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!!! UEC Bulletin !!! !!! UEC Bulletin !!! !!! UEC Bulletin !!!

Urgent Error Correction Bulletin:
As counterpoint to my Counterpoint Article about how bad Islam as promoter of faith above reason is, an Islam defender counter argues that:
"10% of Islamists give the other 90% a bad name"
and consequently I should differentiate between radical Islam and "normal" Islam.
Well if this defender of Islam is correct then I have to issue an Urgent--and let me emphasize, URGENT!!!--message to my readers to inform them that I was grossly grossly in error back in the 2002-2003 time frame when I estimated that out of the approximately 1.2 billion Islamo-Muslims the world over there were at least 160,000 actual Islamo-Muslim suicide-murderer bombers on the planet.  (And by actual I meant then and mean now actual individual human beings who are already at the ready, willing and able stage to commit suicide-murder at the drop-of-a-hat or thumbs-down-jester from their Islamic religious authorities.  Religious authorities/rulers/leaders who pull the suicider's strings and manipulate them with a precision of control that only professional puppeteers could envision.   And the fact that the murderous puppets have voluntarily surrendered their very own soul to the service of evil is of no consolation to the rest of us who have not, did not and will not ... but ... it is a demonstration by negatives as to just how powerful the human power-of-volition is.)
So, according to one of their own there are not 160,000 of them but rather (10% of 1.2 billion is) 120,000,000 of them!!!
I do not want to be responsible for undermining my reader's self-defensive mechanisms so I am duty-bound to issue this first of (I hope not many) UEC Bulletins.
I was wrong.  I made a grave mistake in my earlier calculations and I vehemently apologize and I am correcting that mistake here.
And more, since the defenders and apologizers of Islam have introduced their own numbers into this deadly game called religion let me accept that and add my numbers to t.h.e.i.r  "game" with this headline:
There are 120 million known serial killers loose on planet earth!
That is right.  Do you want to re-read that until it sinks in.
Go ahead, I'll wait.
If you need me to do the math for you on the numerical similarity between serial killers and Islamic suicide-murder bombers then we are in double trouble.  (Google or Wikipedia it ... it = number of average murdered victims per serial killer versus number of average kills per suicide-murderer bomber).
I am on the verge of not granting any quarter of mercy to tyrants--as the cliché goes, so let me add, both the big ones and the small ones--and I am suggesting that you consider doing the same. (OMG, have I inadvertently discovered something about serial killers?  They too use fear in its ultimate form--i.e., terror--to attempt to control their superiors, which includes--for both Islamo-Muslim suicide bombers and serial killers in t.h.e.i.r own mind--everybody in the world?)
Well, for now at least let's ALL consider not granting any quarter of mercy to the tyrants.
(And by all I include the 90% "normal" Islamists and 99.999999% "normal" Christians--if, that is, Timothy McVeigh and a couple of other Christian fundamentalists who have actually murdered people in the name of religion can be assigned to the Christian religion then those 3 out of 300,000,000--letting U.S. population represent Christians--is 0.000001% Christian killers which leaves, 99.999999% "normal", non-serial killer types among American Christians if not yet proven to be the case for Christians the world over.)
And you wonder why I don't feel as threatened by Christians as Islamists???
(The foregoing numbers of course assume that the Christians have NOT been pushed to their core religious beliefs to such a degree that they are being asked to CHOOSE between Reason and Faith.  When so pushed and if so asked, some--such as myself--did choose/will choose Reason over Faith but others ... well as to others they will have to be taken on a case-by-case, that is, individual basis.)
To Be Continued.
What is to be continued?
Gary Deering
PsycHHology Engineer
(helping phhilosophhy
build better humans)


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