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Adam Nadel

Adam Nadel
Crucible Steelworkers
These portraits of Crucible Materials Corporation steelworkers were made in early 2009 as the plant was enacting temporary closures and layoffs. The images put a face to the most important yet most vulnerable individuals in the global economy.

Yaniv Yadav

Yaniv Nadav
Tel-Aviv Backyard
Everyone has a story of how he fell into drugs, though today, the stories are almost identical: The pursuit of money to buy the "stuff," the arrests, the disease, and the desire to detox.

Dimitri Mellow

Dimitri Mellos
Protest Comes to Wall Street
Just a few months after last year's global financial meltdown, a demonstration took place at the epicenter and source of the crisis: Wall Street.

Charles Meachem

Charles Meacham
Walk with Pride
"Walk with Pride" is a project to photograph and document gay pride parades around the globe.

Kevin Bubriski

Kevin Bubriski
Vermont National Guard Deploys for Afghanistan
Photographs taken at  the deployment ceremonies of Vermont National Guard troops to Afghanistan.

Kevin Bubriski

Steven Zeswitz
The Tribe
The repercussions of foreclosures are passed from the landlords onto the tenants, neighbors, and the residences as a whole.

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Spotlight/December 28, 2009


As we send out our last Spotlight of 2009, we would like to wish you a very happy new year and thank the community of photographers who have submitted work and the viewers who have visited the hundreds of online exhibits created this past year on SocialDocumentary.net. 

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Glenn Ruga, Founder and Director

Photographs by Baldomero Fernandez

Baldomero Fernandez
Liquor and Lotto. Photo by Baldomero Fernandez.

"This work is a mix of melancholy and desperate hope. The work aims to capture an abstraction in close proximity to a reality. I portray the situations and objects that I encounter in my travels through middle America honestly and the viewer is left to endow them with a much deeper meaning. Middletown is an exploration into the cracks on the surface of the American dream." 
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Palestinian Fairtrade Olive Oil
Photographs by Saeed Taji Farouky

Saeed Taji Farouky
Mahdi Ibrahim rides home after a day harvesting organic olives on his family's farm in the West Bank cooperative of Kufr Rai. Photo by Saeed Taji Farouky.

In February 2008, the Fairtrade Foundation launched the world's first Fairtrade certified olive oil from Palestine. The product does more than just supply the discerning international market with high-quality, organic olive oil and promise a fair deal for the producers. It is working to help Palestinian farmers get around the separation wall, checkpoints and severe restrictions on trade and movement placed on them by the Israeli occupation of the West Bank.
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Innocent on the Streets of Damascus
Photographs by Carole al-Farah

Carole al-Farah
Sabah, nine years old, standing on Al Thawra Bridge, holding coconut sweets for sale. Damascus, Syria 2009. Photo by Carole al-Farah.

In the last four years, child labor has increased on the streets of Damascus for children from 6 to 12 years old. Many of the children sell sweets on Damascus's bridges and sidewalks. This essay is about Sabah and Nader, sister and brother.
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SocialDocumentary.net is a new website for photographers, NGOs, journalists, editors, and students to create and explore documentary websites investigating critical issues facing the world today. Recent exhibits have explored oil workers in the Niger River Delta, male sex workers in India, Central American immigrant women during their journey north, and Iraqi and Afghan refugees in Greece. Click here to view all of the exhibits.