Rabbit Haven Newsletter October 2009
Bunny strip 2
Iceman with fangsHappy Halloween!
This is Iceman. Sure he looks cute but get close and he'll go for blood! His nickname is "Vlad".
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  Hooray! It's Here!

We're thrilled to announce that we have a brand new web site! All of the great content from our old site is here, along with lots of updates, more info, advice, and, of course, our wonderful bunnies!
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Here are a few of the new features we think you'll love:
  • Our All About Bunnies section, which features everything from the basics every first-time-bunny-slave should know, to detailed information about lots of health and behavior topics. Check it out! It even has some great videos, a list of bunny-safe veggies, and lots lots more.
  • More info on every available bunny. Many bunny profiles even feature video!
  • A fun bunny stuff area, with all the cute bunnies, silly videos, and various other stuff everyone needs to look at when they are in need of cheering up.
  • Coming soon: A new "bunnies in the spotlight" feature, more health and behavior pages, updates on our barn sale (coming this spring!), a "donations in action" area where you'll be able to see how your help directly affects the bunnies...and lots more.
  • Tell us what you think! Visit our guestbook to give us feedback, request answers to your pressing bunny-related questions, or suggest new features and content for our site.

Thanks to Tamara Adlin, founder of FellSwoop, for spending tons of her off-work time helping to make our site easier and more fun to use!

Check it out now! 

Boarding For The Holidays  
Paxton and his bearIf you're going out of town for the holidays your bunnies can bunk with us, at our "guest" accomodations in Gig Harbor or Carnation. 
Here's one of our boarders, relaxing on a new friend he met during his stay at Rabbit Haven. All our boarding bunnies get personal attention and, if they need one, a teddy bear. (And yes, we're letting him keep it)."
While you're away, trust that your bunnies are being well cared for. Your bun(s) will receive loving, hands-on care in a rabbit-friendly environment. They will munch on fresh timothy hay, salad and pellets daily. Safe, outdoor playtime is available, weather permitting.
If your bunny is older or ill, we are better prepared than most housesitters to care for them in your absence and are very comfortable administering fluids or medications.
It's just $10 per day for one healthy rabbit,  $15 per day for two. Sick rabbits are a little more, due to the extra attention they receive.
We at Rabbit Haven are happy to care for your rabbits. Their needs are our top priority while their "folks" are away. 
To inquire or arrange boarding services, contact Angie: Cell: (206) 351-2637, 

Give By Shopping
With the holidays around the corner, now is the time to sign up with iGive.
With, every time you shop online at any of their 700+ participating stores, up to 26% of EACH purchase through iGive benefits Rabbit Haven and it's at NO additional expense to you.
Check it out!  It's free, safe and easy to join. The proceeds are anonymous. We never know where you shop, how much you spend, or what you buy.
Please sign up today before you start your holiday shopping and be sure to select Rabbit Haven, Gig Harbor, WA as your charity.

New Arrivals

These are our latest arrivals. You can find out more about them on our website.  
Bandit  Bandit - This cutie was surrendered when his family had to leave the country. He's 8 years old but still very active and curious (see another picture of Bandit in this newsletter's header). Do you have a mature girl bunny looking for a new BFF?
  Lydia - Is a Teresa baby, returned after 5 years when her family didn't have time for her anymore. She's a little shy but a real sweetheart when she warms up.
Samson  Samson - This guy is a real trooper!  He came to us in a lot of pain from abscessed teeth and in poor health from being fed catfood. It took a couple surgeries and a healthy diet to fix him up but he's doing great now. Since he'll have ongoing teeth issues he'll stay here with us, but we love having him around.
Get Peace of Mind with  
Nose-to-Tail Protection

The Nation's Oldest and Largest Pet Insurance Provider and one that covers exotics, including rabbits.
Get more information, including their benefit schedule, by visiting their website
Just like any other pet, exotic pets are vulnerable to illnesses and health risks. The VPI Avian & Exotic Pet Plan covers major medical treatments and surgeries for accidents and illnesses, minor treatments, as well as lab fees, prescriptions, X-rays and hospitalization. With a VPI policy, you'll be able to afford quality care for your exotic pet to ensure a lifetime of good health.
The VPI Avian & Exotic Pet
Plan policy:
Pays up to 90% of the benefit schedule allowance or up to 90% of the veterinary bill, whichever is lower (after deductible).
Allows a maximum payment of $2,000 per incident or illness and a maximum payment of $7,000 for each policy term.
Other companies may insure exotics, but we've had a good experience at a very affordable rate with VPI.

In This Issue
Stay with us!
Give by shopping
New arrivals
Health Insurance for your Pet
We have GREAT hay for Sale
Hay for Sale!
Hay Bunny
Here at Rabbit Haven, we buy tons of hay (literally!) and we're making our Specialty Hay available to you and your pets.
Rabbit Haven Specialty Hay is a scrumptious blend of Timothy Hay, Orchard & Canary Grasses. Your pet will love this fresh hay and you'll never go back to the pre-packed stuff at the pet stores. It's only $10 for a flake (about a kitchen garbage bag) of delicious hay.

You can buy your hay at either our Gig Harbor or Carnation facilities, or if you're near Green Lake in Seattle, email or call our local volunteer to pick up your hay at her house. 

call: 206.779.1776
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We are a non-profit shelter and sanctuary dedicated to the care of unwanted and mistreated rabbits ... until they all have homes.
The barn is in Gig Harbor with an annex in Carnation, WA.
PO Box 2268
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Rabbit Haven
Lucky from behind
Lucky's picture was selected for the Daily Bunny website.
Okay, you can't see his face but he does have a pretty cute tush.   
Lucky is in foster care and available for adoption. Find out more about Lucky on our website.
                                                                            The end
Portrait of AlexPortraits of Your Bunnies Help Our Bunnies!
Ever consider having a portrait painted of your "extended family" members? If you've visited the barn in Gig Harbor, you've seen the rabbit paintings on the walls created by Deidre Ranger.
For $50 she will create an 8-1/2 by 11 or 9 by 12 portrait from your pictures in pastel (or charcoal if you prefer) ready for framing, and donate 50% of the proceeds to Rabbit Haven.
You can see more of her work and find her contact information on our website.