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November 22, 2008
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Other exhibits featured this week
Chechen Refugees by Daro Sulakauri

Daro Sulakauri
Chechen Refugees, Georgia

Tibet by Frank Ward

Frank Ward

Brian Tropiano

Brian Tropiano
Missionaries in Peru

Stephen Cagan
Steve Cagan
Resistance in Colombia
Tony Savino
Tony Savino

Featured Exhibit/November 22, 2008
Stephen Petegorsky Documents Landmine Survivors in Nicaragua

Nicaraguan landmine survivors by Stephen Petegorsky

Since 1998, Stephen Petegorsky has worked as a volunteer with The Polus Center for Social and Economic Development, whose international programs assist people with disabilities in developing countries. On over a dozen trips to Central America and Africa, he photographed the development of the Walking Unidos prosthetics clinic and other projects.

Nicaragua's revolution and civil war left 30,000 people dead and more injured. That legacy continues, as unexploded ordnance and landmines still kill and injure civilians. Nicaragua is also a country of crushing poverty, which compounds the difficulties faced by people with disabilities.

Losing a limb often means losing the ability to earn a living, to get an education, or to acquire new job skills. Receiving a prosthetic limb or wheelchair is of life-changing significance to individuals, families, and communities. It can determine whether someone can rebuild their life and become self-reliant, or will instead remain dependent and indigent. [From Exhibit Abstract]

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