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Dear Friends of Rabbit Haven,
Wise folk have said that "failing to plan is planning for failure".  That said, we focus on some ways to plan for future success with rabbits in this newsletter.

But, first, please take note of an important seasonal warning that has recently been brought to our attention. 
SEASONAL WARNING: Lily of The Valley is Deadly to Rabbits!
Even a small nibble of Lily of the Valley can kill your rabbit, and they will eat it if they find it. Do not let your rabbit play outdoors (which should always be supervised in an enclosed area regardless) without making extra sure there is not Lily of the Valley in the area.   How to identify Lily of the Valley.
vet & rabbit
Increasingly sophisticated diagnostic tools and procedures can detect and cure pet health problems that once would have gone unnoticed and untreated.  Costs of running a veterinary practice have risen.  The result is higher veterinary bills.  Which has increased the number of people turning to pet insurance.
Some say pet insurance is an absolute necessity.  Some say it's better to put money that would have been spent on premiums into a savings account.  Others prefer a credit card specifically made for pet medical needs.  Still others choose not to choose.  Here's some information to help you make an informed choice. 
The first pet insurance policy was written for a dog in Sweden back in 1924.  By 2009, about 1 million pets in North America, including rabbits, were protected with pet insurance.  So, how do you decide what insurance plan is right for you? 
First off, make sure the pet insurer is licensed to do business in your state.  For fellow residents of Washington state, the insurance commissioner has a website just for pet insurance:  It includes links to find licensed insurers and other important things to consider such as:
-Can I choose my vet? 
-Is there a waiting period? 
-Do you cover routine wellness exams? 
-Do you cover neutering or spaying? 
-Does the plan include prescription drug coverage? 
-Do you cover claims annually or by incident? 
-If the coverage is by incident, is there a time limit? 
-Is there a dollar limit for vet office fees? 
-If my pet has a pre-existing or hereditary condition, will this plan cover it? 
-Does this plan cover chronic or recurring conditions? 
-How long do you take to pay claims? 
-Do you give discounts for insuring multiple pets? 
-Does this plan cover advertising costs and rewards if my pet is lost or stolen? 
-Does this plan make payouts if my pet is being treated and dies? 
-How much experience does the provider have? 
-How much does the plan cost? 
Of course, one of the main considerations is: does the policy include rabbits?  Most are just for dogs and cats, though some include coverage for "exotic" animals, which is how many in the insurance industry consider rabbits!  VPI is one that includes rabbits, and is licensed in Washington State. 
Another idea for planning ahead is borrowed from human health care: a credit card created exclusively for veterinary services, such as Care Credit or Citi Health Card.  They offer zero or low fixed interest rates for periods of up to 18 months.  Be sure to find out if your veterinarian accepts a particular card. 
Some people opt to have a "regular" credit card or savings account reserved specifically for veterinary needs.  Of course, these options require discipline to avoid using them for other expenses.  
Illnesses and health emergencies will always arise, but the best insurance is to make sure your rabbit has a healthy diet and good daily care.  Watch for more on that in upcoming newsletters, or check out Rabbit Haven's website for keeping your beloved bunny happy and healthy. 
Here are some links that may be helpful.  Please note these are not endorsements, just places for you to start in your search. 
VPI Insurance
Care Credit    
Citi Health Card 
This is something most of us do not want to think about, but end of life planning can be a bunny's best bet for survival after an owner is deceased.  Things to consider are:
-be sure to have a will with very specific instructions of what will become of your assets and pets  
-know of available shelters or caretakers to whom you would want your rabbits to go and where you would not want them to go, include this in your will 
-make sure people know your wishes, as a will might not be read immediately 
-know your state's requirements for wills  
Here's a link for basic requirements in
Washington State:

bunnies in pink car
Most people don't like to think about the possibilities of earthquakes, fires or other catastrophes, but pre-planning can ensure your family's safety, as well as your rabbit's.  Just as every home should have a smoke alarm, every home should have a grab and go kit packed and ready for each family member, including pets.  We recommend keeping the emergency bag inside, or right next to, your rabbit's carrier so it can be found quickly in an emergency.  Make sure you have enough carriers for all your pets.
Things to include in your Grab & Go Bag:

-label attached to carrier with name, address and phone number of owner, veterinarian, and -people to contact to take care of pet
-if animal is chipped, the chip number
-non-spillable bowls
-3-5 days of food including: hay, food pellets, freeze-dried fruits and vegetables
-litter pan and pellets
-blanket, towel, or newspaper for warmth
First aid kit:
-simethicone (for bunny's tummy)
-Rescue Remedy (stress relief available at health stores)
-instant cold pack  

Dutchie w/open mouth
Clutter got you down?  Here's your chance to get rid of gently used household items like books, clothes, toys and dishes, and benefit Rabbit Haven at the same time.  Our annual Barn Sale is scheduled for Saturday and Sunday, May 19 and 20 from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. at the Gig Harbor Grange, on the corner of Wollochet Drive and Artondale Drive.  
If you have any items to donate, you can drop them off at the Barn prior to the sale, bring them to the sale on Friday (preferably) or early on Saturday, or contact RabbitHaven at  Please arrange to bring large items to the Sale.

