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Announce Details of Upcoming New Album "Pasiflora" Out July 24th on The Mylene Sheath
Official Vinyl Release Available August 21st!

"As emotional rises go, “Sunrise” does a good job of finding lovely moments - the guitar riff in the chorus stands out - amidst the gloom and thunder of the rest of the track. That’s a type of optimism, too - call it the kind that you have to fight for - and it’s something Constants seem most interested in exploring right now." - MTV HIVE

"Constants' fusion of disparate styles is one of the most organic yet. Instead of soft-loud-soft-because-Isis-do-it, Constants work through melodies, textures, and rhythms with remarkable fluency." - DECIBEL

"...heavily lush indie rock..." - RCRDLBL

"Their melodic sense is based on consistently edgy but still soothing, layered guitar washes that leap towards massive chorded progressions..." - OUTBURN

Following this month's premiere of their cover of Catherine Wheel's classic track "Strange Fruit" (listen here), Boston's celebrated post-metal / shoegaze phenoms Constants, have revealed the details of their upcoming full-length release titled "Pasiflora," available on CD / digital format on July 24th, followed by a proper vinyl release on August 21st, all courtesy of The Mylene Sheath.

"Pasiflora" will see it's official release in stores worldwide on 7/24 on the CD/digital formats, followed by a deluxe vinyl release on 8/21. The vinyl LP version will come in an old style case-wrapped, tip-on sleeve jacket (including a very limited edition of just 100 available exclusively through retail on white vinyl). There will also be other limited colors available exclusively through The Mylene Sheath web-store when they launch pre-orders in late June. In addition, the band will have an exclusive color with them when they hit the road in late summer/early fall to support the release, full US tour dates coming soon!

"Pasiflora" Track List:
1. Sunrise
2. Hourglass
3. Passenger
4. Mourning
5. Beautiful
6. Pressure
7. Sunset
8. Austere
9. 1985
10. Crosses

About Constants' "Pasiflora"

After releasing the heaviest album of their career with 2010's If Tomorrow The War (produced by Justin K Broadrick of Jesu/Godflesh), Constants' fifth studio album Pasiflora reveals a very different side of the band, this time with an emphasis on shoegaze and an almost retro-sensibility. Whispering vocal harmonies, walls of chorused synths and booming Peter Gabriel-esque drums coalesce into an album landing somewhere between M83 and Mew. Simply put, Pasiflora might just be their best and most creative release yet.

Late last Summer, with nine years, four critically acclaimed albums and countless international tours under their belts, the members of Constants began to feel pigeonholed into the "post-metal/post-rock/post-whatever" scenes. So they set out to write an album that would redefine their already genre-bending sound from the outset, but it wasn't until drummer Rob Motes presented a batch of bedroom demos that the new album really began to take shape. The group scrapped 6 months and 10 songs worth of material to embrace the vibrant and textural sound that would become Pasiflora.

"We aim to surprise people with every record and like to work outside of our own safe zone as much as possible. The challenge is to shape the result into a clear, consistent album," says guitarist/vocalist Will Benoit. "We're genuinely excited to have found something fresh at a point in our timeline where most bands become stagnant." Pasiflora was self-produced in Benoit's Radar Studios (Junius, Caspian) - New England's first and only Solar-Powered recording facility - and co-mixed by Daryl Rabidoux (Bad Rabbits, The Cancer Conspiracy). The album will see a release worldwide on June 19th, via The Mylene Sheath.

Of the merger, Constants' Will Benoit comments "it's always exciting to work with people that are as enthusiastic about music as we are, and The Mylene Sheath's passion always shines through. We're really happy to be back and teaming back up with them for this". Label owners Lindsay Palmer and Joel Proper say "Constants is part of the family, it's only natural to be working together again."

* To date the Boston based trio has played over 700 shows since 2005 and has shared the stage at home and on tour with Pelican, Russian Circles, The Appleseed Cast, Rival Schools, The Sword, Genghis Tron, Brazil, Comeback Kid, Tombs, Wolves in the Throne Room, Maserati, Circle Takes The Square, Defeater, The Life And Times, Maps and Atlases, Kinski, Elliott, Chin Up Chin Up, Coliseum, The Mobius Band, Go Go Go Airheart, Year Future, Caspian, Kayo Dot, Junius, Lymbyc System, and This Will Destroy You.

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