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Living in Balance E-NewsetterDecember 2010
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Special Holiday Offer For Audio Tapes of Our 2010 W.A. World Conference
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We hope this correspondence finds you living in the now and happy with your many blessings!

Audio tapes are now available online for our 2010 W.A. Conference! We have a special holiday discount read below.

Happy Holidays Everyone!

Michele S., Outreach Coordinator
Workaholics Anonymous

Living in Balance, the WA print newsletter, needs your stories; finding WA, struggles and your progress in recovery.  Please send contributions to: [email protected]
"Life is a succession of moments. To live each one is to succeed."
That certainly is not our culture's definition of success is it??
It is mine today! How well I "live in the now" determines how happy and healthy I am; spiritually, emotionally, mentally and physically!
That is my goal always. I don't reach this goal every day - but IT IS happening more and more thanks to the W.A. program!  
2010 W.A. World Conference Audio Tapes Online! 
Our audio recordings of the W.A. 2010 World Conference are now available online! We have a limited holiday discount that will be available from now until January 5, 2011.


$35.00 including Shipping until January 5th

$50.00 + shipping after this date.




Click here to visit our website and take advantage of the holiday offer ;) 

Book of Discovery, W.A. WorkbookThe "BOOK OF DISCOVERY"
A guide to the 12 Steps    

The Book of Discovery is available online.
This is the 2nd book published by Workaholics Anonymous (W.A.).  The Workaholics Anonymous Book of Discovery: A Guide to 12 Step Writing and Reflection is available for online purchase here.  
This guide provides step instruction, questions, activities, and stories-all with room to write and reflect as necessary, in a large spiral-bound, three-hole punch volume. The book is designed to lay completely flat so as to be easily used for writing as well as for protective storing in a three-ring notebook of your choice with other loose or extra pages if desired. This workbook can be used alone, with a sponsor or used with a group in a meeting format.

You can also purchase through the mail.  Price: $25. Plus $4.95 shipping and handling anywhere in the US. Send your check to WSO Web Payment Center, PO Box 56416, Portland, OR, 97238.

W.A.'s first publication and the main text. Valuable information for all recovering workaholics; history, stories, guidance in working the steps and tools to help you with your recovery program!