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2009 World Conference
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Spring is here! Hope everyone is getting out and enjoying the weather. While you are out in about try to spread the word of W.A. - by "attraction rather than promotion" of course!
You may ask, how do I do that? That is just what this newsletter is about. Read on!  Also we would LOVE to hear from you and what is working in your grass roots outreach efforts in your area.
Go forward and live in harmony and balance!
Workaholics Anonymous
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Outreach - How Do We Go About It?
Our Preamble - Our primary purpose is to stop working compulsively and to carry the message of recovery to workaholics who still suffer.
Tradition 11 - Our public relations policy is based on attraction rather than promotion; we need always maintain personal anonymity at the level of press, radio, and films.
We don't want to "hit people of over the head" with aggressive promotion, but we have to let suffering workaholics know about Workaholics Anonymous, many don't know we are here to help. A lot of other 12 step programs don't even know our fellowship exists!  We ALL need to get the word out!

The Benefits of Growing Our Fellowship:

  • Fulfilling our primary purpose... carrying the message of recovery to suffering workaholics who want to get well. Showing them a healthier and happier way to live.
  • More recovering workaholics in our society can start bringing " some sense"  to the work addicted culture we all live in. What a welcome change that WILL be!
  • More meetings for W.A. Members to attend in their own communities and as we travel to other parts of the country and the world.
  • Increased ability for us to do 12 step work with newer members
    which is a GREAT BIG part of our spiritual program to keep growing.
 How Do We Do It?
  • If your meeting place includes other Twelve Step Fellowships, place a flyer on the bulletin board or other common area.
  • Email flyers to other recovering people so they can take flyers to their meeting place as well to spread the word.
  • Talk to members in other Twelve STep Fellowships and distribute pamphlets to them - many of these fellowships don't know we even exist! A lot of these  people will know someone or they themselves could benefit from W.A..
  • If you meet at a house of worship contact the administrator and ask if your meeting time can be included in their weekly bulletins and/or newsletters.
  • Inform pastors in local churches and therapists in the nearby area of our fellowship and your meetings.
  • Try to get the W.A Book of Recovery into the libraries in your area.
  • Contact your local newspaper and let them know about your meeting. Ask them to put it in the announcement section by the classifieds, (this is FREE). Usually they will ask for submission @48 hours in advance via email. 
  • Send an email to [email protected] and request
    our outreach tools of PDF flyers and pamphlets for meeting information.

The gifts of serenity and a more balanced and fulfilling life are ours as we work the Steps and allow the Steps to work us. 


We want to here from you about what you and your group are doing in your area and what is working to spread the word and attract more people we can help. Please submit articles, suggestions and tips to [email protected]. We need everyone's help.

We want to help you grow the fellowship in your area and will be happy to support you in any way we can! Contact us is you need help or have any questions!

2009 World Conference in 
Durham, North Carolina
3 Day Conference
Our Theme - The Tools of Recovery
October 16-18, 2009

Come play and recover with us amidst the beautiful
fall colors of North Carolina. Relax and share experience, strength and hope with fellow W.A. members in a setting conducive to growth at the Avila Retreat Center, located in Durham, NC. Creative activities planned! The only requirement for membership is the desire to stop working compulsively. :)
You can get a lot more information about the upcoming conference on
our website here.
The Avila Retreat Center is a retreat center, nestled among 51 acres of rolling countryside, offers a meditation trails and a labyrinth. See www.dioceseofraleigh.org  for a map or more information or call 919-477-1285.