Rabbit Haven Newsletter                  June 2010
Barn Sale Brings in $2,000 for the Bunnies!

Thanks to everyone who helped make the Rabbit Haven Barn Sale a success. With all of the items we gathered we brought in $2,028, 100% of which will go toward the support of the rabbits in our care.

Thank you - Angie Green, Shani Parrott, Jen Johannson, Kaylee McKavoy, Cathy McKavoy, Mike Christensen, Justin Christensen, Brian Brennan, Kim Conrad, Tavis, Brian, Jamie, Michael, Steve, Kathy Kamp, Diedre Ranger, Bonnie Organ, Kristin Tow, Nancy Christ, Hank Peterson, Karen, Linda Bellis, Molly Rose, Rachel, Jane Sobotka, Laurie and Jon Rodriguez, Helen and Bill Wagner, Taylor Trowbridge and Levi, Tom Quick, Elizabeth Redpath -- and of course all our shoppers!

  Sue and the bunnies

Please Support HR5092 to Ban Crush Videos
Red stiletto with rabbit nearby

A crush video is just what its name implies, an animal snuff movie, and its purpose is to use animal cruelty to satisfy a sexual fetish.

On Tuesday, April 20, 2010, the Supreme Court, in an 8-1 vote, struck down the law that has for the past ten years virtually eliminated the sale of these crush videos because they concluded that the language was so broad it restricted free speech guaranteed in the first amendment in a case involving a dog fighting video.

Just one day after the Supreme Court ruling, California Representative Elton Gallegly and Virginia Representative Jim Moran and 54 other cosponsors introduced HR Bill 5092 to once and for all ban crush videos.

Sign the Letter of Support to Representative Gallegly to Ban Crush Videos and help prevent horrific acts of animal cruelty.
Caring For Your Senior Rabbit

 Danny seniorAs your rabbit gets older, you might begin to notice changes in his behavior and body condition due to aging. Older rabbits are more prone to illnesses than when they were young. Most rabbits are considered to be "seniors" when they are 5 or more years of age, and these rabbits often have special needs and health care requirements.

Your vet can help manage all of these conditions for your senior bunny and provide appropriate medical treatment to improve the quality of bunny's life. Seniors should have checkups once every six months to catch an illness or disease early, including blood tests and urinalysis. Areas of concern include:
  • Nutrition
  • Exercise and mobility
  • Behavior changes
  • Skin and coat
  • Fecal soiling and urine scalding
  • Digestive system
  • Dental problems
  • Nervous system, eyes and ears
  • Heart and respiratory
  • Kidneys and urinary system
  • Uterine cancer in unspayed females
Starting a program of extended veterinary care, along with special home care, diet, and appropriate exercise can maintain his quality of life extremely well as he ages.

Familiarize yourself with issues your bunny may face as he ages, and have your rabbit checked by your vet if you notice any signs of health problems.

Read the full article from Drs. Foster & Smith Educational Staff.

The Tacoma Art Museum's newest model has
two long ears and a fluffy tail.

Rudy, a 3.5-pound brown-black Rex rabbit, wriggled on a white towel Sunday afternoon as dozens of young aspiring artists sketched him with pastels. The "still-life" bunny drawing was part of the Walk on the Wild Side community festival, promoting the museum's exhibit The Secret Language of Animals, which runs through June 27.

Rudy models

Read more:

Sadly, sweet little Rudy passed away. He will be forever loved and remembered by his parents, Mary and Steve, and his volunteer friends at the Carnation annex.

New Arrivals
Freddy outsideFreddy  -  young, wild and goofy guy found at Fred Meyers in the plant area. Looks like someone shoved him through the gate - and he doesn't even like to shop.

KarmaKarma - a young (6 months or less) female Sue rescued from a pet store where she was in a small tub cage, no water, food or hay and had not been out since November. Her front teeth were broken off and our vet suspects she was either dropped on or kicked in her face. The good news, this sweet little girl's teeth are growing back.

Find more information about these bunnies on our website.

Looking for a Home

When we are full, we post information and photos on our website for people who have bunnies that need new homes. We've included the information we have on the bunny, pictures, and contact information on our website. (Just click on the bunny's name).

Carmello is a retired stud bunny. A 4-year old Creme D'Argeant, he was saved from slaughter. He has a sweet personality and loves to be rubbed on the cheeks, ears and rump.

Spot is a sweet 5-6 year old male indoor rabbit who was rescued before he was turned lose into the wild, where house bunnies do not fare well.

We're thankful that these guys were saved, and now they each need a safe, forever home. Can you help?



