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Stefan Jora
Stefan Jora

Rainbow Peoples
Stefan Jora's portraits of the peoples of the Rainbow Gathering, a communal event that takes place every year in a U.S. National Forest, span three years across Wyoming, Arkansas, and New Mexico.

Dito Tediashvili
Dito Tediashvili

Tbilisi Fashion Week
Revealing portraits from Tbilisi Fashion Week in Georgia highlight behind-the-scenes preparations during the seasonal event in 2010.

Valerie Loiret
Val�rie Loiret

Iraqi Christians: Fighting for Life
After a terrorist attack against the Our Lady Of Salvation Church in Baghdad, which lead to 50 casualties, this demonstration took place in Paris on the Parvis of Human Rights against the killings of Iraqi Christians.

Connie Frisbee Houde
Connie Frisbee Houde

Life Goes On- August In Afghanistan
These photographs, from an August 2010 journey, represent Connie Frisbee Houde's vision of the resilience and exquisiteness of humanity that she sees in the Afghans.

Murtada Bulbul
Murtada Bulbul

Frankenstein of Buriganga
Once a vibrant river flowing deep and wide, the Buriganga is dying in the age of indiscriminate industrial production and massive population growth. Dhaka, the city founded on the banks of the Buriganga 400 years ago, is about to kill its own lifeline.

Marisa Schwartz
Marisa Schwartz

Across an Ocean: A Modern Immigration Story
This project documents the lifestyle of one ethnic Fante living in Kumasi, Ghana. His story represents millions of young Ghanaians who are acutely aware of the glorified West and striving to achieve a similar lifestyle.

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SPOTLIGHT/ December 12, 2010

Father Land
Photographs by Ara Oshagan

A poetic and personal journey through Karabagh
Ara Oshagan
Photo by Ara Oshagan. Armenia.

Father Land by Vah� and Ara Oshagan is a poetic and personal journey through the rugged, human-and-history-laden landscape of Karabagh. It is also a unique collaboration between a photographer son and his famous, writer father. A family steeped in Armenian literature and art, Vah� and Ara Oshagan's work is the result of an intensely felt connection to their heritage and homeland. Father Land is a literary and visual contemplation of Karabagh's present day, its history, and its culture, as well as a meditation on transnational identity, land, and paternal bonds.

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A Car Window Perspective on the World
Photographs by Jogien Bakker
Jogien Bakker
Photo by Jogien Bakker. High winds, north west of Islamabad, Pakistan, 2009.
Traveling by car through various countries in Africa and Asia, Jogien Bakker has captured a peculiar, one-sided view of street life, trade, and transport. This collection comes from over a decade of capturing the view of the car passenger: Living in a protected space barring the outside world from entering, while at the same time spying on it--almost as if secretly watching a staged play. The window seal marred with dust and mud, reflections, and halo light effects often frame the view.

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The Big A
Photographs at the Aqueduct Racetrack by
Hunter Wolf

Hunter Wolf
Photo by Hunter Wolf. Veteran.
These striking portraits of winners, losers, and workers at the Aqueduct horseracing track in Queens, NY, were taken during the fall and winter of 2008. The track, aka "the Big A," opened in 1894.

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Photographs by Ireneusz Luty
Photo b y Ireneusz Luty
Photo by Ireneusz Luty. An essay on the impact of commuting on social life.
With this photographic essay on the negative impact of commuting, Ireneusz Luty brings to light the Commuting Paradox. Although most commuters tolerate the imposition for job opportunities and lower housing costs, research has shown each minute of travel correlates with an increase in health problems. Economists at the University of Zurich found that a commuter who travels an hour each way would need to make 40 percent more in salary to be as "satisfied" with life as a non-commuter.

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SDN News

A Place Called Home by Bethule Nkiwani's, Opens in Harare, Zimbabwe

On December 9, 2010, the National Gallery of Zimbabwe in Harare opens a photographic exhibition by documentary photographer and photographic journalist, Bethule Nkiwani, titled A Place Called Home. The exhibition, in the PG Gallery, is a series of pictures that tells a heart-searing strory of betrayal, survival and hope. The 15 series photographic documentation relates the story of a widowed mother and her three children who sought shelter in an asbestos and plastic squatter house in the suburb of Mufakose.

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