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Breeder's Cup 2009/Sax versus the "new" TV series "V" .


Before I give you the link to Logical Choice's BC pic's I must lament our cultural state of affairs by inquiring to the gods above and letting you look over my shoulder at the futility of it all.

(I have to do this because even though I knew I was going to need to save a few extra bucks so that I could make my BC bets I failed to do so because I had to finally pay my taxes after pushing them as far as I could--October 15th for us Extensioners is as far as we can push them--and since I made a conscious choice to "go galt" many many years back I am now finding myself on the short end of the money sitck and I don't like it. Granted it was of my own doing, but, only to a point, as it still remains had the government not taken 2/3rds of the taxes from me that it did take but didn't need, would I not now at least have enough to have a little fun betting on my BC picks as I envision the bets??? (See BC link below for more.)

Which is to say, I just don't understand why people refuse to see that the Government is taking over three times more in taxes than it properly needs and that if it would just cease and desist in such behavior all our economic woes would evaporate back into the skies above.

So to speak.

Is it because not everybody agrees that the Government's proper role is to only provide for the military, the police and the courts or is it this and/or something else.

That is, how did the Government get us to switch our concern from "windfall taxes" to winfall profits? (Not to even mention, getting us to exclude from the concept "greed" Greedy Politicians--BM's--but to retain in the concept greedy individuals. How did "they" do this?)

Especially since there really isn't such a thing as windfall profits. At least, not in a real free market but there is such a thing as windfall taxes which are taxes in excess of the amount a proper government needs.

Taxes, not profits are determined by need.

Unless of course you are a socialist at heart, then "... from each according to his ability (to produce) to each according to his need (to consume) ...".

If this isn't predatory group then I don't know what ... wait ... halt ... stop.

This is the point I was trying to get too: Man--with one exception--has no natural predator. Antelope in the jungle are prey to lions and tigers and other animals. As are all animals in the animal kingdom. That is, all except Man, man has no real natural predator.

Except for one.

The Group is man's only natural predator.

So tonite when you go to bed if you feel someone or rather some-thing is stalking you, ready to devour you you are (kinda) right. ( I wonder is this what everybody, or a large enough group within the group are feeling right now so that the "new" TV Series "V" is staging a comeback???)

Could be.

My Logical Choice Breeder Cup pics are here: LC2009BC.pdf.


Gary Deering
PsycHHology Engineer
(helping phhilosophhy
build better humans)

I ran out of time so I am going to simplify my predicitons/bets ... in all Breeder Cup Races take the top pick over and under all for the $1 exacta. That is I don't have time to go over comments from September's NewsLetter so for MMQ purposes I am using this simple over/under approach.

See you Monday'ish.

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Gary Deering

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