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For Immediate Release
March 26, 2009

Barbara Ayotte, Director of Communications

SocialDocumentary.net Announces Partnership with
Ozmo.com Licensing Service for Photography

Online Documentary Photography Now Available for Commercial Use

(Boston: Photoshop World Expo): SocialDocumentary.net (SDN), a new website that uses the power of photography to promote global awareness of critical issues facing the world, announced today at the Photoshop World Expo that it is partnering with Ozmo.com, a web-based service for licensing independent, user-generated content for commercial use. Ozmo makes it easy for photographers to license their work to content buyers such as NGOs, marketing firms, advertising agencies, and educators, who are increasingly incorporating user-generated content in their work. SDN is an exhibitor at the Photoshop World Expo (Booth #623).

"The Ozmo license is a reliable and easy way for exhibitors on SocialDocumentary.net to make their documentary photographs available for commercial use directly from their online exhibits, if they choose to do so. We hope that groups looking for quality documentary images from around the world will search and purchase licenses for images on the SDN or Ozmo websites," said Glenn Ruga, founder of SDN.

"The images on SociaDocumentary.net remind us of the raw power of photography to move people and to urge them into action that improves the human condition," said Chris Howard of Copyright Clearance Center (CCC). "At CCC, we created Ozmo.com to tap into the wealth of exciting new content now found online at sites like SDN, and to enable photographers and other content creators to benefit from their work when they choose to licensing that content commercially."

About Ozmo.com
Ozmo was created by Copyright Clearance Center (CCC), a not-for-profit company founded in 1978 and dedicated to making it easy to use and share published content. CCC is an adopter of Creative Commons' CC+ protocol. Content creators can apply the Creative Commons link to indicate how their work is to be used for non-commercial purposes and they can apply Ozmo link for commercial uses. Visit www.copyright.com to learn more.

About SocialDocumentary.net (SDN)
The fastest growing documentary photography site, SDN was launched in October 2008 at PDN Photo Expo in New York City and features over 130 online documentary photography exhibits created by photographers from around the world-images and words that are devoted entirely to exploring the global human condition through the documentary form.

Topics include oil workers in the Niger Delta; climate change in Kiribati; spirituality in India and Tibet; refugees in Malta; women in Latin America; gang violence in Baltimore; homelessness in London and Los Angeles; daily life in Cuba, Mexico, Siberia, Namibia, and Vermont; education of girls in Afghanistan; racism in the UK; childbirth; effects of deforestation in Finland; industrial workers in Ohio; and reconciliation in Rwanda, among many other pressing issues of our time.

"The goal of SocialDocumentary.net is to connect and inform people around the world through photography and provide a visual record of the 21st century. It is designed to be a resource for teachers, students, policymakers, and the general public who are concerned and interested in learning about the world and changing it," said Ruga.

For more information, visit www.socialdocumentary.net

SDN expects to have the Ozmo licensing functionality fully implemented on the SDN website by early April.

SocialDocumentary.net: Using the power of photography to promote global awareness.

The founder is Glenn Ruga. Advisory Committee members include: Barbara Ayotte, Lori Grinker, Steve Horn, Ed Kashi, Susan Mazer, John Sevigny, Steve Walker, and Frank Ward. SDN is located in Lowell, MA.