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For those who haven't yet tried these links for the Kentucky Derby material you can try them now ...

These links represent an almost back to Square One for the was-in-a-funk handicapper AE ...

Improvements and more Racing Action to follow in the future ... e.g., Preakness iiff's, Belmont's  and more.






 Kentucky Derby iiff's booklet

(this has link for free FINAL Kentucky Derby White Sheet available Fri 5/6/11 and Sat 5/7/11)



Kentucky Derby White Sheet-Preliminaries and FINAL

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5/3/11  (delayed from 4/24/11)

            BiO Spiritualism, The New Millennia Spiritualism:
Yes. (Is BiO Spiritualism the answer?)
Increase your intelligence, decrease your naiveté.
Increase your joy, decrease your guilt.
Increase your selfishness, decrease your greed.
that is, travel the Enlightened, Reason-paved-road to authentic Happiness.
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(delayed release so can't get latest numbers so leave at values from last time)