December 2010
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Your Bunny and the Holidays
Holly with holiday decor
 We all love our bunnies, and while they are a part of the family, the hustle & bustle of the season can be a stressful time for our furry companions. Here are some tips to help keep them safe and healthy.
  • Avoid the temptation to give your bunny human food which is not normally in their healthy rabbit diet.  Rabbits have a sweet-tooth but too much sugar is dangerous and other foods, like chocolate, can be toxic.  
  • Many holiday plants are extremely dangerous, some toxic to your rabbit, including but not limited to: pine needles, poinsettia, holly and mistletoe and its berries, amaryllis, Christmas rose, and lilies. Place all plants out of reach from even your most clever and acrobatic bunny.
  • While the holiday lights, tinsel and ornaments are eye-pleasing, they can be dangerous to your animal if not kept out of reach.  Protect electrical cords from being chewed, avoid using tinsel and pick up ribbon and foil wrapping paper that might be ingested and cause a life-threatening blockage.
  • People coming and going out of the house can be stressful for your rabbit and make for an easy escape route. To keep your bunny safe and happy, keep him/her/them in a quiet and secure enclosure or room. Provide them with comfortable bedding, fresh water and their favorite toys. And take a few minutes to give them a little attention when you deliver their meals.

    Hana with holiday decorWhile your animal is a part of the family and should be included in the happiness of the holiday season, please be aware and vigilant of the dangers your animal faces in light of the festivities.  As we are their guardians, they rely on us to keep them safe, so please make this holiday season just as enjoyable for your animal as we hope it will be for you and your family!

    Don't forget to open your heart to those homeless animals in need of care this holiday season.   Your tax-deductible, donated funds could mean a healthy meal, a warm bed and a loving home for many animals in need.   Thank you for your generosity.
Wish you and your loved ones a safe and happy holiday.

                                              -From all of us at Rabbit Haven

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