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June 2008

Meet the Alumni

Laura Harris

Laura Harris

What year were you at CIMBA?

I graduated summer 1992. It was the inaugural year for IISB-CIMBA

What is your current job?

Vice President Finance, Studio Operations, Paramount Studio

How has CIMBA affected your life, professionally and personally?
CIMBA was one of the best years of my life both from an educational perspective and personal.  I met some of the greatest people that year abroad and I learned to challenge myself in a new manner.  I came out of the education possessing new skills and being able to work through complex conflicts, issue solve and maneuver my way through corporate America.

How do you keep a work/life balance? Any tips?
It is very hard to create a work life balance, especially with the demands of corporate America.  I have had some jobs where it has been easier than others and to be honest I am now in one that challenges me again to find time for my personal life and activities.  It is very important for me to work out 6 - 7 days a week, as I am an Ironman triathlete.  So this just is what it is and I tell every employer that I will not be in my office before 8:45 am ever unless a stage is burning down.  This carves out time for myself every day and it works for me.  My goal is to leave work at 7 pm every night, and that only happens once or twice a week, which does make personal time difficult, although I do push back and refuse to work on weekends.  I am also very strict about not working during vacation time and other paid holidays.
In the past I have been able to enjoy flex hours and working remote.  I have to say that if you have the opportunity to do either - take it.  It really allowed me to live my life to the fullest extent when I had every Friday as either a work from home day or completely off.  As your title escalates, I have found that it is much more difficult to enjoy personal time, but I am still striving to fine tune the balance between work and life - as I suppose we all do.

What advice can you give current CIMBA students?
Work hard, learn all the skills they are offering and believe in yourself.  Maximize the opportunities you are given and network constantly.  The most important fact you can learn about corporate life is that the world is very, very small.  The person you may ignore today while standing in line for a coffee could be your boss tomorrow.  Always look forward and treat everyone as you would like to be treated.  Honor people and respect where they are with their career, even if it does not mesh with you.  Everyone will not be as driven as you; everyone will not be as smart.  But remember too, that some people will be more driven and smarter - learn how to accept that and use it to your advantage.
Remember that corporate America is not an experience to take personally.  We are all out here to learn and grow, but mainly to secure a livelihood that supports our passions and dreams.  Yes, I would be working even if I won the lottery, but I would be building my own studio, not slaving away for someone else.  Most people agree with this.  So know your limits, challenge yourself to always be the best you can be, walk through your corporate life with an integrity that allows yourself to never question your motives, and never take the job, criticism or employee churn personally.  That just is the way it needs to be if you want to not only survive this experience, but also rise above it.
If your intentions are to be part of an executive management team, my advice is to network with people who also aspire to that level of achievement.  Find a mentor who can help you through the obstacles of corporate life and listen to people who have jobs you would someday like to be in.

What was your favorite moment at CIMBA?
Probably all of the travel. (I know that is not very studious of me) The travel forced me to grow up and accept cultural differences more than the education.  Some of those trips taught me lessons that I still call on today.

Anything else?
Only to seize the opportunity to make yourself into a truly amazing individual.  There are so many fantastic places to work and so many incredible opportunities. Never sell yourself short by accepting something you don't really want. Always focus on the next step; the next job and the next learning as this will keep you moving forward and you will never stagnate.  And use the contacts you have through the CIMBA network.

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June is a busy month here at CIMBA with full-semester groups leaving and summer session and intersession groups arriving - all of which remind us that change is good!

The MBA and undergraduate summer sessions were great successes - for details, visit the features below. In the Executive branch, we're featuring recent participants in mini interviews starting this month with Roberto Ronzani of Calearo Group.

If you have any news or updates, let us know for our Alumni Update feature - we'd love to know where you are and what you're doing! Send an e-mail to and your item will appear in the next edition of this newsletter.

Have an excellent June & July, and lead on! This newsletter will continue in August.
Summer Session I final formal dinnerWrapping Up

Summer Session I ended in mid-June after an incredible month of class, travel, lectures and other activities. Outside of the classroom, students took part in pizza making, wine appreciation and etiquette seminars to fully experience Italian culture. Summer Session Students enjoyed a final formal dinner at Villa Palma to finish off their CIMBA experience in style.

The full-time MBA class finished their year at CIMBA with summer courses finishing mid-June also. Students saidFinal dinner with all full-time MBAs
goodbye to the Asolo campus and will reconvene in Lawrence, Kansas, for their final course and graduation at the University of Kansas.
The graduation ceremony  will be held on the KU campus July 19th with the awards dinner the night before.
We congratulate each and every one of these remarkable leaders and wish them the very best in pursuit of their goals!

Six Sigma Black Belt Certification

CIMBA is offering Black Belt training at the University of Kansas from July 14 to July 18. The cost will be approximately $700 per person. If you are interested, please contact to reserve space in the class.

