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What is The Bar Method?

FALL events

Fall classes are filling up quickly, so sign up now. Don't wait & be stuck at another Kiddie Gym class (no offense to Kiddie Gym Classes) instead of changing your body!

Check out the fall schedule on-line. There are lots of new classes added and teacher changes. Try taking a different teacher this fall, maybe you'll hear something a new way and it will make all the difference.

Our successful Bar Basics classes will continue this fall on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays at 11:30am. Come work on form to get to a new level or share the joy and send this link to a friend whose been wanting to try The Bar Method.

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See you soon!

The Bar Method in Summit
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'Consistency Counts' Transformation
We are so excited to share this next transformation with you. Donica has gone from a size 10 to a size 2 in eighteen months and is truly an inspiration. Read on...

Donica Cook, 37 (with 4 children!), Chatham, NJ
LESSON LEARNED: Don't give up.


A size six my entire life. Then up to a size twelve. Now a size two. This is my short story.

A few months of kick boxing and pilates between children were my only real attempts at a fitness program. I had four children in nine years. After my last C-section, it was painfully evident I needed a life-altering change or live in a body that I loathed. I simply had to lose all the baby weight for good and tone my muscles. I have always been very determined, so deciding to lose the weight was easy for me, the working out part a different story.

I began The Bar Method in January 2008 wearing a size 10 after killing myself to lose two sizes through various diets and pilates classes. Beginning The Bar Method with a couple classes per week and no prior experience, the results were immediate, which made my determination to throw myself into The Bar Method easy to embrace. I found myself addicted to the intensity of the adrenaline rush. Endorphins galore. A wonderful way to live.

In March of 2008, just three months later on vacation to Miami was the first time in nine years I had the confidence to wear a bikini. Most importantly significant complements from the world's toughest critic - my husband - where showered on me. Not to mention my backside became a major point of interest (ha ha). Many compliments came in from friends and family which were flattering, motivating and, good for the soul.

Substantially encouraged by the supportive and fun instructors enabled me both mentally and physically to achieve a higher intensity level at The Bar Method.  Thus, I lost SIX sizes over the past eighteen months. I am stronger with significantly more energy to keep up with my four rambunctious, wonderful boys.

Finally, I'm happy about my body.  I am healthier, more confident and honestly proud of myself for discovering The Bar Method and more importantly sticking with it, especially given my hectic schedule.

While I would like to claim The Bar Method has changed my life, it is me who has changed.  I consider myself lucky, blessed with a great family, a great life and now I feel great about me! The Bar Method and the girls who work there simple gave me the encouragement and thus confidence to truly enjoy being me again.

I was never very good at math. However it seems to go this way, at least for me.  One frustrated, out of shape girl + 4 children = size twelve - the Bar Method = size 2!  I guess you can say I figured it out!
Lululemon One Day Only Sale
stacey lulu
We are having a rare one-time only Lululemon sale on Wednesday, August 19 from 7am-3pm and 5pm-8pm. We've got lots of colors, styles, sizes and will be putting them all out in the reception area "sample sale-style." We're sure this part is obvious, but just in case you're wondering 'What is Lululemon?' Just take a look at cute Stacey wearing hers and you'll know it's the most flattering, versatile, long lasting workout wear out there.

30% off everything. Come shop 'til you drop.
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