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FREEDOM is more than an abstraction:

Gary Deering--the world's first PsycHHology Engineer--is not permitted in law to use the "p" word, so DECLARES the Government of the State of Minnesota.

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Unhappy is an either/or

Hence Happiness is for                   
the making                                     
after which it's yours                      
for the taking.                                 

How do I help you flip your flop    
not to even mention top                 
your turvy.                                    

 By having you experience your flop.
As well as your top.                       

Then after it (your flop) is flipped   
I turn you inside out                      
like a bag unzipped.                      
       I reach in and pull your bottom Up.      

  That is, your corrected side Up ...    
on your feet                                  

like a cat                                      

   with at least one more life of not that

but this                                       
  your newly found discovered bliss.

Greetings Customers

FREEDOM has been written and talked about in modern day writings and talkings so much so that there isn't much more to contribute to the subject-- google it and follow its 300 million links to this one: html

Objectivism has done as thorough a job as can be done explaining that freedom (in a political context) means absense not presense. It means absense of physical force being initiated one against another. Hence Objectivists and their sympathizers are pro a limited government that is limited to protecting us individuals against thugs; thugs foreign and thugs domestic.

When the government we Americans do have with its corrupted definition of "thug"--anyone who breaks the law--any law--is a thug is combined with the culture we Americans also do have along with its deteriorating definition of "law": only behaviors permitted in written law are the permitted ones, all others are (or should be) forbidden, we Americans are either in danger of loosing our political freedom or we have lost it or we are loosing it slowly, drip-by-drip day-after-day.

It doesn't have to be this way but since most people do not directly experience the heavy hand of government because they never challenge it, they have no personal, FIRST HAND experience with FREEDOM and what it does or doesn't mean.

Since I did challenge it once and was saved--not by the bell but by (an) Objectivism (principle)--allow me to tell you the actual story.

(After you read this story if you want to conclude that since everybody kinda gets what they really want anyway so that "on the subconscious level" I got what I "really" wanted (to be out-from-under the pressure to make another ill-conceived--Selfishness!?!?! Training Institute, are yu kidding me???--"money-making- scheme" of mine work) you can do so. However, to prove such to be the case is going to be a really really tough thing to do, so, you are somewhat forced to take my story at face value. Hence, you also have to allow for the possibility that AMERICA IS NOT FREE. She is not FREE--or is not AS FREE as she could be--FROM rule by goons; be they bureaucratic goons who love their bureaucratic power or the mini-goons-in-the-street who love voting the power-hungry bureaucrats into power. Bureaucrats who will help the little goons--in exhange for their votes--live with their pseudo self-esteem by seeing to it that the gap-between-them and the authentic self-esteem holders doesn't get too big.)

  • FREEDOM is more than an abstraction:
  • (Was the parenthetical commentary at the end of the previous section really the description of the difference between "low", albeit, authentic self esteem holders who might be jealous but not necessarily envious--just jealous--of those whose degree of authentic self-esteem is quite high? Whereas the other difference--pseudo vs. authentic--is one characterized by the envy ridden pseudo self-esteem holders who want not to raIse everybody up, but to raze everybody down to their level? Yes. The question is rhetorical.)

    In the very early 90's I started my Selfishness Training Institute (STI) as a for- profit sole proprietorship to provide me with a career I would love and an income I could live on. I had been a Mechanical Engineer for a quarter of a century and voluntarily gave it up to pursue my real love which was psychology. STI was designed by me to provide psychological counseling services to individuals interested in using psychology to help them promote their own personal growth and development. A sentiment of mine at the time was: Psychology is for people not rats. (I did not use this as an Advertising slogan at the time, it simply was an unpublished sentiment of mine.)

    At the time I had (and still do the last time I checked) a Masters Degree in Counseling Psychology. I spent the better part of the 80's obtaining it from the mainstream--read accredited--Universities and Colleges available to me here in the State of Minnesota. (It took a long time to obtain because I pursued it on my own excess time and paid for it with my own excess money that I made as an Engineer.)

