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        Logical Choice™ declares Winner of Saturday's 135th Running of the Kentucky Derby to be:
Click here for the FREE Logical Choice™ White Sheet for the upcomming Derby. Also notice the two longshots--in positions 4 and 5 and remember Giacomo, the Logical Choice™ 4th pick 50-to-1 longshot winner from a few years back. It does happen.
(Also revisit this link each morning after 7am CDT for the updated White Sheet as some of the horses could scratch.)

Inner R thoughts*

According to Dr. Harry Binswanger of the Professional Objectivists there are only two main branches of psychology: Motivation and Psycho-epistemology.

So what does it tell me that my "motivation" to look back at all the Kentucky Derby historical race data doesn't materialize until it is too late to do anything with it before the next KD race?

The thought to go back and do the research comes up every year at this time before the race and then just as quickly after the race, it fades.

Right now I am highly motivated (in the Reichian pre-Phase I sense of the term) to go back through "all" the old Kentucky Derbys--back to 1985 where I first conceived of the TMS Handicapping System--and evaluate how well my Logical Choice™ computer program as implementor of that System did at picking winners and placers and showers for the KD's. Then, to use this information to bet same for the 135th Run For the Roses Kentucky Derby this coming Saturday, May 2nd 2009.

So, why do I wait 'til it's too late?

Answer: because when it comes to putting my ego on the line, or rather sometimes when it comes to putting my own ego on the line I am ... kind of ... chic..n s..t about it.

Since some say cs is euphemism for letting fear control you (or should that be the other way around?) and that one should sometimes act in defiance of fear I resolve to make my predictions without apologizing ahead of time.

Click here for the pdf file of Kentucky Derby White Sheets going back to 1999--with 2001, 2000 missing--and with placeholders to include those and those of 1998 back through 1985 to be filled in over the upcoming years.

*R is for Recreation, the 6th of 6--though only nominally, not necessarily ordinally--life areas that are sources of pleasure for human beings.

And since some people need to be reminded that man is not omniscient (and I'm not going to name names because some of you Cognitive Neuroscientists and Behaviorists know who you are) we notice that my predictions over the past KD's are not perfect but they have hooked some good winners.

Not perfect?!?!?!? he says, how about .... halt.


I said I was going to predict without apologizing.

The end.

But ... except for ... I have to mention that "The Greeks" aren't really for Kentucky Derby only races but rather for Graded Stakes long (route) races on the dirt at Churchill Downs ... eventually I'll get Derby only greeks for The Kentucky Derby and then maybe same for The Preakness and The Belmont ... that is, maybe next year I'll do this.

The end end. Have fun on Saturday and don't drink too many Mint Juleps.
(Or for that matter, not too many beers either.)


Ary Ering
The World's most consistent Handicapper
aka, gAry deEring
Systems Analyst & Computer Programmer

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