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Rabbit Haven Newsletter August 2009
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Buy Your Tickets Now!
To the 2009 Dinner & Silent Auction
Saturday, September 19th, 3:00pm
Rusty Pelican Cafe
Our dinner & auction at the The Rusty Pelican Cafe in Seattle is only 5 weeks away.  This is a good time to buy your tickets to attend.
Tickets are $35 each and may be purchased through the Paypal or JustGive links on our website, or by contacting Angie at angie@rabbithaven.org.
We have a whale watching outing, a bowling party at Lucky Strike Lanes, Build-A-Bear Cub Cash, tickets to the Museum of Flight, Ride the Ducks of Seattle, a Woodlank Park Zoo Family Fun Pack, an Ivar's Gift Card, original art from local artists and much more.
Please let us know if you can help by donating an item for auction.
We are looking forward to seeing everyone again and hopefully some new faces. It's a great time to relax and talk to other bunny loving people. 
This is our largest fund-raising event and we hope you will attend.  
Download the event flyer. 

The first time I met you...  Buster and Sheila
Buster (previously named Ralph) and I met at Rabbit Haven three years ago.  He's my best fur-friend and will be moving with me to Veterinary school this fall.  Here is our story!

The first time I met you it was a cold, rainy day in early February. I was just starting to volunteer at Rabbit Haven and I had no idea what to expect.  Angie was kind enough to show me around, naming each rabbit and telling their story.

Finally we came to your cage.  You were in the Super Pet brand carrier, sitting square in the center as king of your territory.  From the first moment I saw you it was all over: I looked at you, you glared angry at me.  Love at first sight.

Angie explained that you were a Biter Bunny, famous for sinking your teeth into people.  Angie gently reached in to say hello, she's so kind to even the grumpiest bun, and you quickly bit her hand -hard enough to bleed.  She called you a stinkpot and for reasons I can't explain I liked you anyways.

Angie told your story: You had been given up to the Humane Society.  Your people had purchased you as a baby and as you grew they no longer wanted you.  At the Humane Society you were used as a People-Pet-Partnership animal since you still had your baby cuteness.  Brought into a new environment time after time, you were passed from person to person, used to teach new people animal handling.  You were placed in too many hands that were not able to hold rabbits.

Your body was prodded, mishandled, and you were passed from stranger to stranger.  In your defense you started biting.  You may not have known, but you were going to be euthanized.  Luckily you landed at Rabbit Haven instead, now biting perfectly friendly volunteers.  They had to corner you with a dustpan just to change your food and water.

That day I told Sue I wanted you.  She looked at me like I was a little crazy.  "Ralph?  You know which one Ralph is, right?  Heck, I'll box him up for you right now!"  Two weeks later, after you were neutered, you came home with me.

For first week I slept on the floor beside your pen.  I brought the
best veggies, the freshest hay, and a kingdom of cardboard boxes and phone books.  You showed your appreciation by growling at my every move.  Never had you been outside of a cage before.  The first time I let you loose at home, you ran circles like the Indy-500.  You could barely believe that you had room to run!

I would try hold you, you would protest and try to bite the holy ghost out of me.  I tried to change your food and water, you would lunge and growl.  I tried to feed you by hand.  You tried to take off my hand.  I walked into your space, you launched yourself growling at my ankles.  I collected my fair share of your attitude and a handful of bites.  Some days I wondered if I was stuck with an animal that would always hate me.  I knew I had to be patient; you had never been able to trust a human before.

I admired your feisty personality. You weighed less than 5 pounds but had 500 pounds of attitude.  Fierce and angry, never scared or cowering in the corner, I thought you'd be a warrior if you were to become human.  When the world had given you crap, you stood up for yourself.  Instead of hunkering down and getting frightened, you would go out fighting.  You named yourself Buster, partly for your love of busting stuff.

Progress was slow, but fortunately I had help.  Sue and Angie gave me handling tricks and tips.  Shawndra, my teacher and animal communicator, helped me understand you.  I practiced Reiki healing.  Marnie taught us T-touch and we finally had a breakthrough!  More than six months after I had gotten you, I was finally able to hold you in my arms.  As I felt your little heartbeat next to mine, I knew the months of waiting and wondering were all worth it.

After our breakthrough things got easier.  I could hold and you would actually snuggle into me!  I could flip you over, you would let me play with your feet.  I could come into your space and though you still growled for fun, you happy-danced instead of biting me.

All through this I was studying to get into veterinary school.  I took my books and notes to lab with torn edges and missing corners.  My
classmates just looked at me funny when I explained my rabbit ate my notes.  When I had my vet school applications out you even nibbled off part of my personal essay.  I guess that just made it even more personal.

Now we're moving to WSU for veterinary school and you're going to be my roommate.  I wish you'd pay your share of the rent, but I love you and could not think of a better fur-friend to share my life with.
 - Sheila
Our latest arrivals. Check the Adoptions page of our website for more information on these special furballs.
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A Love Story
Our Newest Arrivals
Rabbitual Art Exhibit
Rabbit Security System
Back to School
Autumn Run
Opening Reception: Thursday, August 20th, 5-9pm at the Two Vaults Gallery in Tacoma.
Venture down the rabbit hole and enter an alternate world where rabbits rule. This show features the rabbit themed work of more than 40 artists, including Joseph Larkin, who has donated an orignal piece to our September auction.
The show runs through September 12th, 2009.
Above is "Autumn Run" by Jospeh Larkin. The handmade paper includes timothy hay!
Go Ahead...Make My Day
Make My Day
Someone broke into our house while we slept last night. They crept into the living room and attempted to steal my computer.
It must have been at this point that Wilbur and Cappucino forced their way through the newest reinforcements on their hutch door in order to frighten off the intruder. 
They were still faithfully patrolling this area (and terrorizing the cat) when I got up at 6 a.m.  I was impressed at how well they had frightened off the would-be robber - I gave them extra treats for this. 

As you can see, house rabbits are excellent home security devices and as such, will greatly increase the value of your property. 
Read the whole story in the Dayton Small Pets Examiner.
Don't Forget Thumper!
Now that the kids are back to school, or soon will be, don't let them forget about the pets they leave at home. If your children care for or help care for the family's pets, make sure they learn how to work pet care into their schedules.

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