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November 22, 2008
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Free exhibits extended to December 15.
Other exhibits featured this week
Tibet by Frank Ward

Frank Ward

Brian Tropiano

Brian Tropiano
Missionaries in Peru

Stephen Cagan
Steve Cagan
Resistance in Colombia
Stephen Petegorsky
Stephen Petegorsky
Tony Savino
Tony Savino

Featured Exhibit/November 22, 2008
Daro Sulakauri, ICP Graduate and Native of Georgia, Documents Chechen Refugees in the Pankisi Gorge

Chechen Refugee by Daro Sulakauri

Since December 1994, when war broke out between the Russian-backed central government in Grozny and a determined group of Chechen resistance fighters, Pankisi has witnessed an influx of refugees from Chechnya. Though not recognized or officially monitored by international agencies, Pankisi has become a refuge from state-sponsored terror for thousands of people who, ironically, are accused by Moscow of waging terror at home. Chechens have a reputation for rugged individualism, even among the peoples of the Caucasus who - by any standards - are accustomed to rugged conditions and nurture a fierce sense of national pride and independence. By most estimates, approximately 5,000 Chechens escaped the deadly war in Chechnya by fleeing to Georgia's Pankisi Gorge. [From Exhibit Abstract]

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