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Summer 2012 Family Newsletter

Mother and Child Playing Music
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Music is so powerful. It can soothe a crying baby, ease a toddler's tantrum, take the stress out of bedtime, and provide moments of closeness and warmth for parent and child. With Music Together, you are providing your child with all the inherent benefits of making music---including joy, community, and the expression of self.


But did you know that music learning can also support other learning? Active music-making can enhance your child's physical, social, emotional, and language development.  


To find out more about the link between music and language, you can read our lead article in this edition and also watch our new series of videos, in which Music Together coauthor Dr. Lili Levinowitz explores how the Music Together songbooks can support the following pre-literacy skills:

  • print awareness
  • print motivation
  • phonological awareness
  • vocabulary building
  • narrative & sequencing skills
  • letter recognition

We hope you try some of Lili's ideas at home. They'll support your child's music  and language development---plus, they're fun!


Remember, if you have photos or videos of your family making music together at home, please share them with us on Facebook or YouTube.    


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Featured Director:  

Mary Schaefer 

by Kate Battenfeld


Music Together teacher and director Mary Schaefer firmly believes that music learning supports all learning. She is certain that the Music Together classes at Playing with Music, her center in Salinas, California, provide a rich environment not only for children's music learning but also for the development of their cognitive, verbal, and social skills. But Mary never expected to discover how profoundly Music Together's songs and activities would help her after she suffered a traumatic brain injury.





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Music and Language: The Good News  

by Lyn Ransom, D.M.A.       


Music Together Teacher

What songs do you remember from your childhood? The first songs my parents sang are still vivid memories. My father used to cross his legs, put me on the suspended foot, and bounce me while he sang, "Pony-boy, Pony-boy, won't you be my Tony boy?" My mother's favorite was "From Lucerne to Weggis Town," which she sang dramatically, rolling her hands on "Holl-di-ra-di-ah," then clapping and snapping on the parts that follow. Both of these songs have aspects that children love-perky tempos, good nonsense syllables, contrast, motions, and physical contact. But most importantly, they still carry today the richness of love and delight that I felt when my parents sang with me.  





Ask Ken

Ken Guilmartin

Ken Guilmartin is the Founder/Director of Music Together LLC and the coauthor of Music Together. Do you have a question about children's music development you'd like Ken to answer in the next family newsletter? Email it to


First of all, I love the Music Together program. I drive out of my way to attend (passing other music classes) because my son and I enjoy it so much. I know that he would sing more if I would sing more. However, I don't sing as often as I would like because I have such a hard time remembering the words. Any suggestions?





At the Beach. . .with Music Together

MT at the Beach


The Music Together song "She Sells Sea Shells," based on the popular tongue-twister, is the perfect summer tune, whether you are at the beach or imagining you are. Watch this short video for some ideas from a NJ family---and then try them with your own children. Whether your beach is at the ocean, lake, pool, or sandbox, we hope you have fun!

International Songwriting Competition Now Taking Submissions


Have you ever ISC Logo written a song? Now is your chance to enter the 2012 International Songwriting Competition (ISC) for a chance to share in over $150,000 in cash and prizes, including a Grand Prize of $25,000 cash and over $25,000 in prizes. With 22 categories, including Children's Music, and judges including Douglas C. Cohn (Sr. Vice-President, Music Marketing & Talent of Nickelodeon) and Leib Ostrow (Founder/CEO, Music for Little People), it's no wonder The New York Times declared ISC "the songwriting competition to take note of." For entry information and a complete list of judges, please visit:

Bring Music Together to New Areas---including Kansas City & Indianapolis 

Do you have a friend or family member who has a passion for music and is great with children? Can you see them teaching Music Together and loving it? Encourage them to learn more about teaching/directing opportunities in their area. We are especially looking for new people in Kansas City MO and Indianapolis IN. Visit our website to learn more about Music Together Teacher Training or email   

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