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Paula Lerner

Paula Lerner

Steve Cagan

Steve Cagan
Working Ohio

Keith Price
Keith Price
Kathy Shor
Kathy Shor
63 Scholes Street
Brian Tropiano
Brian Tropiano
Skateland USA

Featured Exhibits/November 29, 2008
Spotlight on Tibet: Photographs by Frank Ward, Daniel Miller, and Richard Durnan

As the Tibetans and their spiritual and political leader, the 14th Dalai Lama, struggle with the Chinese government for an autonomous political existence, three photographers submitted exhibits this week documenting the breathtaking beauty, simplicity, and spirituality of the Tibetan people and their lands.

Tibet photo by Frank Ward

The Tibetans and The Tibet Chronicles
by Frank Ward
In Tibet, the vast spaciousness of mountains and sky have given rise to a sophisticated form of Buddhism known as Vajrayana. These pictures are representative of Buddhism on the Tibetan Plateau and daily life under the dictatorial incursion of the Chinese invaders. Ward celebrates the survival of the nonviolent Tibetan way of life and its majestic land.
View all of Ward's exhibits on SDN.

Ladakh photo by Richard Durnan

A Portrait of Ladakh in B&W
by Richard Durnan
Tucked on the northern side of the Himalayas, high on the Tibetan Plateau, Ladakh is politically part of India. Culturally it is strongly Tibetan. Durnan presents vignettes of daily life in Ladakh's strong traditions despite the impending influence of a modernizing India.
View Durnan's exhibit.

Ladakh photo by Daniel Miller

DROPKA: Nomads of the Tibetan Steppe
by Daniel Miller
With their tents rolled up in bundles and lashed to the backs of yaks as they move across grasslands, Tibetan nomads-known as dropka, offer a rare perspective on life. Nomads' lives are tied to the growth of grass, the births of animals and the movement of the herds. Today their life is threatened over political and economic changes and is a race to survive.
View Miller's exhibit.

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