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Other exhibits featured this week

Luiz Santos

Luiz Santos
New Arrivals-African Refugees in Malta
The Hal Far Open Center for Refugees houses nearly 800 immigrants from African countries.

Andreas Oetker-Kast

Andreas Oetker-Kast
Manpower: Humans at the heart - Germany and Czech Republic

Celebration of workers in six small to medium manufacturing companies

Luiz Santos

Luiz Santos
Nation of Islam - United States and Great Britain

Insightful look at a controversial black sect of Islam.

Antero de Alda
Antero de Alda
Portraits & Transfigurations - Portugal

Difficulties of life in the isolated interior of traditional Portugal
Gion Adriu Calzerett
Gion Adriu Calzerett
From The Country Of Angry Winds - Mongolia

The half-nomad lifestyle of the Mongolian steppes

Featured Exhibit/March 4, 2009

Claudia Wiens Documents the
Abu Zaabal Leprosy Colony in Egypt

Luiz Santos photo of African refugee in Malta

Although leprosy is on the verge of extinction and currently a curable disease, there still remain some leprosy colonies. German photographer Claudia Wiens documents Abu Zaabal, Egypt's leprosy colony 40 km north of Cairo. Built in 1933, lepers were brought in by police and were not allowed to leave-- isolation was seen as the only treatment. Now, living conditions there are much better than in patients' poor rural villages. About 750 patients and another 3,000-4,000 cured lepers living in the adjoining Abdel Moneim Riad village don't want to leave. Here they don't have to fear stigma or harassment. This is not a story about suffering and misery, but rather about daily life in a forgotten place. View the Exhibit

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