Provincia di Treviso Scholarships

The Provincia of Treviso offers several scholarships covering the cost of the MBA Full Time and Part Time Program. These scholarships are specifically designated for residents of the Provincia of Treviso who meet the admission's requirements of the Program. Scholarships are awarded on a competitive basis. Students interested in participating to the selection process are requested to submit the following documents: Richiesta di Borsa di studio form and Cimba application form (both to be requested to CIMBA), detailed Curriculum Vitae (in English), University transcript with grades, Certificato di residenza e stato famiglia, dichiarazione dei redditi. These documents should be sent to: CIMBA, Via Collegio 40, 31011 Asolo (TV) by July 2, 2008. Classes will begin in September 2008.
CIMBA Undergraduate

Company Tours

Summer Session students had the opportunity to visit a variety of local businesses in various classes. This photo is from aStudents with brewery operator Global Consumer class that visited Theresianer Brewery to look at small business models, marketing and production methods.
Theresianer's eco-friendly approach to beer-making (all kegs are reused to limit wood usage) and unique marketing approach (all Theresianer beer is sold only to restaurants, hotels, and cafes - no supermarket or liquor store sales) and other aspects made the tour memorable and useful. A special thanks to the brewery for making this educational trip possible!
CIMBA Executive Programs
This month's feauture is a mini interview with Roberto Ronzani, Technical Manager at Calearo Group, who recently completed the Executive Certificate in Leadership Development.

Roberto RonzaniWhat is your current job?
I'm the technical manager in a company that produces electronic parts (antennas and electronic circuits) mainly for the automotive market.

What was your favorite aspect of the program?
My favorite aspect was the alternation between in-class sessions and coaching sessions. The entire program (both the coaching and in-class component)
was an "experience" that merged knowledge, process and behavior, which was effective in hard-wiring the content of the program.

What was the most useful aspect of the program?
The most useful aspect was that the course was continuous, not only effective during the classes and coaching sessions, but also in other times during the program (working hours, at home and so on). This made learning a behavior, a habit.

What advice can you give future participants?
Trust in the process, and let yourself follow what the coach and teacher helps you to do.

Anything else?
The program was the best program I ever attended in my life. It has been really a program that has changed the way I see and I live my life. It has been very exciting and useful.
CIMBA Calendar - June-July 2008

June 13 - End of Summer Session I
June 14 - Iowa Executive MBA intersession begins
June 21 - End of Iowa Executive MBA intersession
June 15 - Summer Sesion II begins
July 18 - MBA Awards Dinner
July 19 - MBA Graduation Ceremony

June 10 - Final gourmet dinner
June 13 - End of Undergrad Summer Session
June 13-15 - CIMBA Leadership Development Experience

June 6 - Presentation: "Certificate in Business Communication." CIMBA, Asolo. 6:00pm - 7:00pm

June 12 - 1 day Workshop - Outdoor Training. "Low Rope Course" - Team Building. CIMBA, Undergraduate Campus, Paderno del Grappa. 9:30am - 5:00pm

June 20-21 - Executive Certificate in International Management: Operations Management and Supply Chain. CIMBA, Asolo. 9:30am - 5:00pm

June 20 - One day Workshop: "Coaching Skills for Managers and Entrepreneurs." CIMBA, Asolo. 9:30am - 5:00pm

June 27 - Presentation: "Certificate in International Management." CIMBA, Asolo. 6:00pm - 7:00pm
Registration is required at

Alumni Updates
New job? New move? Getting married? Keep your fellow alums in the loop! Send your news items to and your item will appear here next month.

Undergrad (by class year and semester)

MBA (by class year)
2001- Eric Booth recently accepted a new position as Marketing Manager with Heathco-Zenith in their door chimes division. Eric & Angi (former staff member of CIMBA) with their son Levi (4 years old) welcomed a daughter, Leyla Marie, to their family on November 19, 2007. The Booths are now living in Bowling Green, Kentucky.

2001 - Wesley Bean became Sr. Director Strategic Sourcing at Winn-Dixie in January 2008

2001 - Beatrice Revay, MBA 2001, left Hugo Boss and is now the new Customer Service Manager of JIMLAR Corporation, which designs, sources, markets, and distributes a range of footwear and accessories.

 2004-2006 - Mauro Pillon and Sabrina Vigliani married on June 14, 2008, in Trieste.

2007 - Izabela Kazimirska and Marcello Bianchin will marry August 8, 2008, in Krakow, Poland.

Congratulations, Marghe!
Margherita LagoCampus manager Margherita Lago is leaving in July for maternity leave. All of us at CIMBA wish her the very best and eagerly await Lorenzo, her son-to-be. We'll miss her, and happily anticipate seeing her in the spring!