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October 2007       
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Quotes of the Month
"You've got to
have a dream if you are going to make a dream come true."


"Dreams come true. Without that possibility, nature would not incite
us to have them."


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Welcome to the premier edition of my monthly newsletter!

Each Newsletter will include an article, a quote or two, some recommended links, and a couple of nice photos.

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Dream Big,       
Dream Big!
The first step to manifesting what you desire.

Do you feel exhilarated at reading those 2 words Dream Big? Or do you feel something less than exhilarated? Maybe you feel doubtful - your dreams haven't occurred yet, so why would they come true now? Or, resentful, because there is not enough time in your busy life for big dreams. Or maybe you haven't a clue as to what ARE your big dreams.

Whatever you focus on is what you create more of in your life. The more you think about and speak about a thing, the more likely you are to attract it into your life. And the more emotion behind those thoughts and words, the faster and easier you will manifest it.

The problem is - this law of attraction is true even if the things you focus on are unwanted. Many of us focus a good deal of our thoughts and emotions on what we don't want. Then we are unhappy with what shows up.

For many of us, it is easier to list what we don't like than it is to itemize our desires. This is one of the gifts of "Earth School" - an unending supply of events and situations for us to notice and form preferences. It is the contrast between what we don't like and what we prefer which helps us define our true desires.

Begin now to create your big dreams. The first step of any change is awareness of where you are now, and then to decide where you want to go. Here's a great tool:

Contrast Exercise: List the things you don't like about your current situation:
I feel out of shape.
I am over-worked and/or under-appreciated at my job.
I have debt.
One (or more) relationship(s) just isn't working.

Now - Make a list of the opposite, positive statements. Notice how this list is written in the present tense. That is an important part of the exercise.
I am fit, with vitality and good health.
I am respected and fulfilled at work.
I have financial prosperity and abundance of all kinds.
I have loving relationships with excellent communication.

Doesn't that second list just feel  better? Now write it in a journal, or someplace where you can view it daily. You may add to the list at any time! 
Dream big! This is the first step to manifesting what you desire.

In future articles, we'll dive into more details of sparking your inner creative genius.
See you next month!
Recommended Links  Sign up for a daily quotation.  An incredible movie. Julie Taymor is a genius, and the Beatles score isn't bad either!  A wonderful Wellness Center in Minneapolis. Julie DeLene and I are co-presenting a workshop there - Create Your Heart's Desires. Check out the complete schedule of classes and events at Anew.
Apparently I am only recommending links that begin with "A" this month!