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Nok, a single mother
Philippe Schneider

Nok, a Single Mother
Nok is a single mother and hairdresser who worked in Dili for three years to help her family, before going back to Thailand in September 2009.

Janat Horn

UXO: A Long Age in the Deep Delved Earth
Unexploded ordnance (UXO)  throughout Vietnam have killed or maimed thousands over the last 30 years. Safety precautions are increasing, but demining activity could take another 30 decades.

HIV/AIDS in Papua
Andri Tambunan

HIV/AIDS in Papua
Fleurette Bannon is full of life and comfortable with death. A volunteer for Hospice of Southern Maine for 9 years, she has been matched with 20 patients during that time.

Japan's Hidden Secret
Magdalena Sole

Japan's Hidden Secret: Kamagasaki, Japan
Following Japan's economic boom, Kamagasaki became home to an aging, outcast population of job seekers, men who retain the ordered ways of their society despite being homeless and poor.

Cova da Moura
Alfredo Muñoz de Oliveira

Cova da Moura
Through social education in this ghetto near Lisbon, Portugal, residents have been fighting against poverty, drugs, and gangs in their community for twenty years.

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Exhibit opening and panel discussion
Tuesday, February 16
6:30 pm
powerHouse Arena
Brooklyn, NY

Exhibition of
Call for Entries Winners

Tomasz Tomaszewski
Khaled Hasan
Shiho Fukada
Michael McElroy

Panel: The Role of Photography in Addressing Critical Issues Facing Our World
Ed Kashi
Irene Khan
Leora Kahn
Tomasz Tomaszewski

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SPOTLIGHT/ February 13, 2010

Copper Recyclers of India
Photographs by Michaela O'Brien

Copper Recyclers of India
Salim examines strips of copper that he has extracted from the air conditioner grids. Photo by Michaela O'Brien.

Dharavi, a slum in the suburbs of Mumbai, India is one of the largest slums in Asia. Recycled appliances are shipped here from around the world, where salvagers dismantle them for copper and parts, releasing dangerous pollutants in the process. It is against the law in the US for anyone not authorized to dispose of these materials, but here, workers drink, eat, and even sleep in concrete rooms where they are exposed to these hazardous components daily.

Click here to view the exhibit.
Knife Fight City
Huron, California
Photographs by
Richard Street

Photo by Richard Street
Drinking beer and shooting pool are the principal forms of relaxation for migrants passing through during the harvest. Photo by Richard Street.

In California's San Joaquin Valley, Huron is the only town in Westlands Water District, the largest private water district in the United States. It produces 90 percent of all lettuce and twice a year attracts approximately 6,000 transient men who follow the lettuce circuit. With five labor camps, eight bars, no McDonalds and no high school, the town is little more than a giant farm labor exploitation camp.

Click here to view the exhibit.
Photographs by Mike Berube

Photo by Mike Berube
In the midst of global recession, widespread poverty has impacted rural parts of Canada affected by the layoffs and factory closures, forcing many to be evicted from their homes. Photo by Mike Berube.

Amidst global recession, and affected by layoffs and factory closures at massive companies such as General Motors, workers in rural parts of Canada are being forced from their homes and into poverty.

Click here to view the exhibit.
Shanghai in JPG
Photographs by Jean-Philippe Gauvrit

Shanghia in jpg
Shanghai - the girl looking through the door glass is a prostitute. Photo by Jean-Philippe Gauvrit.

Photographer Jean-Philippe Gauvrit traveled through Shanghai between 2006 and 2008 and produced these images from the outskirts of the city and around the Suzhou Creek. The area was a historic, colorful and lively commercial market at the time, but has since become a residential area.

Click here to view the exhibit.
SDN News

Exhibition catalog from SDN Call for Entries on global recession now available.
Photo by Mike BerubeSDN has just released the catalog of the winners from Crisis & Opportunity: Documenting the Global Recession. This full-color 32-page catalog  includes a preface by Lori Grinker and a report on the global economic crisis by the Center for Economic and Social Rights, the co-publisher of this catalog. $12.00 per copy.
Purchase online.

SDN is seeking other venues for global recession exhibition
After the debut showing at powerHouse Arena of Crisis & Opportunity: Documenting the Global Recession ends in mid-March, we are looking for other venues for the exhibition. Click here for information on the Call for Entries and exhibit. For more information or to inquire about a showing, contact Glenn Ruga.

Photography and Human Rights at NYU
May 17-June 25, 2010
The Department of Photography & Imaging at New York University and the Magnum Foundation present a suite of four courses in Photography and Human Rights designed to explore strategies to create effective documentary projects linked with issues of human rights. This 6-week program is made up of 4 intensive evening courses, intended for intermediate and advanced students, including experienced professionals, who seek to hone their documentary and media skills in the context of human rights. More...

Win 3000 Euros and a prestigious exhibition during one of the top photographic festivals in Europe - Photomonth in Krakow.
sitcommsittcomm.award is a prize for artists working with the medium of photography from Albania, Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Estonia, Greece, Hungary, Kosova, Latvia, Lithuania, Macedonia (FYROM), Moldova, Montenegro, Poland, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Turkey and Ukraine who have finished their photographic series in the year 2008 or 2009.
    Until now, the sittcomm.award was connected with Month of Photography in Bratislava, but in 2010 it will be given in Krakow, during Photomonth, in May 2010.

SDN Seeks Volunteer/Intern for Editorial Assistance
SocialDocumentary.net is seeking a volunteer or intern to take a lead role in helping to design and edit our Spotlight e-newsletter and to work with us to edit online exhibits and other writing and editing projects. Position requires 4-6 hours per week.
    Candidates should have excellent writing/editing skills, experience with basic Photoshop and html, and background in documentary photography studies.
    Interested candidates should send resume and letter to Glenn Ruga at glenn@socialdocumentary.net.
About SocialDocumentary.net
SocialDocumentary.net is a new website for photographers, NGOs, journalists, editors, and students to create and explore documentary websites investigating critical issues facing the world today. Recent exhibits have explored oil workers in the Niger River Delta, male sex workers in India, Central American immigrant women during their journey north, and Iraqi and Afghan refugees in Greece. Click here to view all of the exhibits.