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November 8, 2008
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Other exhibits featured this week
John Wall

John Wall
Of Divers Colors and Wonderful Plenty
A North Carolina farmers market

Michael Whitaker

Michael Whitaker
A Certain Amount of Light: Faces of Cuba

Andrea Mellen
Andrea Mellen
Special Siblings
A.M. Rousseau
A.M. Rousseau
Out of Place: Out of Mind
Welcome to the first issue of "Spotlight" where we feature new work exhibited on SocialDocumentary.net during the past week. We thank all the photographers who have been creating these compelling photo narratives on SocialDocumentary.

Featured Exhibit/November 8, 2008
Palestinian "Cave Dwellers" in Hebron by Eddie Gerald

Cave Dwellers by Eddie Gerald

Exhibit Abstract:
Palestinian "cave-dwellers" are a local community who traditionally inhabit caves in the Hebron hills. Their lives have been almost unaffected by modern times for the past 200 years. In the last three decades, this small and traditional community has sometimes found itself in a fierce and violent battle over the land. In the 70s, Israel declared the area a "closed military area." The residents have been expelled from their land four times.

Click here to see Eddie Gerald's exhibit on "Cave Dwellers" in Hebron on SocialDocumentary.net.

This is Eddie's second exhibit on SocialDocumentary. Click here to view his first exhibit on sex trafficking in Israel, Unvisible Women.

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