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For those of you who receive the printed "snail mail" newsletter Living in Balance - the theme was on the 9th step. The recipients were all fortunate to read some great submittals by members on their experience in making amends. Thank you very much for your submittals! Read below on another member's experience in making amends to themselves. Click here to purchase a newsletter subscription.
Go forward and live in harmony and balance!
Workaholics Anonymous
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The Ninth Step 

Made direct amends to such people wherever possible, except when to do so would injure them or others.

How do I make amends to myself?
As with any addiction we have many behaviors that are self destructive and extremely abusive to ourselves, that is the nature of addiction. Quite a few years ago I read a book about "the child within" and the book asked the reader "What kind of parent are you to your inner child, a loving or critical one?"
Of course I immediately knew the answer... critical of course! That is what I grew up with and that was the running voice (the parent) in my head. If I was upset about something, "my parent" would say "What's you problem? Snap out of it". If I was tired or moving slow, my "parent" would say "Let's get moving, come on and pick up the pace".... it goes on and on, you get the picture.
So when it came to my ninth step - in making amends to myself, I wrote a list in the eighth step of all the abusive things I did to myself and I looked at as if it was a parent treating a small child that way. In the ninth step I read each item out load and apologizing for each one by one, like I was speaking to a child. It was extremely emotional and very healing. It was a big eye opener how traumatic this emotional and physical abuse would be to ANYONE let alone a child. And, I would NEVER put up with that treatment from anyone else in my life and here I was doing it to myself. I have shared this with many people over the years and it seems to be a good tool for many. I hope it helps some of you! Below is the list I came up with - my continuing amends to myself is to love and accept myself and be my own best friend :)
  • I am sorry for expecting you to be perfect.
  • I am sorry for making you believe you are not worthwhile unless
    you are constantly productive.
  • I am sorry I don't let you play.
  • I am sorry I don't let you see your friends.
  • I am sorry I don't feed you enough.
  • I am sorry I don't let you rest enough.
  • I am sorry I make you feel that nothing you do is ever good enough.
  • I am sorry I make you feel in a state of fear all the time.
  • I am sorry I am always so critical.
  • I am sorry I don't praise you enough.
  • I am sorry I don't accept you for who you are and expect you to
    constantly please everyone else.
  • I am sorry I don't give you any hugs or love you enough.
The gifts of serenity and a more balanced and fulfilling life are ours as we work the Steps and allow the Steps to work us. 

We want to hear from you about what you and your group are doing in your area and what is working to spread the word and attract more people we can help. Please submit articles, suggestions and tips to newsletter@workaholics-anonymous.org. We need everyone's help.

We want to help you grow the fellowship in your area and will be happy to support you in any way we can! Contact us is you need help or have any questions!

Finding Balance
Workaholics Anonymous/Work-Anon Midwest Conference
August 22, 2009
Lincoln Park Zoo, Chicago Illinois

Come join us for a day of meetings, fellowship, and growth! You will have an opportunity to learn about yourself, make new friends, and develop your relationship with your Higher Power.
Activities: W.A. and Work-Anon Speaker Meetings, Break-out Groups, Fun Activities, Peace & Serenity. All activities will focus on the Workaholics Anonymous and Work Anon principles and traditions. Meetings will be held in the Farm House on the premises of the Lincoln Park Zoo.
Cost: $25.00 for registration, admission to the Lincoln Park Zoo is free!
For additional information, transportation, lodging & general questions:
Eric S. 630-301-8429 or email: wso@workaholics-anonymous.org
2009 World Conference in 
Durham, North Carolina
3 Day Conference
Our Theme - The Tools of Recovery
October 16-18, 2009

Come play and recover with us amidst the beautiful
fall colors of North Carolina. Relax and share experience, strength and hope with fellow W.A. members in a setting conducive to growth at the Avila Retreat Center, located in Durham, NC. Creative activities planned! The only requirement for membership is the desire to stop working compulsively. :)
You can get a lot more information about the upcoming conference on
our website here.
The Avila Retreat Center is a retreat center, nestled among 51 acres of rolling countryside, offers a meditation trails and a labyrinth. See www.dioceseofraleigh.org  for a map or more information or call 919-477-1285.