Rabbit Haven Newsletter             August 2010

3rd Annual Dinner & Silent Auction

We're Thrilled to Announce Rabbit Haven's
3rd Annual Dinner & Silent Auction
September 18th, 3-6pm!

This is our major fundraiser for the year, and it's a great time for everyone.

Your ticket includes a yummy vegetarian lasagna meal (vegan on request) at our favorite restaurant, the Rusty Pelican Cafe in the Wallingford neighborhood of Seattle, and the opportunity to bid on dozens of super-cool items.
We've collected some great things, including jewelry, custom gift baskets, event tickets, amazing cakes baked by Marilyn at the Rusty Pelican, gift certificates, bunny toys and supplies, artwork, and much, much more.

We're still collecting, so if you or a friend, or a business you can ask on our behalf have a donation, please email Nicole at: 100% of the proceeds directly benefit the bunnies in our care, and donations are tax deductible, so everybody wins!

Tickets are on sale now - $35 per person. Visit our web page to purchase tickets and to see a list of items that will be auctioned.
Hope to see you there!
Please Help Us Win Over $1,000!
Tamara & Marvin
Tamara and Herbert
One of our volunteers submitted an entry to the Best Pet Parent contest. Out of 2,000+ entries, Tamara and her bunny are in the top 50, and they are 'playing' for Rabbit Haven!

The top 50 compete for these great prizes:
    Grand Prize - $10,000
    Runner-Up - $5,000
    Honorable Mention (10 winners) -$1,000
This means that 12 out of 50 of the finalists can get at least $1,000--and we want that moola! 

SO, here's what we need you to do:

1. Create an account on (it's free, and you need an account to vote)

2. Click this link to vote for Tamara and the Rabbit Haven bunnies!

3. VOTE A LOT!! You can vote as many times as you like...just refresh your browser, and  vote every single day!

Voting has already started, and it continues through 11:59 PM ET on September 28, 2010.

The prizes are great...we can win a ton of money if you are willing to click, click, click...and get your friends involved too!

Plus, isn't that just one of the cutest pictures you've ever seen?

Walking Dandruff
Fur MitesSounds like the title of a vampire movie. But really it's Cheyletiella mites, also known as "fur mites".

On close observation of an infested rabbit, it may be possible to see movement of the dandruff on the skin.  Rabbit fur mites are found on animals throughout the United States. They generally do not cause significant disease.

The female adult mite lays eggs on the host animal. The eggs hatch into larvae, develop into nymphs, and then adults. The life cycle is about 3 weeks. The adult mite is transmitted by direct contact between animals. The female mites can live several days while off the host, so it is possible for animals to become infected through environmental contamination, e.g., bedding.

The mites cause skin irritation, usually along the back of the animal. Infested animals may have slight hair loss, scales (dandruff), itching and possibly some thickening of the skin.  Mites may be seen on the animal, especially if you use a magnifying glass

Revolution, Advantage, and Ivermectin may be used to treat fur mites in rabbits. Rabbits should NOT be treated with Frontline.

New Arrivals
Freddy outside  Freddy This young, wild and goofy guy was found at Fred Meyers in the plant area. Looks like someone shoved him through the gate - and he doesn't even like to shop.

Lea  Lea was rescued and immediately went into foster care with the hope that she will bond with her foster parent's little boy bunny. Not sure how the boy will feel about her but her new parents just adore this snuggling "love machine".

 Joy and her babies eating  Joy baby - all ears
  Joy and her 5 gems - Amber (F), Topaz (M), Ebony (F), Jasper (M) and Onyx (M). Check out the ears on these baby Flemish!


  Little Rita came from the Seattle Animal Shelter. She is terrified of people but has found a nice home in our warren.

Zig and Zag

  Zig & Zag - Little Netherland Dwarfs, cute but aloof.

Marie and Rosebud
 Rosebud and Maria - Rosebud is a Rouen and Maria is a black Cayuga. They'll be permanent residents, and company for Chuck.

Find more information about these bunnies on our website.

Tony and Brooke
 Tony and Brooke were adopted by their foster parents. They're looking pretty comfortable.

Courtney & Gryphon

  Griffy aka Gryphon and her mom Courtney, exploring her new 4-story condo.

