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Living in Balance E-Newsetter August 2011
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New Group Support section on website and Meeting Development Committee
2011 W.A. World Conference in Austin,Texas
W.A. 7th Tradition
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We hope this correspondence finds you feeling good and enjoying a balanced quality of life!

2011 World Conference coming soon!
Register now, seats are limited. See below for links to the site.

W.A. has a new meeting development committee and group
support section our website. Read below for more information.

Consider helping with a 7th Tradition contribution.

See info below.

Michele S., Outreach Coordinator
Workaholics Anonymous

Living in Balance, the WA print newsletter, needs your stories; finding WA, struggles and your progress in recovery.  Please send contributions to: newsletter@workaholics-anonymous.org.  

New Group Support section on website
& Meeting Development Committee! 


We are happy to announce our new Group Support section on the W.A. website. 

There are helpful tools and materials available here that you can download for your group; meeting formats, types of meetings, tips on outreach, W.A. Public Awareness Guidelines, archives to news letters and much more!

Click here to view more. 



W.A. has also started a new Meeting Development committee in a effort to offer more ongoing support to new and existing groups. This committee reaches out to members in groups around the world to help them continue to build a strong meeting and local fellowship. Each committee member is assigned meeting contacts in regional areas.  


We are looking for more W.A. members to volunteer to help "sponsor" a group and offer them support and make sure they know about our new Group Support section on the website. This is a wonderful way to provide service and get to know other W.A. members around the world! 


2011 W.A. World Conference in Austin, Texas!  

Sponsorship & Service - How it Works  

This year, the WA World Service Conference will be held Friday, October 28th through Sunday, October 30th, 2011 in Wimberley, Texas at the 7A Resort, with an optional Pre-Conference day on Thursday, October 27th. For more information see the 2011 Conference Flyer.



To register, print and send in the registration form and pay with a check or pay online for your registration, room, and pre-conference. Preregistration is required, seating is limited. Check out the schedule of sessions here on page three.


W. A. Volunteers Needed! 


The current Communications Coordinator has retired from WAWSO Board service in this position.  The "work" is temporarily handled by others.  WAWSO requests contacts by persons interested in being considered for the Coordinator's Board position, and from those who wish to serve by answering general letters, phone calls and emails.  The tasks are are essential in dealing with first and tentative inquiries from sufferers from compulsive working (and aversion), and coordinating correspondence among Board members. 


Training and guidance will be available from current Board members.  The Communications Coordinator's position is also a WAWSO Board of Trustees position, which involves attending monthly telephonic Board meetings and attendance at our annual Conference.  A person who assumes these duties needs to be a seasoned WA member with basic knowledge and comfort with the 12 Step concepts.  This is a great opportunity for Service and a way to influence the growth of WA.  If you are interested and want to know more about this position, please contact wso@workaholic-anonymous.org.  



Passing the Basket - 7th Tradition 

Carrying The Message

In our work-drenched society, amazingly few people have heard of us, other than ourselves.  This is the challenge: to get the word out and to encourage meeting formation so the feelings of isolation, stress and helplessness can be healed.  Workaholism is treated as a joke in our society and is not understood or appreciated as a serious addiction both in the form of over-working and work anorexia. 


Passing The Basket

If you have sought and found recovery through our program, please consider a 7th Tradition contribution dedicated to letting people know that help is available.  Your donation will help:


  • Create public service announcements for radio and TV (goal $12,000).
  • Provide our books as part of our "starter kits" (goal $2,000).
  • Create a presence at other 12 Step Conferences to raise awareness of W.A. (goal $6,500).
  • Create scholarships to help others to attend our annual conferences.
    (goal $2,000).
  • Provide face-to-face mentoring to struggling meetings (goal $3,000).

We cannot do these things without your help! Your donations to W.A., large or small, offer the opportunity for service, a cornerstone of the 12 Step Programs. You can mail your check or use a credit card on our website: workaholics-anonymous.org. Donations are tax-deductible and a receipt will be provided.  Please see our website for more on new plans for outreach.


Please make checks payable and send to: Workaholics Anonymous World Service Office (W.A.W.S.O.) PO Box 0368, Austin, Texas 78767-0368.


"Our primary purpose is to stop working compulsively and to carry the message of recovery to workaholics who still suffer."

                                             - from The Preamble of Workaholics Anonymous


Purchase Our Books Online!


The Book Of Discovery

Book of Discovery, W.A. WorkbookA guide to the 12 Steps  

The Workaholics Anonymous Book of Discovery is a
guide that provides step instruction, questions, activities, and stories-all with room to write and reflect as necessary, in a large spiral-bound, three-hole punch volume. The book is designed to lay completely flat so as to be easily used for writing as well as for protective storing in a three-ring notebook of your choice with other loose or extra pages if desired.  This workbook can be used alone, with a sponsor  or used with a group in a meeting format. 

Click here for online purchase    You can also purchase through the mail.  Price: $25. Plus $4.95 shipping and handling anywhere in the US. Send your check to WSO Web Payment Center, PO Box 56416, Portland, OR, 97238.


The Book of Recovery

W.A.'s first publication, The Book of Recovery is our main text. It has valuable information for all recovering workaholics; history, stories, guidance in working the steps and tools to help you with your recovery program! Click here for online purchase