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Integrated Man and The Art of Seeking Selfishness might include Going Galt, but it might not either.

It depends.

If you are not (already) selfish then you are not (yet authentically) happy.

Selfishness--in the broad sense is two things--as a virtue it is your protector against all forms of self-sacrifice; even the self-sacrifice of "going galt" if you don't know what you are doing. Secondly, as a precondition of happiness, selfishness is a necessary but not sufficient condition for happiness. (Oxygen is a necessary condition for fire but not a sufficient one, it is not the only precondition, you also need a flammable material and a match.)

Happiness requires more work. (Yes, it--authentic happiness--requires my book by the same title.)

Integrated man on the other hand--also a precondition for authentic happiness--means, among other things, proving-to-yourself that you are integrated.

My proof to myself is my websites and their websides including all my web content and also my first ISBN'd (self) published book (Yes).

I am more integrated than anyone I know.

Except for, possibly, the professional Objectivists. But, technically speaking, I don't "know" them.

I know me.

I started down the conscious road to Altruism when I was 10 years old.

I made a midcourse correction and subconscious re- commitment to Altruism when I was an early married twentysomething with kids.

But soon thereafter, because of mission caused psychhological problems I had to abort the mission.

One essential mission caused psychhological problem was emotional repression; not suppression, but automatized repression responses that were driven by my acquired "need" to evade and in general keep secret from myself the fact that the mission--which in reality was leading not to happiness but to misery--was wrong.

I started down the conscious road to Selfishness when I started my Selfishness Training Institute (STI).

Though technically, I suppose, you could say I started my Selfishness mission when my first wife gave me her copy of The Fountainhead and said, read it.

I did.

Then sometime after "Atlas Shrugged" I concluded:

Integration is good, Happiness is better.

Today I am concluding:

Good is the unit. (And always has been.)

Better is good plus one.

Best is better plus more.

Integration--as discussed in my Yes book--is better than either dis-integration or non- integration.

(If you consciously seek selfishness and integration and happiness and are having a difficult time, or too slow a time achieving these then I strongly suggest that you too say Yes to Objectivism AND Biocentric Psychology.)

  • Friends, ... romans ... what future ours?
  • Friends, Objectivist Sympathizers, Countrymen lend me your Thinking-Reasoning Self--while noticing that except for one lousy, measly little (toy) shovel full--I have come to praise Ayn Rand not bury her.

    1. As far as I am concerned Ayn Rand is the best philosopher to have ever lived.

    2. Ayn Rand is also the best novelist that I have ever read (not counting those authors whose stories my 3rd Grade teacher read to us every afternoon while we traveled through her grade on the way to our 9th birthday).

    3. She, Ayn Rand, is the best thinker to have ever walked on the face of the earth.

    4. The only poem I ever liked in all my school years I discovered my first year of junior high school, that poem was/is "If" by Rudyard Kipling. When I discovered, much later in my life, that this was Ayn Rand's favorite poem too my growing esteem for her escalated up the walls of my mind at an exponential rate.

    5. And later still, when I discovered that that nagging, ominous feeling I had had (at miscellaneous points in my kidhood years and more persistently during the later part of my teenage years and into my early twentysomethings) was fear-of-loosing sovereignty over the workings of my own mind and that it was Ayn Rand standing at the deathbed of that mind when I finally could put that feeling into words, I did indeed sit bolt upright in bed and listen to all her wisdom about the evils of self-sacrifice and its primary carrier, The Philosophies of Altruism and Self-Immolation.

    6. At some point near the midway mark in my development as an Objectivist Sympathizer the following fact "dawned" on me, that is, it "popped" up into my conscious mind from my subconscious mind: "Ayn Rand has more compassion in her little finger than all the Lutheran ministers on the face of the earth--including all the quick and all the dead ones."

