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Gega (Giorgi) Chumburidze
Gega (Giorgi) Chumburidze

August 8, 2008. There was armed conflict in South Ossetia (Region of Georgia) between Russia and Georgia. Inhabitants were running away from their homes to escape from bullets....

Lisa Wiltse
Lisa Wiltse

The Boarding House
Wallerawang, 156 km northwest of Sydney, is home to 38 residents with intellectual disabilities who live in small group homes but come and go freely within the town of 1,900 people.

Cheryl Rau
Cheryl Rau

Still Listening
Fleurette Bannon is full of life and comfortable with death. A volunteer for Hospice of Southern Maine for 9 years, she has been matched with 20 patients during that time.

Rocio Gonzalez
Rocio Gonzalez

My Name Is...
An ongoing body of work that attempts to bestow dignity on the everyday lives of women recovering from various addictions.

Joanna Lipper
Joanna Lipper

Growing Up Fast: Teen Parenthood
Documenting the lives of six teen mothers from Pittsfield, Massachusetts, as they witness factory closings and the transformation of their hometown under the strain of economic and social upheaval and the influx of drugs.

Matthew Van Saun
Matthew Van Saun

The Karen of Noh Boh Refugee Camp, Thailand
The Karen have been fighting what is described as the world's longest civil war in history. The population of Noh Boh Refugee Camp will continue to live on and survive the best they can until the fighting ends in their homeland.

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Exhibit opening and panel discussion
Tuesday, February 16
6:30 pm
powerHouse Arena
Brooklyn, NY

Exhibition of
Call for Entries Winners

· Tomasz Tomaszewski
· Khaled Hasan
· Shiho Fukada
· Michael McElroy

Panel: The Role of Photography in Addressing Critical Issues Facing Our World
· Ed Kashi
· Irene Khan
· Leora Kahn
· Tomasz Tomaszewski

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SPOTLIGHT/ January 31, 2010

Addis Hiwot Leprosy Village in Ethiopia
Photographs by Agton Strom

Agton Strom
A woman looks away after explaining to a health worker that her husband left her for another woman, leaving her without funds to pay for her healthcare. Photo by Agton Strom.

The Ethiopian leprosy village, Addis Hiwot, was founded in the 60s by European missionaries and received support from the Ethiopian government. After the Marxist coup in 1974 the foreign workers were expelled, the water and electricity disconnected and thousand of villagers were left with arid fields and a lack of adequate healthcare to treat leprosy. Over 30 years later, the living conditions seem unbearable but with the help of a few devoted individuals, the situation is slowly improving.

Click here to view the exhibit.
On the Way to God-Georgian Traditions
Photographs by Kakha Kakhiani

Kakha Kakhiani
Mleta, Georgia. Pilgrimage to Lomisa Chapel. Photo by Kakha Kakhiani.

Georgia is an ancient country with traditions, culture, and strong religious faith. There are sacred places in every part of this region where personal donations and prayers are given to God. Pilgrims travel many kilometers (sometimes without shoes) with sheep, cows, or other cattle for their personal causes and wishes to God.

"This is ongoing project and I wanted to show you these traditions. I have decided to see and capture all specific sides of it because this is a soul of Georgia and it is changing from time to time."

Click here to view the exhibit.
Refugee Resettlement in Clarkston, Georgia, U.S.
Photographs by Bryan Meltz

Bryan Meltz
Maynun, 8, and her older brother Said, 12, were both born in a refugee camp in Kenya. They arrived in Clarkston, Georgia in 2004 as part of a massive resettlement program for Somali Bantu refugees. Photo by Bryan Meltz.

Over the last decade Clarkston, Georgia-a former railroad town outside of Atlanta-has been transformed into the Ellis Island of the South for refugees from every corner of the globe. It is estimated that 1 in 3 of Clarkston's residents are immigrants, and over sixty languages are spoken in this small Southern town. Refugees come to Clarkston from a myriad of cultures suffering the effects of protracted civil wars and massive human suffering: Somalia, Sudan, Burma, Bosnia, Iraq, Vietnam and Afghanistan.

The town has become a popular destination for refugees due to access to public transportation, affordable housing, and proximity to resettlement agencies who are crucial in job training and placement. Over 71% of the refugees in Clarkston are female, and all of those, as implied by their refugee status, are survivors of civil conflict, war, trauma, rape and/or genocide. Having traveled thousands of miles for the promise of a new start, these women arrive in the United States filled with tremendous hope for a better life, for themselves and for their children.

Click here to view the exhibit.
The Faces of Breast Cancer
Photographs by Peter Byron

Pete Byron
My family supports me. Photo by Pete Byron

Photographer Pete Byron explains the genesis of this project:

Gretchen announced to us, she had breast cancer. She was going to have a double mastectomy. A few days after she was home I went over for a visit.

She began to describe to me how this alien was living in her body, and her body was no longer hers. Then she began to describe the way the doctor marked her up for the surgery, and the details that followed.

The first words out of my mouth were "You should let me photograph it."  Gretchen's reply was "Do you want to?"  Yes... So a week later I went over, and this was the beginning of my breast cancer project. She took the photos to her support groups, and we found some amazing women who were willing to be immortalized.

The strength these women exhibited is amazing. They beat the disease, and their lives go on richer than ever.

Click here to view the exhibit.

SDN News

SDN Founder Appointed Executive Director of the Photographic Resource Center in Boston

The Boston-based Photographic Resource Center (PRC) has appointed SDN Founder Glenn Ruga to be its Executive Director starting February 22, 2010. PRC, the leading photographic organization in the Boston area with a 30-year history, will look to Ruga to continue the current schedule of exhibitions and public educational programs but also draw on his background to expand the focus of PRC by bridging the gap between documentary and fine art photography.

2010 Photocrati Fund competition is now open

The Photocrati Fund offers $5000 grants to non-professional photographers to undertake important humanitarian and environmental photography projects. Our goal is to identify outstanding, up-and-coming photographers and give them the resources necessary to pursue projects that will have a tangible and positive effect on the world. More...
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