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NEW: Book of Discovery
2009 World Conference
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We have even more about our new workbook the "Book of Discovery" and of course the upcoming 2009 World Conference that we hope to see everyone at. It is NOT to be missed!
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Go forward and live in harmony and balance!
Michele S., Outreach Coordinator
Workaholics Anonymous
WA Home Page Header GraphicThe "BOOK OF DISCOVERY"
A guide to the 12 Steps    
The Workaholics Anonymous Book of Discovery is just what its subtitle implies:  "A Guide to 12 Step Writing and Reflection."
This is the 2nd book published by Workaholics Anonymous (W.A.), new in the fall of 2009. In 2008 it was released to each group's representative as a draft entitled "Living the Steps," but it has since been further edited and renamed The Workaholics Anonymous Book of Discovery: A Guide to 12 Step Writing and Reflection. The book is W.A. Board-approved literature that will be put to a vote for Conference approval during the 2010 W.A. Conference, the time and location of which are still to be announced.

This guide provides Step instruction, questions, activities, and stories-all with room to write and reflect as necessary, in a large spiral-bound, three-hole punch volume. The book is designed to lay completely flat so as to be easily used for writing as well as for protective storing in a three-ring notebook of your choice with other loose or extra pages if desired.

Because the book includes both resource content about each Step, as well as questions and activities for W.A. members to answer, it can be used not only by individuals, but also by groups as a reading/topic source and as an interactive writing exercise. Members can choose to set aside time during meetings to write and subsequently share what they have written or to simply share with the group results of the writing they have completed on their own between meetings.

Our hope is that, by providing this place for Step focus and for personal writing, the fellowship is sparked to take a new look at the Steps and how they can be navigated to healthy and lighter living.
First availability will be at the 2009 W.A. Conference and on our website starting November 2009. Price: $25. Plus $4.95 shipping and handling anywhere in the US.  For information for ordering on-line and overseas shipment, consult our website: workaholics-anonymous.org after November 1st, 2009.   To pre-order, send your check to WSO Web Payment Center, PO Box 56416, Portland, OR, 97238.


We want to hear from you about how you balance W.A. 12 step and service work and your spiritual program. Please submit articles, suggestions and tips to newsletter@workaholics-anonymous.org. We need everyone's help.
We want to help you grow the fellowship in your area and will be happy to support you in any way we can! Contact us is you need help or have any questions!
2009 World Conference in 
Durham, North Carolina
3 Day Conference
Our Theme - The Tools of Recovery
October 16-18, 2009

Come play and recover with us amidst the beautiful
fall colors of North Carolina. Relax and share experience, strength and hope with fellow W.A. members in a setting conducive to growth at the Avila Retreat Center, located in Durham, NC. Creative activities planned! The only requirement for membership is the desire to stop working compulsively. :)
Workshops on Tools:

1. Beyond Self-reliance: Listening, Asking, and Serving

2. Keeping Work in its Place: Substituting, Underscheduling, and

3. Staying Sane at Work: Concentrating, Pacing, and Relaxing

4. Living our Lives: Playing and Balancing

5. Keeping Our Minds Where God Wants Them: Accepting and Living in the
6. Outreach - What are we doing to reach out to other workaholics in your community?
We will also be having workshops on steps.

1. 1-3
2. 4-7
3. 8-9
4. 10-12
Come have fun and enjoy the company of others in recovery. Register soon because we are filling up fast! Also, bring some of the following items if you're coming for the silent auction (and bring some big bucks so you can win some of the amazing stuff people will bring! :) cds, dvds, books, recovery stuff, arts/crafts, trinkets, posters, magnets, pottery, fashion accessories, jewelry, gift items, gift cards, precious metals and/or stone, use your imagination!!
You can get a lot more information about the upcoming conference on
our website here.
The Avila Retreat Center is a retreat center, nestled among 51 acres of rolling countryside, offers a meditation trails and a labyrinth. See www.dioceseofraleigh.org  for a map or more information or call 919-477-1285.