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Dateline: September 26th, 2008

Secretary of the Treasury Henry Paulson uses old Deering NewsLetter as Source

for determining how much money the US Government has to pump into the credit markets to solve the housing mortgage problem.

Back in his March 2008 BiO Spiritualism newsletter, Deering calculated the amount of money the Feds would have to come up with to solve the housing mortgage crisis (see left hand margin of subject newsletter under Political Commentary). It appears that since Secretary Paulson gives us no information as to how he came up with his number (his 700 Billion dollar estimate/demand of the American taxpayer) that we can only conclude that since it must be based on something but since we haven't been told what that something is he must have relied on Deering's calculations. (See newsletter for calcs.)

Now if we end up spending the 700 billion dollars and it doesn't fix the problem we are releasing this communiqué just to let you know that the original calculation last March (again see the referenced newsletter) called for 800 billion dollars so that you should be prepared to dole out some more of your hard earned money to bail out Secretary Paulson (and Chairman Bernanke) and friends.

Since Presidential hopeful--Senator John McCain-- has calculated that this will require every household in America to come up with $10,000 (see TV sound bite, evening news, Tuesday, September 23rd) it would appear that he has grown astronomically--in just 3 short months--in his arithmetic abilities (again see margin of referenced newsletter).

And finally, if you personally, individually need help being bailed out from some personal, individual problem you can't count on this household for help, we don't know where the f... where we are going to come up with the McCain calculated $10,000 let alone any more for the individual readers of this newsletter.

Unless ....

Unless we conclude that the Government is going to use some to it's 1,680 Billion dollar excess income from its fiscal year ought six (see right hand margin of subject newsletter about this excess that the Government thought it was going to be able to keep for itself along with all it's other excess incomes over the past 25'ish years business cycle but alas not, they are going to have to tweak their skimmed amounts) by pumping $700,000,000,000 of it BACK INTO the system it had skimmed it off of in the first place and then turn around and say to the skimmees that they have to pay it back TO THE GOVERNMENT in future tax bills.

After all, it is the Government's money, so who do you skimmees think you are that you dare challenge the fiscal authority and (ir)responsibility of the (not $Gold$-backed- money) Un free Markets of the United States of America?

God you guys got a lot of gall.

The end.


If you have children in the public school system who are refusing to learn math and related disciplines and they jeeringly ask, when am I ever going to need (algebra, or trigonometry, or etc) again, have them read all my old newsletters and other writings (e.g., especially this one: www. for the algebra neigh Sayers) to show them how math skills can help them not only save their sanity but also save them from being totally and completely controlled by the born and not yet born bureaucrats. Bureaucrats who will be lording over their future lives just as bureaucrats have always so lorded (this fact: that the Bureaucratic Mentality--or BM for short as I identified in my first book--will lord over your kids' lives is more predictable than rain).
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