself and you understand the problems you got, prison can be a learning and changing experience."

xxxThe main objective of this exhibit is to give offenders a visual voice through the medium of photography. This project attempts to create a greater understanding of successful strategies that prisoners use to change their behavior and address issues that may lead them to re-offend. Through their individual testimonies, an honest appraisal has been documented which can create social change through empowerment. It is hoped that the end result of the project will lead to a learning resource that will create a greater understanding within prisons and the wider community.

Click here to view the exhibit. 

Going Home

The Hamlin Fistula Hospital in Addis Ababa 
Photographs by David Goldman

David Goldman

Photo by David Goldman: The 1000 KM journey back to the Bali mountain region of Ethiopia.

Both of these women have lost their babies, both are from a remote area in Ethiopia known as the Bali Mountains. Although not far by car from each other, they had never met and yet they suffered from the same affliction: an obstetric fistula and the loss of a baby. Both women were left incontinent for more than four years. There social value had dropped with their inability to function as normal contributing women of the tribe. Both were left to rot in a hut. Thanks to the help of some missionaries, they were transported over 1000km to Addis Ababa to the Hamlin Fistula Hospital where they received surgery to correct the fistula and therefore got a chance at a normal life.

Click here to view the exhibit.  
SDN News

Bye Bye Bullshit  

New Book by Marielle van Uitert on the Last Dutch Troops in Afghanistan   


Marielle van UitertDutch photojournalist and documentary photographer Marielle van Uitert has just completed a book, Bye Bye Bullshit, based on her work documenting the withdrawal of Dutch ISAF troops from Afghanistan in 2010. Read more>> 

The New York Photo Festival May 11-15

Submissions due April 25 for NY Photo Awards


 $5,000 cash first prize; $5,000 in secondary prizes. Winners and Honorable Mentions will be featured in exclusive main floor exhibition at PowerHouse Arena. Submission address: www.NewYorkPhotoAwards.com  


The 2011 edition of The New York Photo Awards will feature twelve category winners - including best fine art single, fine art series, documentary single, documentary series, advertising single, advertising series and photo book - one of whom will be selected for a $5,000 grand cash prize for best overall picture or series.


SDN is a media sponsor of this year's festival.  


For more information: visit www.nyphotofestival.com  

InterAction Photography Contest Focuses on Humanitarian and Development Work

Deadline May 1, 2011


InterAction encourages submissions of photos that illustrate innovative, effective and inspiring efforts in international relief and development. All images should be of work in the field, outside the United States. One Grand Prize Winner* will receive round-trip airfare to Washington, D.C. (flights originating in the U.S. only), where they will receive their award at InterAction's 2011 Forum, August 10-12, 2011. The Grand Prize Winner's photograph will run as the cover of the special Forum recap issue of Monday Developments magazine. The winner will also receive a complimentary one-year subscription to Monday Developments magazine and one free half-page advertisement.  


Visit www.interaction.org/photo and upload up to three entries.  


*Please note that prizes will be awarded to the winning image's photographer, not an organization or any other party that may own rights to the image or for whom the image was taken.

Umbrage Editions Releases Fambul Tok with Essays and Photographs by Sara Terry, John Chalker, and others.

Opening Reception: April 7, 6-8 pm, Umbrage Gallery,

111 Front Street, Ste 208, Brooklyn, NY


Using ceremonies rooted in truth-telling bonfires and traditional cleansing, Fambul Tok ("Family Talk" in Krio) originated in Sierra Leone as a unique community-owned program bringing together perpetrators and victims of the violence in Sierra Leone's eleven-year civil war to talk, heal, and chart a new path forward, together. This book takes us by the hand as we experience this extraordinary journey of reconciliation.The book accompanies a major documentary film, Fambul Tok, directed and produced by Sara Terry, produced by Libby Hoffman and Rory Kennedy. Fambul Tok, the exhibition, will display at the Umbrage Gallery from April 7- May 7, 2011.  


For more information, visit http://www.umbragebooks.com/  

New Multimedia Website on TB Epidemic


David RochkindPhotographer David Rockind has created a new multimedia website based on his still photographs of the tuberculosis crisis in the developing world. On World TB Day, March 24, Rochkind spoke at a congressional briefing where he presented his work on tuberculosis and launched an educational website, with accompanying curriculum for high school classes, based on his photography, reporting and multimedia work.  Read more  

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