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The 142nd running of The Belmont Stakes, Saturday June 5th, 2010.


Over the past thirty years or so The Belmont Stakes, qua third leg, has been the demise of almost two dozen Triple Crown almost-did-it horses.

This year (again) there are no triple crown prospects so it is just another hight stakes race for some top horses to compete in and for us to have some fun trying to predict the outcome of the race. The fun part is if we predict right we can make some money and the not fun part is if we don't we don't.

Logical Choice's Belmont White Sheet was going to be a link in the June Newsletter but that letter with it's subject line: If Christianity is bad but not yet evil (again) can the reverse be said for Islam? isn't quite done so I have to do this to get the White Sheet out there in time for the race on Saturday.

So here is TheBelmont2010.pdf White Sheet file.


Gary Deering,
handicapper by day,
PsycHHology Engineer
(helping phhilosophhy
build better humans)
by night.

If there is a scratch or two just line them out and take the resultant order as is. If there are lots of scratches I'll rerun it and update Saturday morning.

If not then not.


If you want to support the Tea Party movement - something I'm beginning to think we all should consider doing - follow this heads up I got in one of my emails:

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