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The Revolution in Egypt and the Power of Images    

February 12, 2011
Revolution in Egypt

Credit: Emilio Morenati/Associated Press. From New York Times website.


This past month--first in Tunisia and then in Egypt--we have seen a remarkable display of the human quest for freedom against despotic rulers. And most stunning, we saw it succeed. Yes, we saw it succeed. The photographs from Tunisia and Egypt are as inspiring as any since the inception of photography sometime in the first half of the nineteenth century.


Freedom, prosperity, and security are the most mercurial aspects of human existence. Not only must those who posses it recognize their privilege and responsibility, but must also recognize that the appearance of the antithesis of these human qualities (poverty, despotism, and insecurity) anywhere in the world makes our own good fortune incomplete. Hence the concept behind, using the power of photography to promote global awareness.


Today, all of us at SDN want to congratulate the people of Tahrir Square in Cairo and all Egyptians for bending the arc of history further toward freedom. Everyone on this planet has a right to celebrate this victory because it is a victory for us all. We also want to celebrate the brave photographers who joined with the protesters during the joyous and the dangerous moments to bring this revolution to our computers, cell phones, televisions, newspapers, and magazines.


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Glenn Ruga
Founder and Director

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