Lotus finds a friend with Jumping Jack

Montana and Blackberry 

 Montana and his girl Blackberry

Pele and Pompei

Pele and Pompeii have new digs.


Alex, renamed Moose, loves to snuggle and take naps with his new mom.

Bandit and Willow with family

Willow and Bandit with Lynn and her daughter Ginger


Griz found his own little Cinderella.


Autumn and her kids Spring and Summer found a family with a mom who spins their beautiful Angora locks.


Dillon found a home and a girlfriend, Tsuki.

We are thrilled these beloved bunnies found loving homes. Check out these and other adopted rabbits' Success Stories on our website.

If you adopted from us, we'd love to receive and update and/or a picture of the happy bunnies.

In Memory

Diane was a beautiful and sweet little girl who was with us for too short of a time. It is our hope that we helped her feel safe and loved while she was with us.

About Us

We are a non-profit shelter and sanctuary dedicated to the care of unwanted and mistreated rabbits ... until they all have homes.
The barn is in Gig Harbor with an annex in Carnation, WA.
Rabbit HavenThe barn front - Gig Harbor, WA
PO Box 2268
Gig Harbor, Washington 98335
Rabbit Haven is a 501 (c)(3) charitable organization and your donations are fully deductible to the extent of the law. Please contact your tax advisor if you have any questions.


Be Safe

Have a safe Memorial Day weekend and if there will be fireworks in your area, please be sure your pets are secured indoors and away from the noise and excitement.
This month...
Barn Sale Success
Caring for your Senior Rabbit
Rudy Models for Artists
Looking for a Home
Bunnies in the Spotlight
Bunny updates
Thank You

Vote in The All-Star Animal Rescue Site Shelter Challenge.

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Vote every day through August 22nd and help us win one of 77 grants (up to $10,000) for the bunnies.

Be sure to choose:
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Thank you for taking action on behalf of the bunnies!

Bunnies In The Spotlight


3 year old female, Netherland-Dutch mix. She loves to be petted and is getting use to being picked up. She especially likes to chew on her cardboard box when she's not sitting or prairie dogging on top. This cutie has excellent litter box habits



This little Dutchie-mix guy is not shy! I opened his pen for a picture and he came right up to me. I had a hard time getting enough distance for this picture. Do you have a girl bunny who might be looking for a guy bunny in her life?

Read more and see pictures of these, and other wonderful bunnies available for adoption on our website.
If you're interested in meeting any of the bunnies at Rabbit Haven, please email Angie: 

Bunny Updates

The day the newsletter went out, we received two donations for these rabbits. Our friends are the best!

Brooke post surgery
Brooke had dental surgery and she came through like a champ! Forget a mushed up diet, this girl wants real food! Here's Brooke, before and after. Notice that she's gaining weight now that she's able to eat again. Read more and see the pictures from her foster mom on our website.


Tweet is fully recovered from her surgery. She really wants a bunny friend to cuddle but she'll need to improve her litter box habits if she wants a room mate.

Herman, Boo and Jimmy

Jimmy is doing great and likes hanging out with Herman and Boo. He was sick a few weeks ago, but his girl and their buddy cuddled and groomed him while he wasn't feeling well. We're sure that helped his recovery. Read more and see pictures of these 3 bunnies.

Thank You
It takes a lot of support to keep Rabbit Haven going and we want to thank everyone who helps.
Here is the April/May
Donor List:

Victoria Yoder
Zane Grant
Linda Bellis
Melinda Tillotson
Kaylee McAvoy
Skip & Tammy Parkinson
Kathy West
Shari Shouse
Susan Carrier
Nakisha VanderHoeven
Kristen Sogge
Lynn Michel
Emily Byers
Don and Un Sun Weitz
Diane Fetzner
Bonnie Organ
Mark Varallo
Michelle Reges
Justine Olawsky
Tammy McGinty
Inga Duncan Thornell
Nader Aboulhoson
Vicky McFarland
Thomas Bassett
Derry Kelly
Heidi Hoepfrier
Patti Polinsky
Tamara Adlin


Linda Curtiss (in memory of   Poochie).
BIG THANK YOU to ALL, including our dedicated volunteers!
Our sincerest apologies if
we've missed anyone.
Did You Know?

Roo with her ears up

Roo is demonstrating that rabbits can rotate their
ears nearly 270 to detect
the source of a sound.

Resident count : 147
plus 14 in Foster care
Not all residents are available for adoption. Some are feral, others sick, elderly or too young to leave their mother.

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Pushkin and Gibson

                                Pushkin & Gibson

These lucky bunnies wandered into Kim's
yard and found their forever home.

Named after 2 famous parrots in the movie
 because Kim was watching that movie
when they showed up in her yard.

 The End

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