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Living in Balance E-NewsetterNovember 2011
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W.A. at the upcoming L.A. Addiction Conference
2011 W.A. World Conference Feedback Survey
New Group Support section on website and Meeting Development Committee
Audio Tapes of the 2011 W.A. World Conference soon to be available for purchase online.
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We hope this correspondence finds you feeling grateful and relaxed and ready to enjoy your blessings for the holidays!

The W.A. World Conference held in October was a great success! The theme was Service & Sponsorship and we had some fantastic speakers and wonderful fellowship! Thank you to all that helped organize the event and everyone who attended!

Speaking of service.... W.A. has a new meeting development committee and group support section our website. Read below for more information.

Our L.A. groups will be representing W.A. at  The Evolution Of Addiction Treatment Conference in December.

Michele S., Outreach Coordinator
Workaholics Anonymous

Living in Balance, the WA print newsletter, needs your stories; finding WA, struggles and your progress in recovery.  Please send contributions to: newsletter@workaholics-anonymous.org.  

Exciting Outreach Opportunity for W.A.!

Our L.A. groups are coming together and will represent W.A. at a booth for 2 1/2 days at a large conference in L.A. next month; The Evolution of Addiction Treatment. There will be a lot of addiction specialists speaking at the conference and W.A. will have a a presence distributing our literature to the audience and we will have our books available for sale!  If you or your group has any ideas for outreach opportunities please let us know!  
Click here to see more about the conference. 

BIG THANK YOU to the L.A. Groups!!


Did you attend the W.A. 2011 World Conference and didn't get to send your feedback? 

We would love to hear from you. Please take 5 minutes and fill out this quick survey so we can continue to improve the quality of our conferences. We want your input!! Click here to fill out survey. 


Didn't get to attend the W.A. 2011 World Conference?
Purchase a CD - it is the next best thing to being there!

Our 2011 World Conference was once again professionally recorded. The audio files will be available to purchase online very soon on the W.A. website. We will send you the link in the next newsletter.


Don't forget to contribute what you can.

W.A operates on contributions from it's members and literature sales. Please don't forget to go online and make a contribution to W.A. if you only go to phone meetings. You can click here donate.

New Group Support section on website
& Meeting Development Committee! 


We are happy to announce our new Group Support section on the W.A. website.  


There are helpful tools and materials available here that you can download for your group; meeting formats, types of meetings, tips on outreach, W.A. Public Awareness Guidelines, archives to news letters and much more!

Click here to view more. 



W.A. has also started a new Meeting Development committee in a effort to offer more ongoing support to new and existing groups.


This committee reaches out to members in groups around the world to help them continue to build a strong meeting and local fellowship. Each committee member is assigned meeting contacts in regional areas.  


We are looking for more W.A. members to volunteer to help "sponsor" a group and offer them support and make sure they know about our new Group Support section on the website. This is a wonderful way to provide service and get to know other W.A. members around the world! 


Purchase Our Books Online!


The Book Of Discovery

Book of Discovery, W.A. WorkbookA guide to the 12 Steps  

The Workaholics Anonymous Book of Discovery is a
guide that provides step instruction, questions, activities, and stories-all with room to write and reflect as necessary, in a large spiral-bound, three-hole punch volume. The book is designed to lay completely flat so as to be easily used for writing as well as for protective storing in a three-ring notebook of your choice with other loose or extra pages if desired.  This workbook can be used alone, with a sponsor  or used with a group in a meeting format. 

Click here for online purchase    You can also purchase through the mail.  Price: $25. Plus $4.95 shipping and handling anywhere in the US. Send your check to WSO Web Payment Center, PO Box 56416, Portland, OR, 97238.


The Book of Recovery

W.A.'s first publication, The Book of Recovery is our main text. It has valuable information for all recovering workaholics; history, stories, guidance in working the steps and tools to help you with your recovery program! Click here for online purchase