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Rabbit Haven Newsletter November 2008
National Animal Shelter Appreciation Week  
November 2-8, 2008 

Shelters RockIn 1996, the Humane Society  of the United States launched National Animal Shelter Appreciation Week.
This campaign was designed to acknowledge and promote the invaluable role shelters play in their communities and to increase public awareness of animal welfare issues and shelter services.
During National Animal Shelter Appreciation Week, the first full week of every November, we celebrate animal shelters across the country and the people who make them possible.
It cost you nothing!iGive 
With the holidays coming we hope you'll take this opportunity to give to the bunnies by using the iGive portal for your shopping.
Of course iGive doesn't reveal where you shop or what you buy so it's totally private. It's free, safe, and easy to join, and if you make your first purchase within 45 days of signing up, iGive will donate an extra $5 to Rabbit Haven!
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With over 730 participating stores, there's one for each of your shopping needs.   
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Happy Holidays from Rabbit Haven and all the bunnies!
Spa Day - December 7th
Spiff up your bunny for the holidays! 
On Sunday, December 7th,
10am - 4pm, we will be offering "Spa Day" at Rabbit Haven. 
For $25.00 we will include grooming, nails/scent glands, a 10 minute massage (for the bunny- NOT you!) and a treat box.  Come sit and enjoy a hot drink and cookies and chat with other bunny lovers while we take care of your bunny. 
To sign-up, email Angie@rabbithaven.org with what time you'd like to arrive and how many bunnies you're bringing and she'll email you back confirmation.
Hope to you see there! 
Going out of Town? 
Board your bunnies at either our Gig Harbor or Carnation locations.
KeikoIf you're planning to go out of town this holiday season, consider boarding your bunnies with us!
While you're away, we'll take care of your precious bunnies like one of the family .
One rabbit $10/day
Two rabbits $15/day
Sick rabbits are $20/day plus medicine
Desperate for Play Chips   
We have been unable find non-cedar play chips for the Carnation annex and things are getting soggy.
(Unfortuantely we can't use beauty bark, shavings, chippings with lots of pine needles or play chips with cedar as these are unsafe for the buns.)
If you can help, please email Angie at angie@rabbithaven.org
Thank you

About Rabbit Haven
We are a nonprofit organization dedicated to rescuing abandoned and mistreated rabbits, finding them permanent, loving adoptive homes, and educating the public on the care of these unique and wonderful beings.
PO Box 2268
Gig Harbor, Washington 98335
Rabbit Haven
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Spay Day in December
Board Your Bunny This Holiday
Desperate for Play Chips
Volunteers Needed!
Free Spay Surgery
Bunny Tunes for Charity
Anatomy of a Binky
Quick Links
We Need Volunteers!
We are in DESPERATE need for volunteers on our cleaning days, Mondays and Fridays.
We also need help with preparing veggies/salad and socializing with the bunnies everyday.  
Our warren is now open and in need of someone to take charge of the bunnies residing there.  Everyday we monitor the warren for any problems or bunnies getting sick, they need to be fed, watered and different upkeep is needed to insure their safety. 
We are looking for someone who could come two to three days a week for about three hours.  PLEASE contact us if you are interested in volunteering or helping out in the warren.   

Special Program:        Free Spay Surgeries for Cats, Dogs & Rabbits!
The Seattle Humane Society is now offering free spay surgeries for any female cat, dog or rabbit who is brought to their shelter with a litter. The animal will be returned to the owner, and the kittens, puppies or bunnies will be placed for adoption.
To make an appointment for this special program, please call (425) 641-0080. There is no charge for surgery and vaccinations are $10 - $15.
Please visit their website for more details.
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Bunny Tunes for Charity
Bunny Tunes is a charitable fundraising project formed by a small team of UK and USA-based companion pet rabbit owners, dedicated to pet rabbit care and welfare.
The "Tunes" include many well known and favorite songs but adapted with a rabbity-twist. They are available free in exchange for a suggested donation of $15 (or more) per album to your choice of rabbit rescue organizations, including Rabbit Haven!

 Listen to a Bunny Tunes sampler - http://www.bunnytunesusa.org
Anatomy of a Binky
Bunny Binky
Here's a great example of a bunny binky. Taken by Patrice of her bunny Bammer.
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Quincy in his tube
  The End
(Belle took this picture of Quincy napping in his tube)