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August 2012 Newsletter
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Sunshine & Jimmy in the sun We Be Chillin'
As the dog days of summer bring their heat, we thought it would be cool to have some fun.  So we've put together a newsletter with photos, links and stories sure to bring a smile. 

But first.....  an important announcement!
Auction Ahoy!
The Auction is moving closer to the Barn. We're setting sail  to The Green Turtle in Gig Harbor from 2-5 p.m. on Saturday, September 22.  Tickets are $45 and include a scrumptious meal. Menu options are chicken gorgonzola with garlic mashed potatoes, salad and roasted veggies or Thai seafood (which can be made with tofu for our vegan friends).  Coffee, tea and dessert are included.  Other beverages will be available for purchase.

And, of course, there will be a fabulous array of incredible items to be auctioned off.

Purchase your tickets now by clicking on this PayPal link  Under "donation amount" type in the number of tickets you're wanting multiplied by $45.  Be sure to write "Auction Tickets" and your meal selection(s) in the "add special instructions to the seller" box on the "please review your donation" page.

If you do not have access to Pay Pal, send a check with your meal selection to Rabbit Haven at PO Box 2268, Gig Harbor, Washington 98335.


This is Rabbit Haven's biggest annual fund raising event.  All proceeds go to the care of the Rabbit Haven rabbits.  Reservations are due NO LATER than September 15.  So don't delay.  Make your reservations today for the Lagomorph Epicurean Event of the Year!  Barney    

The Babies have names!
Wow!  There was great bidding on the baby bunny naming auction We raised a total of $112 with 39 bids!  Thank you one and all.  And now, let us introduce to you......
Nutmeg, named by Melissa McGill

S'mores, named by Michelle Hersig

Baldrick, named by Barbara Cobean
vet & rabbit Get to know your vet
It has been brought to our attention that there's a new reason to bring your rabbits in for annual "well pet" exams.  Many vets are so busy, they don't have time to fit in "new pet" exams in less than a week or two.  But, they do have time to see animals who are regular patients.  So, get to know your vet BEFORE an emergency arises!
Summertime silliness
It's time to get chilly with some silly bits! 

Classic Silliness
How many of you learned first learned about opera Bugs Bunny?  Not only did he make fruit salad on Elmer Fudd's head in "The Bunny of Seville", he entered the world of Norse gods with the Wagnerian spoof "What's Opera Doc?"  A quick Google will turn up many videos of these classics.  Hojotoho!

Disapproval with a Smile
Sharon Stiteler noticed her beloved rabbits had the gift of looking at her sternly better than any other animals she had come across.  When she included some photos of them on her blog about birds, the result was warm approval from all of her readers.  And so, the Disapproving Rabbit website was born.  Click on it for your daily dose of disapproval.

That'll do, bun
We all know that our rabbits run our lives, but who'd have thought they could run sheep?  Seems that Champis, a rabbit who lives on a farm in Sweden, watched and learned how to do just that from the sheepdog.  The resulting video quickly went viral.  For a smile, do check out Champis the sheepherding rabbit

  Once Upon a Rabbit....
We all know rabbits are magical creatures who cast spells on our hearts.  This summer, the magic seems to be especially strong as rabbit names are taking on a fairy tale flavor.  Among the adorable adoptables at the Barn are....

Alice (from Wonderland) and Wendy (from Neverland)

Christopher Robin side
Christopher Robin (from the Hundred Acre Woods)

Nessie (from Loch Ness)

Pippa and Doc (must be a friend of Snow White)

Sad to say, their life stories haven't always been fairy tales.  But, who needs a Fairy Godmother with Rabbit Haven?  Check out our website for more information about our rabbits who are waiting for their own Prince or Princess Charming.  All they need now is a Forever Home for tales that truly end "Happily Ever After."
  Summertime Warnings
Our last issue contained important reminders about rabbits and heat, and the dangers of fly strike.  In case you missed it, check out the Rabbit Haven website for more information about overheating and flystrike.
We're looking for......
Contact Sue if you can help with any of the following:
-While we already have a wonderful array of items for the Auction, we can always use more.
-Volunteers! Can you help on a weekly basis?  More?  Less?  Let us know!
-Help us establish a bunny food bank. Your donations of food and grocery store gift certificates can help us help families who would desperately like to keep their pet bunnies, but who have fallen on difficult times financially. Can you help us keep beloved bunnies in their forever homes?

Don't Forget -  

Rabbit Haven Auction
2-5 p.m., Saturday, September 22
Green Turtle Restaurant
2905 Harborview Drive  Gig Harbor, WA
About Rabbit Haven
We are a non-profit shelter and sanctuary dedicated to the care of unwanted and mistreated rabbits
... until they all have homes.

Rabbit Haven
PO Box 2268
The Barn at Gig Harbor
The barn is locaed in Gig Harbor, Washington.

Gig Harbor, Washington 98335

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Paxton & Meringue
This newsletter was approved of by Paxton & Meringue (who look especially snowy and cool!).