    7.When AynRand said "Emotions are not tools of cognition" I agreed wholeheartedly.
    8.When AynRand said "Emotions are not tools of cognition" I agreed wholeheartedly.
    9.When AynRand said "Emotions are not tools of cognition" I agreed wholeheartedly.
    10When AynRand said "Emotions are not tools of cognition" I agreed wholeheartedly.
    11When AynRand said "Emotions are not tools of cognition" I agreed wholeheartedly.
    12When AynRand said "Emotions are not tools of cognition" I agreed wholeheartedly.
    13When AynRand said "Emotions are not tools of cognition" I agreed wholeheartedly.
    14When AynRand said "Emotions are not tools of cognition" I agreed wholeheartedly.
    15When AynRand said "Emotions are not tools of cognition" I agreed wholeheartedly.
    16When AynRand said "Emotions are not tools of cognition" I agreed wholeheartedly.
    17When AynRand said "Emotions are not tools of cognition" I agreed wholeheartedly.

    18. When Dr. Nathaniel Branden, author and founder of Biocentric Psychology said, "Emotions are the psycho-biological form in which you experience your estimate of the beneficial or harmful relationship of some aspect of reality to you yourself" I concluded, Nathaniel Branden knows more about emotions than does Ayn Rand.

    19. When Gary Deering, author of Yes, founder of STI and BiO Spiritualism, said, "Gary's emotions are the psycho-biological form in which Gary experiences his estimate of the beneficial or harmful relationship of some aspect of reality to he, himself, I concluded: Gary knows ... (or he should know and if he doesn't he will know) more about HIS emotions than does Ayn Rand OR Nathaniel Branden OR anyone else for that matter.

    20. That is, Gary (finally) became PsycHHological Man, that is, he finally took conscious responsibility for everything he thinks and says and feels and does. (Or, if not 100% everything right away, then for starters 51% and quickly thereafter for every 3 out of 4 and then on to 76% and growing (and retrenching) and growing (and retrenching) and growing with every new day.)

    21. It took awhile, but tautologies and clichés never end, that is, "nonominiscient man is not omniscient" and "better late than never" or that is, "nonominiscient man does not contain an exception called, [insert your name here]".

    22. When Ayn Rand said Hank Rearden, discoverer of Rearden Metal and still my favorite fictional character, was not morally responsible for how people did or did not use his invention I gave all businessmen a free "benefit-of-the-doubt" pass on issues of morality.

    23. But just recently, it dawned on me that most big businesses today are the primary carriers of The Altruistic/Self-Immolation philosophy--or if not most then way way too many that are growing in number not shrinking. What big company (Ecomagination General Electric?) has shown any guts challenging going green--that is, continuuing in the direction that sacrifices people to dirt? Not only do they not challenge it but they design logo's they themselves can use to go greener than their competitors. What big company (300,000 + employees Home Depot, Inc?) doesn't deal in BS as the preferred means of "controlling"/manipulating/ "motivating" their employees so as to grind out one more 50 piece per hour out of them so that when "they" multiply it times 100's of thousands of employees they can turn it into 100's of million dollar bonuses for the BS slingers at the top? What big company (Target Corp?) doesn't puff up their chest to the world-at-large pointing out how much they give back and/or will give back to the community-at-large as proof that "they" are the best altruists-at-large?

    And more.

    If you couple the foregoing facts with the fact of a Public School System in this country that is run by the Political Class--that is, a Political Class-- that is hell bent on turning out people who are taught not how to think but rather, what to think then ... what future does our beloved country have?


    See Chart 5 at left from last newsletter (December 2008).

    The pattern has not been broken,


    (If it turns out that the real djia interim bottom is the 6440 set on 3/9/9 then my estimate error relative to my "pure" low estimate of 7,140 is only off by 9.8%, which isn't good but which, qua estimate, isn't too bad either.)

    However, if this "offness" grows before the upside peak (11,088) or (a 9.8% down adjusted peak value of 10,001) is gotten closer to, then this is a bad deal as the pattern will be broken ON THE DOWNSIDE meaning the end result could be we are in a Great(er) Depression ... not something I even thought to consider.

