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Spring and Summer Art Shows are Around the Corner - Get Ready with Clear Bags  .

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Crystal Clear Protective Closure Bags are ideal for photography and art!  The protective closure prevents the glue from coming into contact with your product.  This is achieved by placing the re-sealable adhesive strip on the outside of the bag instead of on the flap.  It is as easy as inserting an item, pealing the adhesive cover strip, and then folding and pressing the flap closed.  As a superior alternative to shrink wrap, Crystal Clear Bags are the preferred packaging solution for artistic professionals world-wide. 
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Recommended for prints, artwork, photographs and documents.  Acid and lignin free.  Use for mailings and promotions- USPS approved.  Contains 10% recycled polypropylene.  Sold in packs of 100.  +/- 1/16" sizing. 1.6 Mil.  First dimension is open side.  ClearBags mission is to help customers Promote, Protect, and Preserve their products. Be Seen!  
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