    So in 1991 with my degree and enthusiasm in hand I set up shop. I designed my brochures and advertisements and set out to attract customers. I advertised in the Yellow Pages and local newspapers and sent out mass mailings introducing my Selfishness Training Institute to prospective clients.

    Over time I had a few customers, but (in contradistinction to my hopes and wishes) they were not "knocking down my doors" to set appointments. So I thought, "well, this may take a little longer than I had originally planned". It was discouraging (and a significant amount of my savings was being consumed) but not so discouraging as to stop my motivation.

    It took the State's threatening to send me to jail to do that.

  • Gary Deering--the world's first PsycHHology Engineer--is not permitted in law to use the "p" word, so DECLARES the Government of the State of Minnesota.
  • One day I received notification from The Minnesota State Board of Psychology--the same Board by the way to whom I had applied to and received license to be an "un-licensed" mental health practitioner--that in essence said the following. Since I had referred to my STI service as one offering Psychological Counseling Services in one of my Newsletters and since I wasn't licensed to do that, they would send me to jail if I didn't publicly recant my sin and contact each and every mass-mailed-to-person and tell them also.

    I contacted my lawyer.

    [continued in next issue]

    (This lawyer was not the same one that I had hired for my divorce a half dozen or so years earlier. That person they almost did succeed in putting into jail.
       That is, they would have succeeded in turning him into the jailbird that he was destined to be had they caught him before he fled the state and left me hanging with a half done divorce that I had already paid half of the $150 fee he was charging me. {Maybe this fee, you say, should have been a tip off? 150 bucks for a divorce? At the time it seemed like a fair price to me so I went ahead and hired him. He tried to make me think that we would have a really really tough divorce and that I should be on the ready and be prepared for some back 'n forth negotiating and it could get ugly. I said probably not but I hear you so lets get on with it.}
       So, anyway, no, this new lawyer was legit (I checked); unlike my first one this one did not fail to pass the bar exam and assume the identity of his college roommate who had passed the exam but who went somewhere else outside of Minnesota to practice law.
       Since it is a legitimate function of government to have a court system, lawyers, who are the primary agents of this system, work for the government and so it isn't necessarily improper for such agents to be licensed by the government. But in the case of psychology the same licensing requirement by the government can only be justified on the premise that "psychologists" work for the government; that is, that the government "owns" psychology. Not only is this a wrong idea, it is a dangerous one. And if you do not believe this is a dangerous idea, then Yes read my book, I can't say it any clearer than I did there. My only hope now is that I do not get a notice in the mail someday from the government telling me that I am not a licensed writer and so I had better stop writing--or else they'll put me in jail. Actually, if this happened I wouldn't roll over quite so easily and probably would end up in jail (though to be fair to myself, my fear of going to jail for daring to use the "p" word was for real--very real--so it might be a bit of a misnomer here to characterize it as rolling over too easily). But I really don't think this is going to happen. But, perhaps, I should say/repeat, I really hope it doesn't happen.
       So that licensening lawyers so to speak makes sense, but licensening writers does not--unless of course as I've already said, you think the government should control this too. (If you do, then you should read and/or re-read this: 1984 came and didn't went.)

    Anyway, as I was saying, I contacted my new lawyer to see if I could use and/or even say the "p" word without explicit permission from the government and if not, what were my prospects for staying out of jail for having done it once.

    [continued in next issue]

  • New Customers
  •    As of this time BiO Spiritualism Counseling Centers are only available online.
       If you feel you need more than "sounding board" advice as same is afforded you via BiO Spiritualism's Online processes (including the multiple benefits you can get for $$$ FREE $$$ from just reading the content in`s BiO Spiritualism and Gary's Venns websides) you are best advised to seek out a therapist with whom you can establish a rapport and get some serious psychological (that is, psychological as in Selfishness Training) work done.
       For some insight on how you can help yourself manage this aspect of your growth and development go here and click on the "How to choose a therapist" article.

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