    But, if this, then the only thing that would make this make sense (to me) is the peak value at the beginning of the pattern (djia of 400 in the 1929 Stock Market Crash and the 14,280 in the 2007 ToBeDetermined "crash") when divided by the markets dominant leverage amount of the time--in '29 it was 10-to-1 as in everybody and his brother could buy stock on 10% down and eventually they did-- so that 400/10 = 40 = the ultimate bottom in the Great Depression and as such this was the number "we" used to predict the "Current Depression's" djia heading towards 1,428.


    IF and I must emphasize the "if", IF irrational leverage is the culprit ( I read somewhere once that 6-to-1 or 8-to-1 maximum was a Banking "best practice" / "rational" leverage amount ... ) then the question to be answered is, "what was the dominant leverage amount for our current pattern"?

    And the answer is ... I don't know.


    Based on speculation based on the numbers thrown around on TV's Financial Networks this number is either 10'ish (regular old-fashion Banks) or 30'ish (newer Investment "Banks") or if we are to believe John Allison of BB&T Corp who said, Freddie and Fannie leveraged to the tune of 1000-to-1 (yes, that's correct, ONE THOUSAND-to-ONE!) then ...

    We are in so f.....g much trouble I think i'm going to go hibernate somewhere ... because ... Dr. Peikoff is right (again) and I wrong.

    (Somewhere I said something to the effect that I thought Dr. Peikoff--in his Ominous Parallels Book--was overstating the case that America was heading for the same kind of thing that characterized Germany's Weimar Republic after World War I. That is, that we'd be hauling wheelborrow loads of dollar bills to the bakery just to buy a single loaf of bread. It still "feels" like this isn't possible, but a 1000-to-1 leverage!?!?!?!?!?! That is, a leverage that "they" are trying to make good on by just printing more money to cover it thinking that is all they have to do ... ) ... or ... that is ... I hate to repeat myself but ...

    {That is, a double halt.
    Back up a step.
    I don't always have such an opportunity
    to point out a psycHHological tool for
    the introspective you to use. But.
    By example, my case ... above I wrote
    "wheelborrow" and now I ask myself, "is
    this sOs? (slip OR slop?). If slop then
    it simply means I misspelled the word, it
    should be, "wheelbarrow". But if it a (Brandian)
    slip then subconsciously it could mean
    something to me, about me. That is, in my current tight
    money life I'm thinking maybe refinancing
    our house is a way out ... I don't want to do it
    but .... in order for us to make it .... "we'll borrow" ...
    ... sounds a little bit funny I know, but ... I've had a gazillion
    (or perhaps I should say, a TARP's quanity of)
    such "slips" that are very self enlightening and I will think twice
    about this one before I do it ...
    maybe I/we should just sell everything we've
    got and hit the open road in a 5th wheeler ....
    ... or not ...
    to be determined, but in the meantime, back to repeating

    We (who? us[me and my wife] or the country? ... both somewhat, but the country moreso) is in so f.....g much trouble I think i'm going to go hibernate somewhere ... or rather that is ...

  • 24.
  • When these feelings get too overwhelming for me and I know that the professional Objectivists are taking care of the rest of us, so that the rest of us can spend some luxury time doing other things, I turn to my only (Recreational) salvation: betting on the horses. (well, not only but for sure one biggee one).

    25. If this veer seems too sharp, too non-sequitur (too "schitzoid") for you, notice, I went Galt years ago (see my TTDWWFTWTC--ThingsToDoWhile WaitingForTheWorldToCollapse--from 1998) and I strongly suggest if you don't know what you're doing be careful because doing so has (tough) consequences. (Though technically speaking I went Francisco or was it Dagny, I can't exactly remember which and built a little teeny-tiny, short railroad track of my own or in my case, "path-to-somewhere" of my own, called, Logical Choice™)

    26. And I have had lots of fun with it over the past twenty or so years that I've used it but since it didn't make me rich--it's original design goal (a goal that was abandoned many years ago) was to use relatively cheapo bets to regularly win the six-figure payout Pick Six's being regularly generated at the then newly opened, no-competition-from-Indian Casinos CBY race track in Shakopee, Minnesota. But ... since it didn't accomplish this I am ready to "share" ... the fun ... with those who also demand and enjoy intellectual challenge in-their-fun.

