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Rabbit Haven Newsletter December 2008
adoptable bunnies

Some of our adoptable bunnies:   

Bugsy           Bandit & Willow             Colby-Jack


  Ernie & Bertie              Apple & Casper  
Saying Goodbye to 2008

 With a New Year just around the corner, I'd like to thank our donors for their support this year.  Your generousity allowed us to take in many rabbits and provide medical care for those bunnies who came to us in need.
Thank you to the volunteers who clean pens, change litter boxes, wash dishes, clip nails, brush out hair mats, chop veggies, make salad, do laundry and all the day to day activities that keep the barn running and the bunnies healthy.
The bunnies and I thank you and wish all of you a very happy 2009.
If you want to receive our snail mail Christmas card and you're not sure if you're on our list, please send your US Postal mail address to: angie@rabbithaven.org.
Susann Brennan, Founder
Donate & Deduct
It's not too late to donate to Rabbit Haven and take the deduction on your 2008 tax return.
1040 imageIt's already December so the deadline for donating to a non-profit this tax
year is fast approaching.
Here's your chance to make room for all the new treasures you'll receive this holiday season and take a tax deduction. Box up your old items and take them to Rabbit Haven and we'll store them for our 2009 barn sale.
You can also check out our wish lists at:
Whether it's money or goods, you'll be helping the bunnies, and with approximately 150 rabbits in residence at any given time, we always need the help. 
As a 501 (c) (3) your donation is fully deductable to the extent of the law, but check with your accountant if you have any questions.

Be Safe This Season

The time of temptation for all of us!
For many of us, 'tis the season to decorate our homes with live Christmas trees and holiday greenery, not to mention all the tasty treats that are around. But did you know that some of these yuletide traditions can be hazardous to your pet's health?

* Bag the boughs of holly and live mistletoe. Sure, they add a nice touch to your holiday décor, but holly, mistletoe, poinsettias, lilies, laurel,  and Christmas Rose are all on the POISON list for Rabbits (and other animals). Opt for just-as-jolly artificial plants made from silk or plastic and keep them out of your pet's reach if they're "chewers".
* Christmas tree water may contain fertilizers that can cause stomach upset. Stagnant tree water is a breeding ground for bacteria-and your pet could end up with nausea or diarrhea should he imbibe.
* Shiny icicle decorations can cause a deadly blockage if ingested, and broken glass ornaments can require immediate surgery if eaten.
* There are a lot of cookies and candy around this time of year. Please avoid giving your rabbits even a bite of these sweets. Food too high in sugar can lead to digestive upset and gastrointestinal stasis, and it can contribute to excess weight. And foods too rich in carbohydrates may contribute to a fatal case of enterotoxemia, a toxic overgrowth of "bad" bacteria in the intestinal tract. In addition, keep in mind that chocolate is poisonous and should never be fed to your rabbit. Remember, rabbits have a sweet tooth and it's up to their human parents to give them healthy choices.
* Remember, rabbits have a delicate digestion system and are incapable of vomiting.  Please keep your pets safe and you'll all have a happier holiday.

If you suspect that your animal companion has eaten a potentially toxic substance, call your veterinarian or the ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center's emergency hotline at (888) 426-4435 for round-the-clock telephone assistance. For more poison prevention tips, please visit ASPCA online. 
With extended family visiting and celebrating with friends, your pet can become stressed from all the noise and rush. Please keep your pet(s) in a safe and quiet room if they are not use to the noise and activity.
Bring your rabbits inside!
Though rabbits can take the cold better than they can the heat; cold, wet and windy weather make it dangerous for an outside bunny, who can get frost bite on his/her ears and even die from exposure.
If you don't have a heated, weather-proof shelter for your furry friends, please bring them into a safe part of your house for the winter. It's the perfect time to reconnect with your rabbit(s) and remember how much fun they can be as members of your family. Isn't that why you adopted them in the first place?
Find cold weather tips for your cats and dogs   http://www.aspca.org/site/PageServer?pagename=pets_coldweathertips
Find Emergency Pet Preparedness information and get a free Rescue Alert sticker from the ASPCA

"It's not worth it, Roy! Let's just give him our noses & let him go!"
About Rabbit Haven 
We are a non-profit shelter and sanctuary dedicated to the care of unwanted and mistreated rabbits ... until they all have homes.
The barn is in Gig Harbor with an annex in Carnation, WA.
PO Box 2268
Gig Harbor, Washington 98335
Rabbit Haven
In This Issue
Need A Tax Deduction?
Keep Your Pets Safe
Board Your Bunnies With Us
Your bunnies will be very relaxed staying with us.
Casper sleeping
If you're planning to go out of town this holiday season, consider boarding your bunnies with us!
While you're away, we'll take care of your precious bunnies like one of the family .
One rabbit $10/day
Two rabbits $15/day
Sick rabbits are $20/day plus medicine.
Please call or email Angie to arrange : 206-351-2637 or angie@rabbithaven.org.

(BTW, that's Casper snoozing after breakfast. Notice the carrot stain on his chest.)
Spa Day To Be Rescheduled 
We've heard that many people are interested in Spa Day but they just can't fit it in before the holiday so we've decided to reschedule for sometime next spring.  We'll keep you posted. 
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