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Rabbit Haven Newsletter September 2009
Only 8 days away!
Buy Your Tickets Now!
To the 2009 Dinner & Silent Auction
Saturday, September 19th, 3:00pm
Rusty Pelican Cafe
Our dinner & auction at the The Rusty Pelican Cafe in Seattle is only 10 days away.   Tickets are $35 each and may be purchased through the Paypal or JustGive links on our website, or by contacting Angie at angie@rabbithaven.org.
We have more than 150 items including a whale watching outing with San Juan Safaris, a bowling party at Lucky Strike Lanes, Build-A-Bear Cub Cash, tickets to the Museum of Flight, Ride the Ducks of Seattle, a Woodlank Park Zoo Family Fun Pack, an Ivar's Gift Card, original art from local artists, several bunny toy baskets, jewelry, holiday ornaments, a Trek Mountain Track bike, 4 Charter seats to a 2010 Mariner's game, 7-cookie display from Cookies by Design, a Drs Foster and Smith gift certificate, an Oxbow gift pack, a Stauer wristwatch, collectable Franklin Mint plates, bunny items for humans, and MUCH, MUCH MORE!.
We are looking forward to seeing everyone again and hopefully some new faces. It's a great time to relax and talk to other bunny loving people. 
This is our largest fund-raising event and we hope you will attend.  
Unfortunately we are unable to accept credit cards so please bring your checkbook!
Download the event flyer. 

Don't accidently poison your bunny when treating for fleas. 
Not all flea products are safe for rabbits.
This has been an unusually bad flea season.  We have seen several rabbits and heard from people calling for advice, that they are trying to treat their rabbits with the wrong products and giving baths which are potently very dangerous.  If your bunny is showing signs of fleas or fur mites please read the following information.  If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us right away. 

 Safe treatments to prevent and kill fleas on rabbits include Advantage (imidocloprid), Program (lufenuron) and Revolution (selamectin). The latter is preferred, as it is also effective against various types of mites that cause symptoms of mange, ear canker, and "dandruff" (which is often caused by fur mites in the genus Cheyletiella). These products are available from your rabbit-savvy veterinarian, who can explain dosage and treatment regimens to you at the time of prescription.(We use .4ml per rabbit of Advantage.)

The following products should NOT be used on rabbits:
  Frontline (fipronil) has been linked to neurological damage and death in rabbits, although this product is apparently safe for dogs and cats. The manufacturer (Merial) has placed a warning on the Frontline label stating that Frontline should never be used on rabbits.
  Flea powders, shampoos, dips and baths, even those considered safe for cats and kittens or advertised as "rabbit safe", are not recommended for use on rabbits.
  Bathing of rabbits, in general, is strongly discouraged because the stress of the bath itself can cause serious health problems, and has in some cases been linked to the death of the rabbit.
  Environmental flea control, sprays and "bombs" are not recommended, as they may leave harmful residue that the rabbit can ingest. Safer alternatives include borax and diatomaceous earth, worked into the carpet where fleas leave their eggs.

A flea comb is a non-toxic device that takes more patience, but is both physically and psychologically rewarding. Most rabbits learn to love the attention of being flea combed, and it can be used as a supplement to your main flea-control program.

Our latest arrivals. Check the Adoptions page of our website for more information on these special bunnies.
 Roo - She's a satin so hasthe softest fur and she loves to be petted by everyone who walks by. 
 Diesel - His foster mom says he loves to snuggle and licks your nose anytime you're near. 
These lucky bunnies found a new family in their forever homes.
Tommy - went from living under a tomato stand to living with a family who will love him and give him attention every day.
Sadie & Dijon
Dijon fell in love with the lovely Sadie and went to live with her in his forever home.
Duncan & Flower
Duncan found his beautiful Flower and she took him home to her loving family.
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Flea Treatment Safety
Our Newest Arrivals
VPI - Vet Pet Insurance
Get Your Face on M&Ms
Get Peace of Mind with Nose-to-Tail Protection  
The Nation's Oldest and Largest Pet Insurance Provider and one that covers exotics, including rabbits.
Get more information, including their benefit schedule, by visiting their website
Just like any other pet, exotic pets are vulnerable to illnesses and health risks. The VPI Avian & Exotic Pet Plan covers major medical treatments and surgeries for accidents and illnesses, minor treatments, as well as lab fees, prescriptions, X-rays and hospitalization. With a VPI policy, you'll be able to afford quality care for your exotic pet to ensure a lifetime of good health.
The VPI Avian & Exotic Pet
Plan policy:
Pays up to 90% of the benefit schedule allowance or up to 90% of the veterinary bill, whichever is lower (after deductible).
Allows a maximum payment of $2,000 per incident or illness and a maximum payment of $7,000 for each policy term.

Other companies may insure exotics, but we've had a good experience at a very affordable rate with VPI.

Get your face on M&Ms and help the bunnies!
iGive is adding new stores all the time and My M&Ms recently joined their growing list of retailers who donate a percentage of sales to the charity of your choice. (Hint: Rabbit Haven, Gig Harbor, WA)
Satisfy your sweet tooth and help the bunnies at the same time.  This would make a great gift for your favorite chocolate lover this holiday season. 
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