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Featured Exhibit/December 21, 2008
Peter Crabtree Documents Bennington, Vermont in An Ordinary Place

Bennington photo by Peter Crabtree

From Peter Crabtree's Exhibit Abstract:
Peter CrabtreeI live in southwestern Vermont, not far from the New York line. It's a rural community, with the largest town, Bennington, numbering about 16,000 people.

The landscape is a constant and even if fewer and fewer of us tend farms, animals often figure in our lives, whether as companions or game.

We have more than our share of poor families. The schools do their best to teach kids who come to class hungry or have rotten teeth or special needs.

We must be god-haunted because there are so many churches. Bars, too. People garden and make music and occasionally drive too fast or worse, ending up in court or in jail.

It's an ordinary place. These photos are my attempt to describe what it feels like to be here.
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