Stardust at his new home

  Stardust found a lovely little girl named Basil and a wonderful home. Turns out, he also likes to chew on old blue jeans.


  Our beautiful and friendly Apple finally found her forever home with a family who just adores her.

Edmond & Truffles  Truffles & Edmund met a lovely lady who fell in love immediately and took them home. Edmund (now Riley) loves to be cuddled while Truffles (now Gabby) would rather explore her new home.

Though not a RH bunny, the sweet 5 year old Spot found a new home with one of our volunteers.

Delilah and Casper
  Delilah was adopted to be a friend for Casper (once a RH bunny).  This is their first day together, and he's getting spiffy for his date.

Ms Muffet  Ms. Muffet found a home and a boyfriend named Dexter (also a previous resident of RH).

We are thrilled these beloved bunnies found loving homes. Check out these and other adopted rabbits' Success Stories on our website.

If you adopted from us, we'd love to receive an update and a picture of the happy bunnies.

Save 15% while helping
the bunnies at
Rabbit Haven
Besides donating a $50 coupon to our September auction fundraiser, the wonderful people at Bunny Heaven have offered our bunny friends a 15% discount when purchasing from their site, AND they'll also donate 15% of the purchase price to Rabbit Haven!

For those multiple species households, they'll also give you and Rabbit Haven the same deal if you shop at their Kitty Cat Heaven site!

Wow, you save and the bunnies benefit. Just use coupon code:  RH15   when checking out.

Now would be a great time to start holiday shopping for those bunny and kitty lovers in your life.

Offer good September 1 - December 31, 2010.
This month...
Fundraiser in September
Help Us Win $1,000+
Spotting Fur Mites
Book & Media Sale to Help Bunnies
Bunnies in the Spotlight
Is Your Rabbit "Disapproving"?
Thank You
Lagomorph Insight

Look!  Books!

Jenny Johannsen is having a book & media sale on Saturday, August 28th in W. Seattle, with all proceeds going to the bunnies! 

The sale will be held at 7349 31st Ave SW from 10:00am to 5:00pm.

We're looking for donations and help to organize and staff the sale. If you have books, cds, dvds, movies, video games, or computer games to donate or can help with the sale, please call Jenny directly at 206-933-1132, or send her an email at:

Our thanks to Jen for organizing this event and helping the bunnies!

Bunnies In The Spotlight

2 of Rachel's boys


Crosby, Stills, Nash and... Douglas (because he looks a little like a Douglas squirrel).

These 4 brothers were born last October and are looking for their forever homes. So that they don't get depressed or lonely, we'd like to adopt them in pairs.

Read more and watch a video of these guys on our website.

If you're interested in meeting any of the bunnies at Rabbit Haven, please email Angie.

Is Your Rabbit "Disapproving"?

You may have seen, or even own
Sharon Stiteler's book,

"Disapproving Rabbits".

Disapproving Rabbit Molly

Now one of our rabbit friends made the list.  Julie and Andy's little Dutchie, Molly was selected  - "All disapproval, all the time."  Check out Molly and other disapproving rabbits, and see how you can submit a picture for consideration on the DR website.

Thank You
It takes a lot of support to keep Rabbit Haven going and we want to thank everyone who helps.
Here is the June & July Donor List:

  • Victoria Yoder
  • Zane Grant
  • Skip & Tammy Parkinson
  • Susan & Tom Regan
  • Jesse Herzog Walton
  • Altria Group
  • Jane Bonefant
  • Nancy Graak
  • Bonnie Simmons
  • Valerie Coleman
  • Dusty Cavaliere
  • John & Sherry Douceur
  • Courtney Secor
  • Julien Marsh
  • Emily Byers for Kathie Malone
  • Jeanie Chunn for Sophia Hurley
  • Mary Yeats in memory of Karma
  • Kristin Tow in memory of Tucker
  • Mary Menard & Stephen Ahnert in memory of Rudy
  • A&M Tree Service in Redmond for delivering wood chips for the Carnation bunny runs.
BIG THANK YOU to ALL, including our dedicated volunteers!
Our sincerest apologies if
we've missed anyone.
Did You Know?
Never punish a rabbit, they will become scared and frightened of you and possibly even depressed and withdrawn. Rewarding your rabbit with strokes, praise and sometimes treats will benefit your relationship, growing it into a strong trust between you.

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