    27. So,

    28. If you too want to see how much fun you can have betting on the horses register here at PLUS send me an email at that you have registered (or are already registered) so that I can match your information (including your snail mail address). Then, I will mail you a FREE CD copy of my computer program (LC1p53.exe) that predicts the outcome position of every horse in the race--with obvious degrees of accuracy living on this side of nonomniscience. An accuracy that includes an occassional big fat juicy long shot among its top three picks (and sometimes two and some rarer times even all three) that make the returns--or I should say, the potential returns because "when to hold off and when to bet" is still up to you and your ... judgement--that make the returns on betting them sooooo'oh high that you'll wonder why you don't quit your day job and do this full time. And this is just when only one of the top three is a successful high odds bet. When two of them are really high odds, their cash-in potential is so high that they "have-the-potential" to make even ex- First Lady and commodity trader Hillary Clinton envious of your return rate. But for the coup de grâce, when you manage to cash in on all top three high odds picks in a really big way they have the potential to bring your high upto and touch the bottom of the floor of the high I'm sure that the
    5 million dollar man and neo-lobbyist from South Dakota--former Democratic Senator Tom Daschle--enjoyed (enjoys?) with his $5,000,000 over four years "returns" just for playing a part in removing obstacles that he himself probably put in the way of his (Health Industry) benefactors in the first place. Now, I grant you my LC1p53.exe can't compete with the excitement of more than a million dollars per year returns but the fun aspects are there to be had. However, LC1p53.exe though fun to use still isn't a professional enough program for me to sell successfully at this time but in its current incarnation it is good enough to give away for free.

    And so ...

    What's in it for me you ask?

    When you learn how to use it and have fun using it and then when you get excited about it you will come back to to buy, for a relative pitance, my Greek Data bases for individual racetracks across the country. The Greek Data bases, or "The Greeks" are what give unique meaning to my (TMS) handicapping computer program. A computer program which is based on the Handicapping System that I, qua career Engineer, qua applier of others theories, "invented" (or rather, "innovated" if such were a word) called:

    "TMS - Quantifying Ainslie"
    The Time Management System of Handicapping."

    29. If you end up liking Logical Choice™ then I have a bigger challenge for you called M4 (pronounced 'em four) that is so exciting--when it works--that it'ul knock your socks off (this computer program is not for free, but I do include a free pair of socks in with your purchase of it ... and also, in order to maintain my intellectual honesty, I include a free hankerchief too).

  • 30.
  • Since summer approaches get your free Logical Choice™ Computer Program now so that you can be off to more potential fun than you can shake a stick at (and other clichés that Ayn Rand ... oops ... halt. stop. The end.)

    Gary ... etc ...

    If-and-when you get into M4 and if you are an emotionally repressed person be sure to bring or have a friend at your side the first time you use it for real just-in-case it works as you will need somebody to help you down off your high ... (horse?, no ... your high) state-of-excitement (that as an emotionally repressed person you will not be able to let the excitement go-down-into-your-body where you can shake and shimmy and in general irradiate your joy back into the world-at-large) that will accompany your successful use of it.

    If it doesn't work, your friend can help bolster your self esteem that temporaily will make you feel like it's all been a big sham, that "my" alledged authentic self esteem is just as pseudo as anyone else's and other psychhological factors that inadvertently accompany being a human being in-the-world with a human nature in-the-being.

    So, the end end for now and, Off-To-The-Races and hopefully the only interrupters we'll have is the one above (that is, hopefully we won't have one like we did the summer before last (June 2007 NewsLetter) where we tried to get back to the horses but just couldn't quite make it 'til now).

    I challenge you to click on the 5 million dollar man Tom Daschle link above and read the New York Times article this link is to and then tell me you can read this article without feeling like a big fat sucker for being a hapless taxpayer/working stiff/fool/... halt. F..k it, I'm off to the races.

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