We're also looking for volunteers to work the sale.  We need help on Friday, May 18 to unload, sort and price; on Saturday and Sunday to work the sale; and on Sunday afternoon to help clean up.  If you're available for any time 
at all, please contact

Of course, if you're not able to come to the sale, monetary donations are greatly appreciated through our PayPal or JustDonate links, or by mail.  Thank you! 
I just know there was an escape route here somewhere....



Check out for more information on Houdini and our other adorable adoptable rabbits.


We all know that bunnies are magic, but our escape artist, Houdini, has confirmed our beliefs.  After figuring out how to escape from one enclosure, he's been happily remaining in his new run for a couple of weeks.  But we all know he's working on the best trick of all: finding a forever home.
Remembering beloved friends who have crossed the Rainbow Bridge in 2012:
Chelsea, Hombre, Sam Spade, Francie, and Lady, Sue's beloved dog. 
We'd like to recognize the wonderful people who have donated this year.  Thank you, one and all! And please forgive us if we have inadvertently forgotten anyone.  Let us know, and we'll be sure to include you in the next newsletter!
Beverly Henderson, Penelope Wood, Nancy Graak, Diane Blum, Edith Lux, Ron and Claudia Cammers, Shelly Lawson, Mollyrose Sommer, Bradley and Francy Thayer, Donald Kumpula, Stephen and Janice Gale, Moonyeen McCorckSharon Shea, Mark and Margaret Austin, Sandy Lucas, Helen Perkins, Pam and Gary Cumbie, Kristin Tow, Robert, Joan and Melissa McGill, Sherry and John Douceur, Hank and Beth Pedersen, Elizabeth and Jordon Galvez, Karen and Patrick Haas, Michael Murray, Mary Cumbie, Lee Ann Kozak, Alan Gibbs, Donna Mc Carty, Pat Berger, Lura Irish, Paul and Faith Havick, Scott and Deborah Wegeleben, Marry Manning, Timothy Joseph, Rosamund Downing, Daniel Preble, Troy Jaeger, Victoria Yoder, Cathy McAvoy, Lisa Edmondson, Cindy and Bruce Dugan, Kathy West, Bob Anderlik, Ralph McCotter and Susan McCarthy, Scott Duncan and Linga Thornell, Kim Baard, Patti Polinsky, Mary Yeats, Larry and Susan Kasulka, Marilyn Evenson, Bill and Pat Higday, Janice Weyte, Carol Deherrera, Skip and Tammie Parkinson, Binnie Simmons, Jane Buchanan, Cynthia Arvidson, Terry Burton, Katharine Appleyard, Petco, Deidre Ranger, Kathleen Longnecker, Eileen Holt, Lynn Michel, Suzanne Michel, Christina Gotti, Scott and Patrice Crawford, Shari Shouse, Emily Stuparyk, Daniel Preble, Helen Gottschalk, Martin Fischer, Robbie Spry, Chris and Pauline Savage, Linda Bellis, Lynn Michel, Susanne Michel and Michael Salen, Eileen Holt, Kathleen Longnecker, Lori Soderberg, Bill Jesse, Brian Spindor, Sharon Shea, Rick and Cindy Summerfield, Vidette and Robert Buchman, Kumi Boutz, Mark and Lynn Varacallo, Nichole Prengel, Kim Conrad, Cheryl Thacker, Shani Parrott, Angie Green.
ATTENTION! ATTENTION!!!  We are looking for more volunteers!  If you are passionate about rabbits and want to lend a helping hand, we would love talk to you.  We're especially in need of people who can come each week, but there are "occasional" jobs that need doing as well.  Not only do you get that warm feeling that comes from volunteering, you also get the joy of time with rabbits and a great group of people.  Please contact for more information or to volunteer today.

Be sure to check out and "like" our new Facebook page for the latest news and photos - like this one of a new baby bunny at the Barn!

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For the past while, Rabbit Haven has been home to a handsome orange tabby cat named Cuervo.  Alas, we're just not able to give him the attention he deserves.  Please let Sue know if you or anyone you know has a home for him. 
Rabbits first enjoyed popularity as house pets in Italy during the Renaissance. Pet rabbits belonged to members of the upper classes, especially women, who pampered their rabbits and had funeral odes composed upon their deaths.  In 1530, Titian painted "Madonna of the Rabbit" which can be seen in the Louvre Museum in Paris to this day.
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