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Tony Savino
Tony Savino

Haiti Now

Six weeks after the earthquake, many international NGOs have failed to work with Haitian officials or grassroots organizations to deliver aid to Haiti's earthquake survivors.

Tina Kazakhiskvili
Tina Kazakhishvili

Mental Hospital
Tina Kazakhishvili explores perceptions of madness in a psychiatric hospital in Tbilisi, Georgia.

Elia Alamillo
Elia Alamillo


The traditions, interactions, and activities of three Mexican-American families from different social classes show their lives are more alike than different.

Praful Rao
Praful Rao

The Silent Disaster: Landslides in the Himalayas

The Darjeeling-Sikkim Himalayas are fighting a losing battle against treacherous landslides, the cause of extensive loss of life and land for its inhabitants.

Daniel Kariko
Daniel Kariko

Speculation World: Topography of Florida's Real Estate Crisis

Abandoned real estate developments in Florida paint a picture of human habitation in crisis.

Nilanjan Ray
Nilanjan Ray

Banaras: 24 hours

Mark Twain wrote of this ancient city in India, "Benaras is older than history, older than tradition, older even than legend."

Shane Welch
Shane Welch

Another Life: 24 Hours on Lower Wacker Drive in Chicago

On Lower Wacker Drive, the main street of Chicago's underground street system, there is a large community of chronically homeless who suffer from various forms of addiction.

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Exhibit  of winners of Call for Entries
Through March 14
powerHouse Arena
Brooklyn, NY

Call for Entries Winners
Tomasz Tomaszewski
Khaled Hasan
Shiho Fukada
Michael McElroy

Exhibition catalog now available. Click here.



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SPOTLIGHT/ March 7, 2010

After Sidr
Survivors from 2007 super cyclone in Bangladesh
Photographs by Erik Messori

Eric Messori
Woman is rescued in the streets of Pathorgata, 2008. Photo by Erik Messori

Cyclone Sidr passed through Bangladesh, Southeast Asia's poorest nation, causing thousands of deaths and immeasurable destruction. Possibly the strongest cyclone to ever hit the country, it slammed the densely populated coastal areas of Bangladesh with 200 mile-per-hour winds. Those who survived were left to not only deal with the damage to their homes, crops, and livelihoods, but also to mourn their dead and search for their missing.

Click here to view the exhibit.
Workers of the Kawah Ijen Sulfur Mine, Indonesia
Photographs by
Andri Tambunan

Andri Tamunan
Worker at the Kawah Ijen Sulfur Mine, 2008. Photo by Andri Tambunan

In East Java, Indonesia, lies the Kawah Ijen volcano. Local miners break off chunks of the hardened gases from inside the volcano's crater, braving extremely dangerous gases and liquids with minimal protection, and then load up as much as they can carry for the several kilometers to the weighing station. Loads can weigh from 45 to 90 kg (100 to 200 lbs), and a single miner might make as many as two or three trips in a day. At the end of a long day, miners take home approximately 50,000 in Indonesian rupiahs, or about USD 5.00.

Click here to view the exhibit.
Swineherd: The salaried gypsy with a domestic mind
Photographs by
Murtada Bulbul

Murtadab Bulbul
Herdsman Nirmal Chandra Das tends pigs in a field, 2009. Photo by Murtada Bulbul.

In Bangladesh, in the Das community of Atharobari, Iswarganj, Mymensingh, almost every man is involved in the profession of swine herding, a job given only to the men lowest in the caste system.  Swineherders lead an unusual gypsy life, bringing their herd of pigs to various places to feed, constantly moving and living in tents of bamboo and plastic paper. They usually stay three to four days in each place, and may be away from their village and family from a day to a week at a time.

Click here to view the exhibit.

SDN News

Questions Without Answers:
A Photographic Prism, 1985-2010
Photographs by VII
January 22 - April 4, 2010
Tisch Gallery at Tufts University
Alexandra Boulat
Alexandra Boulat, Women's Day in Mazar-e-Sharif's Hazrat Ali Shrine, September 2004

The Tufts University Art Gallery, Tufts Institute for Global Leadership, and VII Photo Agency proudly present Questions Without Answers, a major photography exhibition on view at the Tufts University Art Gallery from January 21 through April 4, 2010. Questions Without Answers presents photographs from the renowned VII Photo Agency depicting defining events of the post-Cold War period and their aftermaths, from the Fall of the Berlin Wall and September 11, 2001, to Iraq and Afghanistan, The Balkans and Congo, Chechnya and Gaza, among others. The unique contributions of the independent photojournalists affiliated with VII are highlighted in more than 125 photographs, newly printed for the occasion, many displayed for the first time. More >>

Global Humanitarian Forum Vision Awards

The Global Humanitarian Forum launches the Global Humanitarian Forum Vision Awards in an effort to further raise awareness of the human dimension of climate change through photo and video journalism. A jury of esteemed photo and video journalists will select projects that combine artistic excellence with a powerful message about the human dimension of climate change. If you are between 18 and 35 years old, talented, and committed, take part in the Vision Awards and share your perspective on the human story of climate change with the international community! More >>

The White House News Photographers Association presents 2010 Student Photographer of the Year Contest

Photo by Mike Berube 
UNC Chapel Hill, by John W. Adkisson, Winner of the 2009 Student Photographer of the Year contest.

The WHNPA is proud to announce that their annual Student Photographer of the Year contest is now accepting submissions. The contest is open to students from across the world to compete for the honor of WHNPA Student Photographer of the Year. The contest opened on February 20, 2010 and will accept entries until 11:59 p.m. EST on March 17, 2010. One student portfolio will be chosen as the winner, and the portfolio will go on the Eyes of History contest website at www.whnpa.org/contest/eyes2010. More >>

The New York Photo Festival
May 12-16, 2010
Curated by Vince Aletti, Erik Kessels, Fred Ritchin, and Lou Reed

New York City's premier photography festival will take place May 12-16, 2010. The main festival sites will return to the Brooklyn waterfront community of DUMBO for the third straight year, and the festival will also expand its programming and pre-festival activities, for the first time, into other parts of the city. Dedicated to the mission of pushing the boundaries of contemporary photography and showcasing ideas of our collective photographic future, the New York Photo Festival and its organizers and co-founders Daniel Power and Frank Evers will be forging down this path once more: NYPH'10 will feature the personal visions of curators Vince Aletti, Erik Kessels, Fred Ritchin, and Lou Reed as they take hold of the many indoor and outdoor sites in the formerly industrial neighborhood. More >>

Exhibition catalog from SDN Call for Entries on global recession now available.

Photo by Mike BerubeSDN has just released the catalog of the winners from Crisis & Opportunity: Documenting the Global Recession. This full-color 32-page catalog includes a preface by Lori Grinker and a report on the global economic crisis by the Center for Economic and Social Rights, the co-publisher of this catalog.
$12.00 per copy.
Purchase online.

SDN is seeking other venues for global recession exhibition
After the debut showing at powerHouse Arena in Brooklyn of Crisis & Opportunity: Documenting the Global Recession ends in mid-March, we are looking for other venues for the exhibition. Click here for information on the Call for Entries and exhibit. For more information or to inquire about a showing, contact Glenn Ruga.
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